Slum Village: Da Villa Chronicles pt.2 (Video)

In part 2 of SV's new web series, T3 speaks on some touring memories, the significance of J Dilla, and how he affected the group in his tenure with them (as well as his departure from the group). Their Villa Manifesto EP drops (online) on December 15th.

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  • neezyb

    pushed back a week?

  • Vito

    SV...dope stories,

  • Vito

    Dope Music too...

  • Pssssst

    wheres killas boss of all bosses 2?

  • xastey

    as long as it drops before I get on my plane i'm fine

  • unseen

    We allready listen few tracks on their my space here :


Nyck Caution - "Vulcan"

The Pro Era rep returns with a new single.

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