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Hoodie Allen – Making Waves ep. 1 (Video)

blame it on Meka December 10, 2009


We are excited to bring you the premiere episode of Hoodie Allen’s web series “Making Waves”. Episode 1: The Big Show follows the group on stage and behind the scenes at their UPenn concert opening up for the Clipse, Mike Posner and Big Sean. The video is real entertaining and features special guest appearances from Malice, Posner and Big Sean!

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  • Derrik

    Yeah I Love Yuengling beer! Oldest Brewery in American FTW

  • Good to see Hoodie Allen doing big things! Been a fan from the start.

  • J to tha S

    these guys are lame…..how in the hell did we let these geeks into hip hop? and opening up for The CLipse? wtf.

  • Latrell

    This shit is tight as hell… rythm me and my boys can bump to… love goes out to witz and obey

  • KBonez

    i was at this show, and i gotta admit, this dudes garbage. and literally, half the concert was filled with a bunch of his douche frat bros that would chant for him while posner, big sean, and clipse were on stage. but even that couldn’t ruin an otherwise awesome concert.

  • DeShawn

    I can’t speak about the show, wasn’t there. But the mixtape is mad good. Respect.

  • bleezy

    ok first off listen to posners shit and ask yourself is this actually good. Also search for Hoodies “Evil Women” Remix and it is way better than posner’s original(it is on this site somehwere). Listen to hoodies shit, and I mean listen and you will hear some of the most ridiculous rhymes out of anyones mouth. Yes they may look like some geeks but these kids got skill. If the lines that they drop were coming out of Clipse’s mouth clipse would be the most famous rapper out there. Give these boys a chance, listen to their mixtape in hole not just turn the city around. Listen to “friend zone” or “making waves”.

  • Salamander

    That “Evil Women” shit is NICE. I got the linkage– http://www.zshare.net/download/67709449c7f56c6d/

    The Hoodie kid can spit… bottom line. I peeped the mixtape too, it’s ill. Can’t really front on the skills. I don’t really give a f*ck about the “geek” thing. Good stuff.

  • PJ

    let the haters hate everybody, its only fair. These dudes are nice as hell though. Thats my personal opinion. Videos tight as hell as well. Every time I see these dudes on this site. I ask myself ” these dudes haven’t blown up yet? “.

  • jonezy

    i was at the show–thought everyone was real dope
    dudes just bein themselves and clipse seem to agree

  • Phitted

    Illy.. Just Got The Tape Soo Im Excited 2 Hear What They Got 2 Say..

    NEW Phitted >>> “Me, Myself & My Mic” http://usershare.net/ojlwdwcstjlq


  • that guy JONEZ is funny!

  • Olgaa.

    ah man; theres something about a good video.

  • the_g00d_life

    that hoodie kids ight, but holla at the jonez cam!!! But seriously Hoodie Allen is where it is at and everyone should keep their eye out for them. I see nothing but great things coming up in the future for these kids.

  • kidkappa

    these kids are legit, makin waves is my jam right now.. and lmao at the video