• http://yaboytrade.blogspot.com TRADE

    this track is dope


    gotdamnit Jay Electronica, too damn dope to be droppin traacks every once in a blue moon

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Lupe > Jay ElecHannaka

  • bc1391

    I'll have to get this mixtape when it drops. this is too dope

  • Ryuk

    @ Jonnie Hayward

    your not a Lupe Fan.

    Anyway Nneka is too dope. And adding Jay Elec is always a plus.

  • olugbam

    "got the rap game singin at last like Eta James"

    jay electronica is the truth and a half. him taking those jay-z verses (yes i know this one was a big line before it was a jay one) and then flipping them. too hot.

    i spit that, wonder rhymer shit. me and my conglomerates. shall remain anonymous. caught up in the finer shit. get that type of media coverage that obama get. spit that kurt vonnegut. that blow your brain kurt cobain that nirvanna shit. who go bring the game back? who gon spit that Ramo on the train tracks that gold rope that five finger ring rap. runnin wit my same pack. you can find the Christ where the lepers and the lames at. life is like a dice game. one roll can land you in jail or cut cake blowin kisses in the rice rain...

  • The Fucking Truth

    Jay Electronica needs to put an album out

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    He needs to get a more versatile flow too

  • Phitted

    This Is Fire!!! Good Looks!!

    NEW Phitted >>> “Me, Myself & My Mic” http://usershare.net/ojlwdwcstjlq


  • dopegirljess!

    this works :)

  • hiphopconniseur

    "Ya average John Malkovich transform myself into the wind like the Alchemist"

  • SmashBVLD

    @ Jonnie Hayward The IV - please tell me you're on Lupe's payroll to be posting something about Lupe on every thread. Yes, Lupe is a decent MC. You need to get a new purpose in life.

  • http://watmorecanisay.wordpress.com HipAdv

    Thats a Nija Chick

  • Wutang

    Jay Elect him for president

  • olugbam

    That's a NAIJA chick.

  • DopeSir


  • BlackPain

    Jay please hurry up and give us an album..Now's the perfect time..

  • BlackGod

    When the music in my system
    Aint no tellen if he Muslim or he Christian

    Holey shit! Jay Electronica > Lupe any day of the week!

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