• T

    Self proclaimed "Chicken Head" lol haha....Wow...

    The desire to be different or "be real" brings you to the
    point of degrading yourself?

    Well thats a first....

    Great music though...

  • http://twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    she got a new tape coming out? sweet. what would i do without this site to keep me up

  • Onederin

    Self proclaimed "10% Chicken Head" ...a little bit different. All she saying is that occasionally she has those superficial urges that we ALL have. She likes rims and having the latest phone. Is that so bad? Could be worse.

  • T

    ^ There are better ways of saying you like material things lol.....Thats all Im saying....lol

  • http://mo-prophetz.blogspot.com/ e-unum

    I wonder was this the chick he was dissing on that Add-2 2-dopeboyz freestyle over that nelly furtado beat i guess he recieved that call to hear her sample to hear her sing lol

  • http://www.mikedreamsmusic.com Mike Dreams

    Wow...I've been waiting for something new from Amanda every since her last EP and that Neon video. I can't wait for this!

    This record was chill and smooth.

  • Phitted

    Song Is Hella Chill..

    NEW Phitted >>> “Me, Myself & My Mic” http://usershare.net/ojlwdwcstjlq



    Any1 think Amanda Diva can fucc wit Eternia?? IMO...I DONT!!

  • Natalie

    where can i buy this song? anyone know>

  • Natalie

    i ask the artist on twitter, but no response. is this song going up on a new mix tape? do anyone know?