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Chip Tha Ripper – The Cleveland Show (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka December 1, 2009

Real talk: I’ve never really dug this cat’s music, even when people tried to put me on to him about over a year ago. But I know some folks dig his shit – it also helps that his artwork is kinda dope –  so here’s his latest mixtape. Tracklist and link under the cut.

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DOWNLOAD: Chip Tha Ripper – The Cleveland Show (Mixtape)

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  • T

    Yea they focus on the artwork more than thye do the music..

    Real talk Meka..

  • willBA


  • GsUaTL


  • I enjoy Chip.


  • My_Pops_Son


  • AD

    Tape is really doepe..no bullshit. Didn’t start listening to Chip until last month.

  • dont know if it was just me. i got a bad file.

  • MrMidwestHimself

    This is the epitome of midwest rap music! Chea!

  • Razakh ( Seattle)

    good smoking music, some of the tracks r

  • cle

    hes gettin better with every mixtape he puts out. if u never liked the dude at least give this a listen cus he has really progressed as an artist

  • vlado


  • ImGood

    is this an album or a mixtape

  • Jay Kay Lay? May? Nay!

    Def worth a listen. But ain’t it a lil messed up that there’s no Cudi features? I mean every Cudi mixtape and the album (bought) had a Chip slot. Just saying…

  • The Fucking Truth

    Don’t really like the guy, thought Hyyer definitely didn’t fit on Cudi’s album, but I’ll give it a spin just because Movie is decent and I kinda like the Big Sean/Curren$y feature

  • Melo15

    Yeah my file didnt work either i downlaoded it but it wont let me extract them to itunes

  • lasean

    hyyer is fucking dope and it does fit fuck what you talking bout

  • eightiesboy

    mediafire sucks 4 me.
    i would appreciate another mirror

  • NewKidHouston

    ^^^ yea same here mediafire is not lettin me download this

  • Nj blaaaaze

    Hyyer definitley fit on the album, that CD was a lot about smoking…..if not having it be the central theme

  • jp56

    wats the password? plz

  • banks30

    haven’t really listen to dude but I see that he has hi tek beat so I’ll check it out hopefully its a new beat

  • Batch

    Password would be nice….I’ve been waiting on this Mixtape forrrrrever now i can’t even listen to it

  • The Fucking Truth

    @ lasean

    I never said the song sucked, it just didn’t fit with the theme of the album, same with Make Her Say, the whole thing is introspective and shit, then all of a sudden there’s some track about getting head, and then later on about getting high. Neither of them even sonically fit with the rest of the album, its like he just forced a G.O.O.D. Music feature in, and felt like throwing his even less talented friend on a track. Thats why I didn’t like Hyyer.

  • Jimbo

    Mediafire isn’t working.

  • The Fucking Truth

    @Nj Blaaaaze

    If you honestly think that the central theme of Cudi’s album was smoking weed, you proved your lack of ability to understand music. No wonder you’re a Chip tha Ripper fan, he’s like the midwests slightly less retarded version of Gucci Mane.

  • Jp56


  • ive never really liked his music either. i downloaded to see what hi tek beat was used. he sort of trashed that though…

  • familay

    he got skooda chose on here! definitely got to download this shit

  • AdubC

    Idk if i like Chip, but damn, there are some dope beats on this shit

  • drama


  • clevelandisthecity

    Ohh im feelin this. Chip my dude. ima cut a rug to that Movie track, shits dope.


  • Even when people tried to put you up on him ;) lol

  • Deeee

    This is what’s good.

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  • paul pearson

    hmm link wont let me extract…wanted to give it a chance too the link on his page is fucked up too

  • no!

    whyyy wont this link extract!? someone please up a new link.

  • basketballljones

    noooo why wont the link extract…someone up a working link

  • colea

    open and drag the song files out of the folder.. not the WHOLE album folder but the individual songs within the folder. that’s how I got it to work.

  • me

    Meka wake the fuck up!

  • Jabari Manwarring

    this is dope right here
    dope beats+dope rapper=dope mixtape
    good looking out chuck

  • ANT

    this shit is sooooo real

  • ANT

    use winrar

  • basketballjones

    have winrar, tried doing each song individualy and still no luck!, damn.

  • toot-z-roll

    Chip Tha Ripperrrr is dope as fuck. I’ve been a fan ever since Kappin of 4’s

  • mALiZ

    re-up tape!!!

  • gota love chip, true midwest swag

  • sodayumdope

    link on livemixtapes works

  • mALiZ

    no it doesn’t extract

  • @Jay Kay Lay? May? Nay!
    I Was Thinkin Da Same Thing Why Isnt There a Cudi Track On Here

  • bballjones

    word, the livemixtapes works, even extracts use it. tape is ill.

  • all evidence

    no cudi feature, aint that a little fucked up. wonder what happened on that??

  • DopeSir

    lol kinda suprised some people aren’t feelin this dude, mixtape will def get steady play for the next few month off this mixtape, hopefully everyone recognized dude this is some high quality shit right here…

    And lol at no Cudi feature, you could tell at the time that cudi was saying they were gonna put out a collab album, that it was never gonna happen. When nigas talk a lot about something without anything materializing, shit usually never comes together. I doubt their relationship is what it was when they were collabing in the past.

    Shit changes, keep pushin…..

  • Jabari Manwarring

    that don’t make sense cause he and cudi are close friends and he even signed to cudi’s dream on label (almost finishing the papers)

  • Chip Is Ill.

  • migl

    9/10.i like it

  • DopeSir

    yo this is prtty much a perfect mixtape there are TOO MANY quality tracks on here, its more like an ALBUM.

    Im finishing it up right now, and im literaly floored by how much high quality material is on here, dude has a unique sound too. Never really listened to Chip bfore this except for the occasional cudi track.

    Hope this niga goes far, hes got the brand and errthing….

  • JT

    Fool talkin about Chip and Cudi doesnt know what hes talking about. They good, he probably just didn’t want to look like he was piggybacking on Cudi’s success. Plus Almighty Gloryus is healthy and happening don’t over think shit.
    Meanwhile, S.O.V is a fucking sick producer.
    I Feel Good is my new jam.

  • Yeah I wasnt really digging Chip up till this point, but I just DL’d cause I had nothing better to do. But, this tape is probably the best mixtape i’ve heard in a while. i’m not 100 on which songs are original beats or not, but I’d say at least 22 of the 27 tracks are fire.

  • micool

    no cudi, no download

  • The Fucking Truth

    I really don’t understand what you guys hear in Chip. Dude gets completely outshined by the production. There were only a couple songs that were really good, the rest were ehh. I mean he raps about basically the same shit the whole tape, and for the most part the dude’s flow sounds forced, except on the really laid back beats.

  • JT

    Well since you’re the fucking truth…

  • Bolverk

    i’ll agree with micool
    “no cudi, no download”

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  • kolbs

    I’m waiting on the “Hyyer” remix Cudi was talking about

  • Mr. 919

    Never been a huge Chip fan but this whole tape is TOUGH. “Bank to Cleveland” is the stand out track to me.

  • Braniak

    look it up on DatPiff is worth the DL.

    Solid Mixtape

  • DocCosmos

    Im really looking forward to listening to this tape, to see if dude can hold his own, and carry a whole project.

  • Alex


  • JWAY


  • password???

  • Batman

    This is pretty damn good.

  • Fred Lozano

    Chip’s been played out since 2 months after his last tape.


    Yo dude got flow, real talk. Wether or not you like/agree with/feel what hes saying, his flow is top notch. I live in northeast ohio, y-town stand up, so i been banging ray cash and fat al and chip for a minute, so im definitely feeling this shit. Get wit it Shake.

  • gill

    i love how their r production credits, all mixtapes should give producers their props.. nice to know who did what beat

  • no cudi=no download= douchebag

    wow, just got done with this tape finally!!! been reading all the comments and looks like a pretty mixed review. personally i thought this shit was out of control and yes, the production on here is amazing!! who the fuck is s.o.v. and what else has he done? i didn’t even realize it until i went back and looked but the 3 tracks i fuck with most, “intro” “whoa” and “never come close to” all produced by that dude… congrats on a great tape chip!

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  • Just Rockwell

    i can download the zip file, but I cant put it on disc…. why?

  • im just saying

    the beat for “whoa” is a blatant rip-off/bite of song by another cleveland rapper doxx’s song produced by the kickdrums i think. the song’s called “all in my head”. why bite another local artist chip?

  • anonymous

    the beat for this track was made about 2 and a half years ago. chip had laid verses on it probably over a year ago. Shortly after chip had laid verses on it the Doxx track was released. Doxx and The Kickdrums did a great job with the track, but nobody has bitten off of anybody else. Besides “Whoa” is a different take on the sample and Chip’s verses are undeniable. To take it a little further back both of these tracks are “bitten” of f of the Yeah Yeah Yeah track “Rich” released in 2003.

  • Great Tape

  • Mr. Kinnel

    Did Chip tha Ripper use an original instrumental for the Sprinkle Me track or is that Hi Tek instrumental on another album

  • theses niggas be killin it fuck all the haters

  • My nigga Chip just keeps progressing as an artist. I’m feelin this mixtape my fav is the one on the chuck inglish beat. Let’s keep this shi# pushin my nig! SLAB UP

  • lifted


  • mikey mike

    thx for the rapid link


  • Oyea

    wowed =) meka give it a listen *kanye shrug*

  • chiptharipp

    whats the f’ing password

  • Strange Famous

    Anyone got a download link for this mixtape? This one is out of order.

  • Junior

    There are links everywhere. Use your brain and google what you want

  • petey

    chip and cudi have cleveland we don’t need lebron