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Statik Selektah – Do What I Believe f. Bahamadia

blame it on Shake November 30, 2009

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When he’s not joining in on cyphers, Statik’s on theboards crafting incredible backdrops for just about every dope artist doing it now. And with having to push his album — 100 Proof (The Hangover) — back to February 2nd, he decided to drop a digital EP to hold the fans over. Look for The Pre-Game EP on iTunes December 15th. And with all that said… here goes a 2dbz-exclusive off it.

DOWNLOAD: Statik Selektah – Do What I Believe f. Bahamadia | Mediafire
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  • The Fucking Truth

    He produced All In a Days Work with Saigon, right?

  • yessir

  • chef

    statik is a beast at the boards. bahamadia is one of the only female mcs i can listen to without a complaint lol

  • sonytech

    The best producer in the game, you just don’t know it.

    Show Off represent!

  • George Clooney

    I think we’re applying the term “beast” to way too many people in the game. Like saying, “Man, that Shake is a BEAST on the laptop!” or “You watch The View today? That Joy Behar is a got dam BEAST when she chimes in wit her 2 cents!”. Yall seem to get a little too excited over anything.

    That being said, Statik’s got some nice beats, but he’s not fuckin Dr. Marley Primo or some shit. Also, that’s a terrible choice of photo for his cover, considering gravity is pulling his face/chin/neck combo down to one side.

  • Mr.Comment

    Just another white boy lost….as he gets older his lifestyle will change if he didn’t then he ignored it …i don’t deny the work he puts in ….just saying his persona is not valid

  • Curtis75Black

    Bahamadia has always been Nasty on the mic !! Smooth as ever.

  • Mr.Comment

    Find yourself …………look around you , who are you ? you will never relate its ..impossible…you might call it hatred ….i call it looking thru a window and seeing confusion……..im giving you a chance to see yourself

  • tyo

    real hiphop

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Woa Bahamadia is still around?? Her debut album Kollage is 1 of Jonnie’s favorite albums of all time..she got flow for days

  • Ruckus


    WTF you babbling about!

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  • Large Malt 40z

    mr comment lol what a asshole! statik seems to know more about hip hop than probably 99% of ppl in the game … he’s been nice tryin to talk like he aint hip hop fuck outta here w that

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  • belize

    holy shyt..bahamadia

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  • Wer

    he looks either irish or russian, his name is probably pat o’neil or boris pavlochajphasko

    oh yh, dope shit.

  • Statik isn’t the best, he’s just amazingly consistent. And true to the craft.

  • chris stevens

    all the hatin out there its crazy, the man puts in mad work makes fire and still you all got to hate get a life and do it yourself if u think u can keep it up statik fuck the haters

  • Statik always delivers!

  • Not really feeling this track. I was expecting better. Is it me or does this Bahamadia chick try too hard to sound like Nikki Minaj?
    I swear, I cant stand female rappers because they all come out and try too hard to be someone else. I doubt Bahamadia will turn out to be anything. She should just stop copying Nikki’s style and be original.

    I would definitely recommend you dopeboyz to skip this boring track.

    If you really want to listen to a female rap, listen to nikki minaj. Young Money is a force right now.

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  • t.a.morales

    Damn Robbie is a fuckin retard! What happened to your tutoring lectures about Hip Hop? Do some research before you comment about a rapper. Bahamadia was doin this shit WAY before Nikki Minaj was.

  • Mr.Comment

    Im not saying his work isnt nice … worked with M.O.P Saigon etc….. his persona doesn’t match …to the point at times he wishes he was black ..or hispanic or anything else …might be talking out my azz ..im from boston i reconize his work i know these streets and i know some of these cats from sub or urban areas then find a black friend they feel ” im down ” ha ha ha somebody must understand …its like hanging with a white kid one day and the next he’s at your door wearing shit eminem be wearing dew rag with a jordan hat on top saying ” you u dig my marc ecko jeans …and i aslo bought a pair of south pole jeans >>> if you dont believe me one of his albums of him self theses shity sun glasses tipped down to the tip of his nose would give u a hint how this cat is built …AGAIN I AM NOT HATING HE IS GRINDING GOOD WORK IVE SAT IN A ROOM WITH HIM WERE BOTH DRUNK …HE HAS IMPRESSIVE SMARTS ON HIP HOP

  • ivemar80

    Statik Selektah is one of the best out.

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  • Thanks for posting this. Bahamadia rules.

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