Pro'Verb, Chris Barz, KT & Lyriciss - Microphone


Here is four of the DMV's young up-and-comers taking their try at Alchemist's Slaughterhouse beat.

DOWNLOAD: Pro'Verb, Chris Barz, KT & Lyriciss - Microphone

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  • Tim

    1st guy killed it
    2nd guy should jump off a rather large building
    3rd guy was ehhhhh...but he doesn't deserve to go base jumping for that.
    4th guy was alright

    wtfux up with 1 & 4 using Royce and Joe Budden's respective flows?

  • MrSkySoul

    they show potential....It would be better to hear some original material from then to see where they stand as far as their flow since rappers like to use the flow of the rapper that was originally on the beat sometimes.

  • Lyriciss

    as i told both Joell and Royce, it was basically showing homage to lyrical MCs we respect, hence the flow adaptation...both me and Pro'Verb have former tracks up here on 2dopeboyz, though, so check 'em out and enjoy...appreciate the feedback.

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  • JihaD


    Who are these nut ass niggas? They not repping DC rapping like that. Seriously, are they Howard students or something?


  • The Most Hated

    ^^ DEAD.

  • haterade

    damn sounds like jihad is hating kinda hard...but the first and last nigga murdered....seem em at some shows on U street, these niggas go in

  • Dekunle

    chris barz killed it..ONE OF THE BEST IN THE DMV..keep doing your thing brah

  • neezyb

    The first guy shouldve went last or atleast 3rd...a nasty verse like that should not be followed by the garbage the 2nd dude came wit...but they get love for goin over some Slaughterhouse

  • Brogainz

    I feel the same way as neezyb... Dekunie is trying to be some kinda funny nigga saying some shit like

  • Chris Campbell

    for all the Barz fans …
    Hold On (Remix feat. brandUn DeShay, LaVish, Mike Dreams, & Chris Barz)


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