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Intuition – She Don’t Care (rmx) | Strut Bounce

blame it on Shake December 9, 2009

Two more off Intuition’s upcoming mixtape, Girls Are Gonna Like Me, w/ your favorite dopeboyz on the internet and KevinNottingham riding shotgun. A collection of tracks both old and new to help re-introduce the West Coaster to the world. The first being a collaboration with Dumbfounded and Nocando (over Lupe’s Paris Tokyo) and the second is a sneak peak of a collab with CasOne.

DOWNLOAD: Dumbfounded, Intuition & Nocando – She Don’t Care (rmx)
DOWNLOAD: Intuition – Strut Bounce [Demo]

  • dogs.eating.chocolate

    This guy sucks. Wannabe Atmosphere bullshit. I got like 30 whiteboys in my town rappin like this and nobody fucks with it.

  • steeeeeezy

    dumbfounded got other dopeass material. shake, please post more of his shit and let him get his shine!!

  • DrBluntss

    thIs foo looks like the alchemist with that mustache! haha

  • rampart213

    some people just don’t have talent. They can work hard and get places, but that doesn’t mean that the music is good.

  • RoccHardt

    So far, so good with Intuition.

    I agree with Dumbfoundead needing more shine.

  • freeq

    Intuition is not 2dbz caliber. His stuff is getting in the way of good posts. Dumbfounded is alright at battling but his music is lacking..

  • Onederin

    1. Intuition is dope.
    2. Nocando is dope.
    3. Dumbfoundead is dope.
    4. More of all three of them on 2DBZ if possible.

    I think Intuition and Nocan are polished enough to be regulars posted on here. DFD solo stuff is still developing, but is getting better every project. It would be dope to see his groups the Swim Team on here or Thirsty Fish.

  • TheMobkid

    All these cats are wack ass fuck. On some bubble gum rap shit. Which its coo but noting to make an impact. So much more doper LA cats like that dude Pawz One he got lyrics. At first i was up in all the hype behind these dudes only because of the old generation of Project Blowed/Good Life MC. To even people like RAsKass, Kurupt, Roscoe. but now they dont really live up to the hype i guess. But check this dude if u want: http://izrlrecords.bandcamp.com/

  • Good shit. The dusty california rappers are getting mad in this feed huh “themobkid”

  • clarju07

    honestly i never heard of Nocando or Dumbfoundead till now and Intuition the other day but this songs ite. really feelin the other tracks from Intuiton specially that “Al Bundy” song. lol thats my shit. but ye good looks on gettin these cats out there an puttin it up for people like me who dont know them

  • TheTruthPolice

    This dude Suuuuuuuuuuuucks

  • soulstrut

    i fux with this, i think this guy is pretty dope

  • MoreDvine

    All these dudes are no good and a wast of post.