Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - The VS. EP (FreEP)


And another freEP... youse music fans are getting spoiled today.

Beginning in the winter of 2008, MC Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis linked up to create their debut EP entitled "VS," based off an idea to sample relevant contemporary bands. After a couple of successful single song leaks, here is the entire EP for full download for everyone to enjoy.

Props to Tunji. Tracklist and link under the cut.

(001)VS. EP

01. Vipassana
02. Crew Cuts
03. Life is Cinema
04. Otherside
05. Kings
06. Irish Celebration
07. The End

DOWNLOAD: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - The VS. EP (FreEP)

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  • I wish I had more hands, so I could give this EP four thumbs up.

  • Ringer

    nuh uh. today is crazy. just need it's always sunny and i'll be set for years.

  • bc1391


  • Steve

    Holy shit...I just sent you an e-mail on this Meka


  • Phee Dill

    Seattle stand up!

  • yeaboy


  • Steve

    Tracklist order is different btw.

  • great day for music.

  • shoot. i'm trying to think of something else i've listened to this year that's better than these 7 songs.

  • To Steve ^ This is the right tracklist...

  • Otherside was a top 5 song of the year contender; looking forward to this tape.

  • blazer

    wow forgot this was dropping... amazing.


    Macklemore, Ryan Lewis – The End (Live @KEXP)

    Macklemore, Ryan Lewis – Nikes (KEXP Live)

  • Steve

    "To Steve ^ This is the right tracklist…"

    It was mixed up when it was first posted.

  • np

    .zip wont open up on my computer.....
    anyone else having this problem?

  • rukstar

    DAMN, this could possibly the greatest sampling of free music ive heard this entire year. Granted im sick of todays hip hop cause the kids are lost beyond salvation and anything that doesn't involve skinny jeans or young money ill bump, but still, these guys are nice.

  • brandon


  • Cosmo

    Beyond dope. Macklemore is such an honest emcee and the soul that he puts into his music resonates more than most emcees could dream of. Ryan is just a beast. This along with his project with Symmetry is deadly. You gotta give seattle credit with the consistent quality they gave in 2009: grieves, budo, ryan lewis, blue scholars, common market, gabriel teodros, ect

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  • jei

    I gave that kid a listen he said "I got a dirty mouth, I keep spitting shit..." That's the fucking truth... He spitting SHIT... PURE DOODOO! Garbage! Future of rap? NAH!

  • B

    Anyone heard any other mac stuff? Fuckin ill shit right there..

  • donnieQ

    kings is the jam

  • Eight

    Jei im with you dawg, pure garbage, not to hate but dont say hes the future when he has less emotion in his voice then ben stine.

  • james dean

    yo....those horns on that THE END track are just haunting me right now....too ill

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  • this tape is sick! track 1 to track 7 is dopeness

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  • So fucking sick.

  • sonej

    Love it!

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  • sam

    who are the guest artists on 'crew cuts' and 'kings'? and any other guests if there are any

  • big

    wut kinda ish is this the beats are way too slow to rap on wtf is all i can say

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  • repluv sb

    20SICKNESS ---- FOR EVERYONE WHO ISN'T ON IT- Can't Stop Our City
    Spit what we see what we feel can't keep quiet whats real ..
    RIP to all we lost, anywhere you from..
    Don't let our dreams die.
    Shoreline to the West, South End to Tac..

  • trill bill volume 2

    just downloading this today after hearing the symmetry and ryan lewis EP. I liked the production a LOT so I thought I'd give this a go. Otherside was so dope, I dont know why I slept on this

  • brosiph

    you must be trippin if you dont think this shit is ill

  • taylor

    hell yeah baby, 206 up!

  • my god, this shit is beautiful

  • They just performed in my town....AH!!!

  • vaccinebxMC

    yo this shit is official honestly mad dope dudes like wayne getting too much love when guys like you aint blowing up like that mad lyrical this is real shit this what hip hop is about from one caucasian emcee to another you guys are the truth

  • lily

    THANK YOU! what a gift!! seattle is it. i love this town again. thank you.

  • n

    un-fucking-reaaallll. this kid is amazing

  • YaBoy

    @n yes this shit is amazing man

  • Pac

    These guys look like the white boys that call me Nigger when I'm not around.

  • YaBoy

    @Pac shut the fuck up faggot

  • Evo

    I'm fucking LATE but wow... dope.


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