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Gucci Mane – The Road To The State Vs Radric Davis pt.6 (Video)

blame it on Meka December 12, 2009

In this clip from Info’s in-depth sit down with the still incarcerated Gucci La Flare, we learn how getting arrested and going to jail made Gucci change his hustle to the rap game and how he rose to now be one of the hottest artists from the South. Gucci also mentions that he took his father’s nickname for his own rap moniker, and how he always used to stack the profits from his early drug dealing days. I think we also get a deeper look at another side of Gucci different from the “party party” image that is portrayed in a lot of his hits.

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  • Best rapper alive. Hands down.

  • ^^ur funny.

  • dunno wai

    the dumbest rapper alive… hands down. he had the world in his hands. a huge single with usher (a legend) and he doesn’t go to community service… C’MON SON! it’s community service!! it’s so fucking easy it’s not funny!! he’s a dumbass. the label hates him. he fucked up a lot of money!! millions. SO FUCK HIM! he took the spot of a truly talented rapper and wasted it.

  • illmatic

    Look this nigga up alrady….him and all the retarded rappers!


  • RichieLitt

    do society a favor and kill yourself Gucci

  • DopeSir

    HAHAHA WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS NIGA SAYING?!?! its just a bunch of mumbling or somelthing, yo is that even english?

  • Nas is awesome

    Man here what’s really happening. Meka Meka

    …………….. I hate Gucci worst rapper ever……… EVER……………… WORST EVER

    ……………….. HE SUCKS!

  • Nas is awesome

    ^What?^ Comment fucked up?

  • kaceehatestoast

    those lips… eww

  • lasean

    @dunno wai gucci is NOT talented at all

  • quit hating the south

    i’m not a gucci fan, but yall niggas here are beyond hating. smmfh. get some pussy yal fucking faggots

  • The State (2) vs. Radric (0)

  • ^lol I could pick dude apart in this video, but I gained a lil respect for him… he’s definitely not the best rapper alive… I’m not a Gucci fan, but I can’t hate on his success… I almost think him going to jail was a stunt bcuz his album is called The State vs Radric Davis… maybe he thought more ppl would buy his album lmao

  • Seriously, Dukes need to do the knowledge and pay homage to Gucci Mane La Flare a true Hip Hop pioneer. I am LuLzing a lot with Peter today because it appears that you “Hip Hop Elitests” (Or should I say Hip Hop Hippys (because you know its true)) still cannot accept Gucci Mane for being in the top 5 Rappers in the game right now. I am LuLzing at all the haters who feel the need to come into a posting like this just to hate on Mr. La Flare. Sorry boys, your Hip Hop is evolving and Gucci Mane La Flare is indeed the future. Sorry to break the news to you.