Just Blaze - Exhibits G, F & P

Before youse jump and swack this shit thinking it's more Jay, just know that a: it's not and b: "G, F & P" stands for something fucking hilarious. And if you can't figure that out, hit the cut for the answer. Thank God[dess] for slow Fridays.

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G.F.P. = Guido Fist Pump

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  • hahaha

  • lasean

    wtf is the guido movement

  • white christmas in black hood

    Guess I Had To be There btw

  • wjc3

    what does the g f p mean exactly though? jw

  • T Money

    watch the show Jersey Shore if you're lost

  • wjc3

    wow never mind...u right meka slow fridays

  • HAHAHA I was rollin when I seen "Guido Fist Pump"

  • swizzle

    guido fist pump, hahha

  • bc1391

    I almost lost my shit when I saw the title. lol

  • theedopeshow

    this is dope.. he ain't got nothin on arabmuzik tho but this is funny

    puka bar wednesdays
    soul rnb rock reggae jungle electro
    710 w. willow
    long beach, ca

  • Im From NJ also south jersey to be exact and im kinda offended by tht jersey shore show. but amused none the less. YM Bittttch cop that rebirth in ferurary

  • DangerWillRobinson

    motherfucker is classic.

  • ck47

    Justin has a good sense of humor.

  • southjerzrep

    yea that jersey shore show is straight trash aint even reppin jersey right...them people aint even from jersey

  • jhink357

    lol this is funny as hell ....."we were fist pumpin like champs"

  • Wutang


  • oneluv


  • oneluv

    made my day, that jersey shore show is fucking hilarious

  • Sean cochran

    Shake Please come back! meka is wach!

  • jakefromthebean

    i was dead at "they tried to recruit me in 94'"

  • NikkaNine

    god Guidos seriously need to fuck off. they are soo annoying and are the biggest fucking douchebags ever.

  • john

    YO.. goat wordplay

  • ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Sean Cochran get off Shakespeare's nuts...how is Meka wack...he does nothing different than Shake does...you're still gettin free music aren't you??

  • LMAO!

  • Dont taze me like that Blaze. I almost fell when I saw the word Exhibit & Just Blaze in the same title.

    YEAH, us NJ'ians don't act like the retarded fucks on Jersey Shore.

    Guido Shitt, hahah.

  • Dj ILL One

    Get the fuck outta here!(in my best guido voice) Yeah me and my buddies be pumpin` our fists at Karma to this shit! LOL

  • 5FingerDiscount

    WTF is this techno bullshit? Y not a RAoF for this 1?

  • G-Code

    techno bullshit? shut up..

  • SFFS


  • Glitch

    im so fuckin lost, i don't watch tht show jersey shore, thought it looked wack lol but this is funny im gonna go dance to this lmao jp

  • Shag Diggler

    This shit had me fist pumping like a champ!

  • DocCosmos

    Video of Just blaze and Jay Elec, in the studio doin the guido fist pump.


  • Charlito

    woooooooow lololol

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  • Tmo



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