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Ras Kass On Working w/ Dr. Dre (Audio)

blame it on Shake November 30, 2009

First he gave his opinion on Canibus’ recent Eminem diss, now Ras Kass speaks with Gamertag Radio on how it was working with Dr. Dre.

  • Billy Ocean

    all these rappers talk about working with Dre but NO MUSIC GETS RELEASED!


  • jdmartinez08

    He’s probably referring to Ghetto Fabulous, which was released on Rassassination, it also featured a verse from Dre.

  • grownish

    Shake, how come miss info is no longer nmc?

  • BrokenEmpires

    “Being about what I’m about”….
    Yeah, that’s why my favorite album of your is the one you dropped in 5996 A.L the year of light.
    And of since you ain’t done shit, cuz Priority shutted your ass down for talking shit about the masters. And I ain’t talking recordings.

  • stocktown

    when the fuck did he work with dre?? i wanna know! dosnt dre have anythin better 2 do?? i dont know likeeeee…WORKING ON DETOX!!

  • Likwit

    I bet every Artist driving through LA, says that he is working with Dre, just to get some attention, haha I bet the next one is the Postman who brings the Post to the Aftermath Studio “yeah, if been working with Dre since 2 Years, we have a great relationship”

  • Phoenixshield

    Ras is talking about Ghetto Fabulous that was released in the late 90’s.

  • Wait for wha’t will happan next