(The Ghost of) Shake’s Sunday Soothing Session (Take 39)

blame it on Illy December 13, 2009

Yes, you read it right. While Shake is enjoying the ocean, his lady and plenty of Coronas I decided to take the reigns for this week’s Soothing Session. Featuring new/unreleased music from Cassie, Sammie, Toni Braxton, Trey Songz, Usher, Keri Hilson, R. Kelly, Mario, Sade, Ester Dean, Joe, Jamie Foxx and more.

DOWNLOAD: Sammie – All Over
DOWNLOAD: Karina Pasian – Perfectly Different
DOWNLOAD: Cassie – Stray f. Brandon Hines (prod. Ryan Leslie)

Cassie – Look What You Done
– This (along with the other Cassie joints) sound unfinished. And rumor has it 6 other joints leaked this week as well. Damn!

Cassie – Shakespeare

Cassie – What She Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Her (prod. Darkchild)

Chris Brown – Movie
– Bonus track off Graffiti.

Elliot Yamin – What It Feels Like

Ester Dean – Baddest in the Club

Jamie Foxx – Winner f. Justin Timberlake

Jennifer Lopez – Louboutins (Urban Noize Remix)

Joe – You’re the One (prod. Dre & Vidal)

Kevin Cossom – What About Tonight [Demo]
– Reference track Mary J Blige (below).

Lil Jon – Miss Chocolate f. R. Kelly & Claude Kelly
– Look for Jamie Foxx to be featured on the final version, taking place of Claude’s reference.

Lloyd – Everday f. Rich Boy
– Off his Like Me: The Young Goldie EP, dropping 12/14.

Mario – Outta Breath [Unreleased]

Mario – Thinking Bout You (rmx) f. Kelly Rowland

Mary J Blige – Tonight (prod. The Runners)

Nathan – Caught Me Slippin’ f. Flo Rida

Robin Thicke – Elevatas f. KiD CuDi

Sade – Soldier of Love

Tank – It’s Probably My Fault (prod. Underdogs)

Toni Braxton – Hands Tied

Toni Braxton – Wardrobe

Trey Songz – I Invented Sex (rmx) f. Keri Hilson & Usher

Trey Songz – I Invented Sex (rmx) f. Willie (of Day26)

Vistosso Bosses – Boyfriend (prod. Mr. Collipark)

Wynter Gordon – Love Is Long (prod. D’Mile)

Props to ThisIsRNB, YKX.

DOWNLOAD: (The Ghost of) Shake’s Sunday Soothing Session (Take 39)

  • WheelChairShake


  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    The ghost of Shakespeare > Shakespeare

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Btw..I don’t download every single track because of my fear of being disappointed…so can some1 post which they think are the best tracks…bless


  • mmkayy

    ahhh the ghost of shake is back

  • Derrik

    Jonnie, are you that fucking lazy that you can’t take 20 minutes and listen to each song and decide for yourself if you like it or not. I hate when people comment asking for someone else to tell them if they will like a song. Your taste and my taste may be completely different. Listen for yourself and make up your own damn mind if you like something. If you have to be told what is good and what isn’t, you should find a new hobby that isnt music

  • b.


  • Damn yo, is it me or is this place slacking off now that Shakey Dogg is on vacation. I mean, I think it is kinda obvious who does all the work around here. I mean, I always thought Shake was good. But, Inever realized he was the glue holding this place together. I already miss Shakey Dogg. I mean the next few weeks willl serve as a test to see whether 2dopeboyz can measure up with the other Big Boy Blogs in Shake’s abscense. I mean, I think we all can see that Shake is no way replaceable. All Hail King Shakey

  • twinsking

    my prayers have been answered

  • Man I appreciate the work you guys put in, thanks again…

  • kacee hates toast

    @ Robbie
    He’s only gonna be gone a week.

    This is great.

  • Ringer

    I think maybe there are about half as many posts. And maybe that’s because half of the 2dopeboyz are enjoying their life. And maybe Mek has shit to do. You know no one gets paid for this right? And neither of them are obligated to give us free music I wouldn’t even know to look for half the time. Meka, maybe you should take a week off too and show everyone what it’s like without 2dopeboyz for a week. I doubt many complaints will come your way when you guys come back…

    i know the majority of us followers appreciate it. thanks guys.
    oh and i’m never sure how much influence “the ghost of shake” has but i appreciate what she does too.

    hah thanks again. and from now on i’m just going to ignore the haters because ranting like this makes me look like an angry person. hah peace.

  • kacee hates toast

    I meant the music… The music is great. lol.

  • b.

    real question… and meka maybe you can answer this. where the hell did shake get his nickname from? did someone give it to him or did he just one day say… i wanna call myself “shake.” i don’t know. i need a break from studying. lol

  • WheelChairShake

    From that Cartoon. I forgot what it’s called. It’s on Adult Swim.

  • Derrik

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force^

  • kanne

    robbie talk like a normal person jesus christ Shakey dog? really?

  • donttradecano

    tank song is definatley a demo for someone else. hes talking about a guy cheating.

  • 1dopeboy

    cassie makes rihanna look like sasquatch

  • stfurobbie

    robbie you leave comments on almost every post, but nobody likes what you say. when you gonna realize that NO ONE on this site gives two shits about you and your opinion. shut the fuck up and enjoy 2dopeboyz, stop complaining about every little thing, make your own blog

  • New Karina Pasian is always good.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Why do you care so much about other people’s comments to the point that you hate it?? U ever heard of just ignoring it like other people do? And what if our tastes were similar? Sheesh..u take shit too seriously..go get some head or somethin,,90% of comments that I see from u are negative and usually about another person that posted a comment…and I don’t know how u came to the conclusion that I need to find a new hobbie besides music when all I wanted to see was other people’s opinion then compare it to mine..calm down dumbass..ever heard of actually posting ur opinion about the Soothing Session topic? Or are u THAT worried about my or other people’s comments?

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    And oh yea…I wasn’t being ‘that fuckin lazy’, I was at work at the time…that is all, bless


  • marlymarrr

    Karina Pasian >>>>

  • Wont let Me Post


  • Wont let Me Post

    Cassie’s 6 joints leaked? Who cares. all I want is her to leak that sextape with ___

  • ck47


  • Memphis

    Ok since noone pointed it out already…(The Ghost of) Shake I’m loving the 2dope 2 girls and 1 cup reference.

  • Derrik

    damn i got my own Stan, following my comments. reading up on me and shit. kinda creepy its a dude though….

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Yup..u should feel special…I can’t hold back my feelings for you Derrik..you complete me………….smh…anyway the best Karina song is Winner..hands down,,me and my girl fell in love 2 dat song almost exactly a year ago…ha and yes she looks 10 times better than Shake’s girl


    we’ll see. im still checking it out…

  • chronwell

    Me & Toni Braxton share a birthday but I aint feelin the Hands Tied song or the Mario joints. The Chris Brown song however will be a sex movie makers theme song for a few years and probly a strip club favorite too.

  • P.

    lol @ that pic

  • thecollegecurb
  • mR

    i shouldnt have slept on that Sade joint. DAAAAMMMMNNN shits fire

  • psssst keep quiet

    Damn yo its mad obvious who keeps this blog going. Shake leaves and its over. Lol

  • SD

    wish i was in between those girls.. and naked..


    what a slow day

  • Derrik

    I also like that Trey Songs remix featuring Juelz Santana & Fabolous. Chris Holloway – Song On Her Radio & Jaystonez – Me & You are good too.

    That new movie coming out soon called The Takers has Chris Brown in it(aslo has T.I. in it, Paul Walker, Idris Elba & Hayden Christiansen).Nice to see dude branching out into other things. Movie looks pretty good.

  • ok

    am i the only person the usershare links won’t load for?

    shyt’s talkin bout error producing DL link

  • It used to act slow for me….until my close friend and confidant named Peter (Who also serves as my attorney at law) fixed some stuff that was slowing down my computer. He is such a great friend to have. Are you in the NYC area? If so Peter and I can come by to chill out and he can take a look at your machine.

  • ?

    What happened to what’s in the shakedeck?

  • sting

    [email protected] that maynard dude…..

  • ayo

    NahRight is thata way >>> lets all go. and shake can come back and think “fuck, i kinda wish i didnt take that week off” LMAO

  • Derrik

    yall bitch like some girls about Shake going on vacation. What is so horrible about the site now that he left. its a fucking Sunday. Come Mixtape Tuesday, youll get all the shit u would usually get.

  • wheres the usher song?

  • ignore that last post lol

  • mmkayy

    that remix of Louboutins is better than the original..

  • Jaislayer

    Thank you for the DOPE music. Peace

  • @Memphis
    lmao i didnt even realize that haha

  • test
  • mxjr

    when linking back to older 2db posts it would be nice if the tracks would be still online

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