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Gucci Mane – The Road To The State Vs Radric Davis pt.5 (Video)

blame it on Meka December 3, 2009


Hey, Radric…


Oh, hai Info

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  • zookeeper

    hahahahaha nice pic Shake

  • Freshswagger94


  • The Fucking Truth

    Damn Meka, you’re on a roll today, must have got inspired by that Diggy tape. Oh and i still wanna hear that Dr Octagon

  • Hey Radric… It’s A TRAP!!!
    hahahahaha this shit kill’s me.
    Free Gucci!

  • Dangerous Vortex

    Free Gucci?!?!?! The fuck outta here. The dude did it to himself. He’s choosing jail over being a man in life.

  • Start Up


  • Jay

    @ Dangerous Vortex

    Don’r nobody “Choose” jail shit happens the nigga music is ass sweat but I wouldn’t wish prison on nobody escept child molesters & people that take life without good reason.

  • Dangerous Vortex

    @ Jay

    Well, Gucci is choosing it and “shit” just doesn’t happen. What’s Gucci’s problem getting 600 community service hours done that he was given in 05 when Tip can do 1,030 in 12 months given to him last March??? Gucci’s a bitch for only doing 25. It’s just smart to get it done and won’t go back to jail for that shit. The longer he leaves his progress at 25 the more he goes back. It’s HIS fault and anybody who says “Free Gucci” is just flat out ignorant. I don’t wish jail time on anybody unless they commit a crime worth jail time cause if it was me, I would be doing the entire sentence no ifs, ands, or buts. But I have an education and responsibilitys in life to stay away from jail so I’m straight.

  • ?

    Damn, how many parts left of this gay shit? It’s like the longest interview everrrrrrrr, lol…

  • london

    lets clap i love the glorification of drug selling mmmm yeah black people we love to sell our drugs dont we, u can see the interviwer getting her jollies off of hearing bout a black man in the drug game.smh.

  • RICK RO$$

    gucci my dude, but dam this nigga just snitched on the entire blocks hustle.

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