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Harlem’s Cash On KarmaloopTV (Video)

blame it on Shake December 11, 2009

The homie Harlem’s Cash talks to KarmaloopTV about his greatest inspirations. And you already know HC will be apart of A (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition, which will drop early 2010.

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Also,  you haven’t already… be sure to take part in the (2)Dope Karmaloop Contest were having. We’re giving away $200 gift cards each week!

  • youngone

    PLUG… add KarmaLoop to the long list of companies that either pay directly or give incentives to DB2 to post material. This site is a hack… support smaller TRUE blogs. Now let the 2DB cock riding begin… that includes you two as well (Shake & Meka) on the dick riding tip… ahaha

  • smh… your “conspiracy” is laughable my dude. the ads on the side? yep… paid for. all your favorite sites that run ads are getting paid for it. does that have ANYTHING to do with what we post? nope.

  • The1nder

    I honestly feel like Shake and Meka make these fake comments themselves just to stir up some controversy in the c-section… smart move I suppose? But I see what you guys are doing here… pretty lame!

  • The Fucking Truth


    Tell me about it, Shake and Meka turned to the darkside with Tim Westwood, first its getting paid for work, next thing we know they’ll be posting Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers songs. Fuck blogs that people actually go to!

  • @youngone
    I completely agree, everyone should start going to the smaller true blogs. Then you’ll have to come back to 2db because it’ll be a smaller true blog again. ain’t it?

  • m1n1

    youngone is meka or shake you fools.they just trying to stir shit up… and its working!

  • you guys honestly think i have that much time (or patience) to post as other people? c’mon! dah well… it doesnt directly effect me so do and/or say whatever you like. its nothing but a comment to me.

  • zingpowzap

    AHAHA what an idiot! Shake… your leader the holy one you praise just told all of you babbling idiots who fill his site with countless comments that IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU SAY… ITS JUST A “COMMENT” TO HIM, IT DOESNT EFFECT HIM AT SO COMMENT ALL YOU WANT ABOUT WHATEVER HE DOESNT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU SAY!!!!! how could you all keep coming back to a site where you are treated like this? That is why I agree with youngone with his one point of fuck with smaller blogs who will notice and care about you!

  • smh… oh get a life. my statement was in the direction of all these “its a conspiracy” “shake and meka accept payola” “why post it if you dont like it” bullshit.

    all in all… i know me and mek are doing the right thing as its continuously proven by the amount of haters we have haha.

  • dj

    why not just appreciate the music here haha….harlems cash is the future, likin what i hear from him every time

  • JM

    Hate is a female trait.
    and of course they would get paid for ad’s.
    You think they pay there bills by providing a 2 sentence captions for downloads.
    & whoever said they will be playing miley cyrus. Kill Yourself.
    You just went to some crazy extremity to prove a dumbass point.

    and these small “true” blogs get all their shit from this site anyway,
    ya’ll sound like the comment section at worldstarhiphop.

    2dopeboyz is a dope ass site.
    suck a dick

  • i could give a fuck less if shake and meka are even real people. this site could be ran completely automated. i come for the new music and to fuck wit the other people who comment. i ain’t knew i praised shake and meka, i don’t think i’ve ever seen them comment unless it was about a broken link.

  • The Fucking Truth


    So you basically just called yourself a dumbass, nice

  • Kisai The Engineer

    “and these small “true” blogs get all their shit from this site anyway”


    Nailed it. The only blogs where I DON’T see the same stuff that 2db has already posted is site that only relate to that region.

  • JM

    Yes I DID. lol

  • 901 Gangsta

    great site if you dont like go home. americans are so soiled. you want to take about consipracys lets talk about. obama the new world order puppet. the same shit bush couldnt do, his doing