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OJ Da Juiceman – 16 Bars (Video)

blame it on Meka December 5, 2009

Gucci’s number one amigo is the next subject on Court Dunn x DX’s “16 Bars” segment.

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  • Tim

    What is this fuckery? I thought he was doing one of those “rapper introductions” where they hilariously babble for 30s then rap… I was horrified when the clip stopped and realized that were his bars.


  • Haight

    mother fuckin lyrical genius

  • word

    makes me disappointed to be from atlanta..

  • KC_Mafioso

    Those bars were “Stupid Fruity”


  • fuckery#1

    gay. is that suppose to be a freestyle, that ain’t shit. cant believe this guys making money raping. this is whats wrong with the game. pretty sure those lyrics were used in a song of his.



  • grapedrank

    this was fucking awful…

  • Bainbum
  • DaSilva

    Please meka or shake rename this and put it as a one of the Random Acts of Fuckery because its just sad PERIOD

    Check this out you will either cry or laugh your ass of no joke

  • The Truth

    im serving all the babies.

  • AwwwYeahBitchez

    That was the auditory equivalent of huffing a bucket of lukewarm giraffe shit…

  • KC_Mafioso


    That video was god-awful.

  • fnf army

    y was this posted? oj the garbageman shuld be slapped for ever pickin up a mic

  • Wont let Me Post

    Kill this Nigga !!!

  • Dangerous Vortex

    RAoF indeed. I guess the retarded slur and bars is common in Atlanta. Good thing Tip, Luda, B.o.B., Outkast, and Dro ain’t like this. This here proves that ANYBODY can pretty much make it.

  • sxPcK the AntiHero


  • Swag-Hop + TraP-Hop = WacK-Hop


    the example of SMH, and yall want me to call this hip hop?????

  • Wont let Me Post

    Kindly shoot off these names – Zaytoven, Shawty Red, Fatboi & K.E.
    And slap the shit out off – Drumma Boy & Bangladesh.

  • Igneous

    This Nigga said the same shit on Half Brick. Plus he rap like he took retarded classes

  • bisi

    worst rapper of all time

  • shynehard

    Hey retards need some love too! Let these dudes spit that fire! Aye!!

  • Wow, So by my calculations this is the 225th time this “Ninja” has used this verse, damn bro time to write another one.

  • Swag-Hop + TraP-Hop = WacK-Hop

    somebody gotta be paying yall to post this cause there’s no way that yall are fans of this shit. i understand (or at least I thought I did understand) posting Gucci because 2dopeboyz wants to get traffic, but having OJ Da Juiceman spit his 12 bar verse from “Make The Trap Say Aye” and calling it his “16 bars” like it’s a freestyle is by far THE WORST POST EVER IN 2009 AND IN OKAYPLAYEER HISTORY.

    i rather listen to Birdman spit his garbage, and yall hate on him calling him Birdshit.

    i rather respect Charles Hamilton for disrespecting Dilla before I respect this wack shit.

  • Em is Goat

    This only gets a post because of Gucci then? Hahahahahahahahahaha

  • DaSilva

    Rap Battle of the year . . .
    Gucci mane & Oj Da Juiceman X Dylan(Spit hot fire) & Bangs(the kid from take you to the movies)

    I would kinda pay to see this, even though i would go deaf or turn into a retard it would be shit ass funny

  • makes me disappointed to be from atlanta..
    word said this on December 5th, 2009 at 10:31 am

    “word”. i’m w.ATL.

  • aaron

    hey archie lou i can say it for you. this NIGGA used this verse 225 times, and that’s not including his shows. LOL.

    yall think this sucks, no, there’s worse shit. shawty lo got a new mixtape with drama and whoo kid, and that nigga makes soulja boy sound like jay-z. LOL.

  • and spanish best buy commercials? learn something new everyday

  • 6 in the morning

    the best buy commercial >>>>> oj’s 16 bars, i mean 12, actually 10 cause he repeated his last 2. i think meka put this on here on purpose just so niggas can talk shit. what’s sad is that people are going to think we’re really hating.

    here’s a cartoon parody of a fake oj da juiceman and gucci mane. this sounds better than the real gucci and oj


  • 6’n da morin
    and im watchin Barney
    see dat purple skin
    n im gettin kinda horny
    young juiceman goddamn i’m da shit
    booming on da chain,
    sucking on 50 dicks?
    oj da juice and I’m always like ay
    I ride around in gucci cars every day
    right hand nasty left hand gay “gay”
    stupid fruity chain,
    but it’s really made of clay “okay”
    I make the trap aye “aye”
    only trappers thats gay “gay”
    i got a stupid van
    cause i got a stupid pay
    want me to fuk tha bricks
    no way josé
    pull ya dick out off me then its okay
    Im boomin im buckin
    im servin all tha babys
    rap game hard
    so i rap like a baby
    6 phones only 1 off them is connected
    my trap house flunkin
    so im bout to call everest
    and a lot a red and um playin on da tetris
    bouldacrest crown workin
    so u know um gettin money
    catch my ass broke
    and im still gettin money
    in east atlanta sellin all them oranges

    see this at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bxxk4TVZcU

  • CudderManagment

    He is real garbage but this was one of his best

  • jon

    this is why hip hop has a negative connotation.
    dudes like oj, soulja boy, birdman, etc.

  • Te’

    geez, that shit is embarrassing!

  • Aye-aye, what was you expecting?

  • The Fucking Truth

    That was amazing, and not in a good way

  • tmtkchris

    What in the hell was that SHIT

  • *Smashes laptop against wall*

  • sparkz


  • Jo$h

    Epic fail…

    @DynamicShots hahahah

  • Franky Rey

    That’s one minute of my life that I will NEVER get back.

  • YouGotRondo’d

    Who supports this? This aint a good look at all…I dont wanna hear any of that be open minded shit, this is sad.

  • Nous

    yeah… Be open minded about what? Mind wide open and that shit is still trash.

    The thing is, some things are too accessible to too many people. Lyricism is a TALENT. A talent is an “innate ability that is above average”. That’s a LIGHT definition. This day and age, it’s too easy for people to get access to mics, computer, recording programs, etc.. So now everybody thinks they’re a goddamn rapper.

  • crazy Russian

    its sad because the retard is saying all this sitting on a nice couch, in a nice house, with a nice amount of money in the bank.

    makes me really sad.

    SOUTH PARK should make a whole episode about OJ Cornbread, shit be hilarious

  • Lil Wayne On Fire Explicit ALbum Version: http://usershare.net/90icr6yjnnhh

  • @Jon
    when i think of hiphop i think of people like Mos or KRS.
    but sadly,
    since theyre more mainstream,
    people associate the concept of hiphop with clown ass mufuckas like OJ da Juiceman.

  • MagerPain

    *Loads the Bullets into The Revolver*

  • TheCoolest

    Thanks Meka, I was having a bad day and this really cheered me up.I laughed all the way through

  • risen357

    what the fuck is this

  • stevep

    he reminds me of my buddies slow cousin we used to lock out the room when we played video games…dead wrong i know, lol…somebody shoot this fuck violence in hip hop would be appreciated this time.

  • ziplockp

    dude looks like a cracked out paul pierce in that still shot.

  • hip hop in dying

    OMG, that was the worst 2dopeboyz post ever. and it was written, and it was even 16 bars.

  • hip hop in dying

    * wasn’t even

  • ^^^^^^Thanks 2DBOYZ for posting this….LMMFAO @ the comments!!!!

    He’s “ON” because of his lifestyle and association with “realness”.
    Dudes like him will always get “Love” no matter how wack they are.
    He represents impoverished hood authenticity.

    A clear example of society’s neglect, the dirty south’s poor education system & cultural ignorance peer pressure (see the majority of country music listeners). Rednecks take pride in being uneducated to a certain degree and living off the land. Why should some brown people be any different. It makes up their cultural identity.

    This type of “person” still exists, lest we forget New Orleans victims of Katrina and any other rural or inner city individuals that cling to that “mindset tradition”.

    It’s like people who say, LIKEDED, they swear because that’s what grandma’nem said when they were brought up, is how you should say that word.

  • p-rag

    All I have to say is hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha wackest shit ever. Nah I’m gonna stop hatin. OJ the juice man do your thang :D

  • BOB


  • Slow Day Today Mek?

    How you liking the Snow? Were getting the same thing in NJ.


    I would rather have OJ spit his “raps” that I can avoid like out of state parking tickets than slow me down @ the drive thru window.

  • Ay Ay, Okay Okay, Damn Damn… BURR BURR BURR… Waka Waka Waka Flocka… lmao The lyrical genius strikes again!

  • what’s sad is that this is the best verse he ever spit

  • mithritades

    Man up and take an L for this post Meka,it won’t really tarnish ur record but just come out and accept the L. This was pure fuckery and u know it but i think i get ur reasoning for posting lol…reverse psychology

  • Phitted

    Haha.. This Nigga Is ASS!!! And Who Cares If Meka Posted This Shit Or Not.. Its Somebody Out There Thats Gonna Fuck With It Even Though Were All Not.. Lol..

    NEW Phitted >>> http://usershare.net/faaib8b02zz2

  • WhackaflockaFLAME

    Hey fuck all u hataz wut da fuck u niggaz no bout so icey ent? NUFFIn u stupid niggaz dun no wut it be 2 hustle on da street fo yo shit n have lotsa brix my nigga juice go hard foo whacka flocka FLAME

  • ….what the fuck just happened.

  • Shawty lo

    Yo wut it do hataz fuk all u motherfuckaz u niggaz come up hur 2 ATL n talk yo shit none u hataz should be hatin on my homie oj da juice nigga he make mo money den ur hole familiez shit fooz u niggaz is dumb az hell damn u niggaz cant handle so icey ent

  • bbs

    @shawty lo…..nigga fuck you

  • Shawty lo

    nigga i have mo money then u eva dream of dont none of you bitch niggaz compare me 2 soulja boy im the motherfuckin truth with me gucci man oj da juice n whackaflocka we got dis whole rap n trap game sealed from the ATL across da whole US we got our shit what da fuck u bitches got nothin you faggots still riding tupacs cock even though he dead we taken ova the rap game get used to it mothafuckaz

  • Gudda Gudda

    yeah oj da juice a lyrikal genius n he with so icey i bet all you niggaz is starstrucked when niggaz like me actually take da time to talk too poor ass niggaz talken shit on der computers.

  • Z-ro

    Oj da juice man whacka flocka, shawty lo n all of so icey ent suck cock. Its all about that ABN motherfuckaz. Young money sucks too

  • Lil Wayne

    i co-sign this…from jail