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Jay Electronica: “Act Two Is Coming December 25th”

blame it on Meka December 19, 2009

If some of you aren’t aware yet, Lupe recently announced he’s not dropping Friend Of The People on X-Mas. Sucks, right? But that sting should only be temporary, as Jay called in to Shade45 to announce that Act II: Patents Of Nobility will drop that day. Now go ahead and change your draws. Props to Nav.

DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica – Shade45 Interview (Audio)

  • Martian

    First! o fuck yes cant wait to get my jay fix. still time to be the tape of ’09…?

  • darryle

    I can’t wait until Jay Electronica gets all the success he can imagine and then YOU PEOPLE hate another successful person (ie jay-z)but forreal, i hope he does good the game needs him

  • cant wait. disappointed about lupe though…

  • Niiiicce…

  • ck47

    fap fap fap will Dear Moleskine be on it?

  • KMann

    my Christmas is complete. Thank you jay elec, thank you.

  • dcruz.88


    *will not be arguing with ANYONE about Jay like I did in the last few posts… haha

  • BlackGod

    Allah uh Akbar… my Kwanzaa is complete.. lol


  • DOPE!

  • patrik

    best holidays ever?

  • RappishWayz

    Well hot dayum….new Fab tape AND Jay Elect with Act II?!?Thank you Santa!!!

  • christmas is still gunna be cool as hell.

  • he said this like 2 years ago.

    fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice…

    exciting news, but i’ll believe it when i see it yo.

  • My_Pops_Son

    Wasn’t this shit supposed to drop like 2 years ago? I’ll believe it when I hear it.

  • The Fucking Truth

    Kinda sucks about the Lupe tape, but a new Jay Electronica tape, Fab tape, and Bishop Lamont tape is okay

  • Steve

    Man, I was looking forward to the Lupe mixtape… Ugh


    This news is awesome. I cannot wait.

  • B.


  • Timbo

    Yeah this shit was supposed to drop on New Years Day 2 years ago.

  • Adup


  • I know he’s left us hangin’ before, but I doubt the motherfucker would be calling into Shade45 a week before the drop saying it’s gonna happen if it really isn’t.

  • Jay Elec and Lupe Fiasco… the 2 most pretentious artists in the history of hip hop + the 2 most annoying and obsessed fan bases in the history of hip hop, LOL — it’s like a match made in heaven.

    On the real though, both of ’em are dope. Still surprised that Lupe is climbing a damn mountain like that. Lookin’ forward to to the Jay E tape at least — [email protected] him snagging up the empty X-Mas spot as soon as he found out Lupe isn’t gonna drop, smart move!

  • tegz


    better than anything i would’ve even asked for on xmas lol

  • The thrid eye on the back of the dollar bill will take over the world

    i knew he was up to something with the “c” cdq dropping on itunes and then hearing it on shade.

  • thunda thighs

    good news! Im not even familiar with Act I though. Is that an official mixtape or what?

  • lol


    if you have/heard that What The Fuck Is A Jay Electronica? tape, then you’ve already heard Act I, all the songs from that are on there..

  • dalek
  • This is the best gift that anyone could have given me. It’s going to be a good fucking holiday.


    now im happy bout christmas again

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV



    Enemy of the State > Act Two

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Fuck! Man I’m pissed! Fuck Jay ElecVomita

    Wassalupe The Killer > Jay ElecCockica

  • BlackPain

    Bout mutha funkin time!

  • lol

    please, enemy of the state was pretty forgettable..

  • shane

    it says he’s shooting for a christmas release….didnt give his word or anything.

  • dalek

    We knew this was gonna turn into Lupe vs Jay…

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Sigh…Lupe stole Christmas…only thing that can save the holiday now is Kobe droppin 50 on Lebron

  • Lmao @ Jonnie having a bitch-fit.

    He said ‘I’m really shooting to give it to the people by this Christmas’ so that’s not a definite combination. He could mean the 25th or the holiday period. It would definitely be ill but i’m gonna take this with a grain of salt.

  • Cash

    smart move from jay elec, holding down the lupe fans or taking some, fab drop that day also PLEASE DONT DOWNLOAD ANY FAB, I NEED FAB TO DIE A SLOW DEATH FOR HIS TWITTER COONERY

  • daveg

    Bishop Lamont Team America Fuck Yeah is also droppin on Christmas. Get ready for some funny as shit. Gonna be fire.
    Jay Elec is gonna be dope as hell too. Can’t wait for Christmas.


    enemy of he state was boring

    exhibit c>>>>that whole tape

    lu better drop some epic shit like the old days in 06..

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Yoga Flame > Exhibit C

  • chef

    2010 is jay electronica’s year, mark my words.

  • huh

    lupe’s nice but jaye delivery is on point. lupes sloppy…

  • Nerd_Rich

    LMAO at Enemy of the state being better than Exhibit C…Jay elect is on another level with this rapping shit..Im a fan of lupe and all, but the topics jay elect touches are far superior to what lupe talks about..Stop hating..Jay elect is the best rapper in the world right now….PERIOD!!!!!!

  • doomsamonster

    well damn, the lupe tape was the only thing i was gettin for christmas and that just got shot down. a lil disappointed but w/e, hes a musician and there word means just as much as a politicians. NOTHING.

  • mark ingram

    lol at EOTS > Act II

    Enemy of the state was terrible, i listened once and deleted it.

  • Why do people have to act like they can’t like 2 artists…

    Lupe and Jay are both nice. And most of you niggas callin Lupe wack now were probably the same niggas on his dick 2 years ago…

  • thafireman

    woord co-sign wit DynamicShots

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Yea u guys are dumb sayin EOTS was wack…u must have short attention spans…every single track was on point lyrically…metaphors and wordplay galore…and Lupe wasn’t even goin hard on top of that, he admitted that he recorded it all in 1 day…only comparison between Jay and Lupe is lyrics but wordplay/flow/delivery/punchlines: Lupe >>>> JayE…Lupe’s mc skills are superior…btw Jay is nice but he is quickly becomin overrated,,seeing some ridiculous comments praisin this dude like he is Hip Hop’s Jesus or somethin

  • The Fucking Truth

    Whats up with the Lupe hate? Enemy of the State was extremely dope, but why does Lupe have to be compared to Jay? They’re two different artists

  • sfd

    holy shit where the fuck are the adult fans of music on these forums? I feel like I’m in grade school again “biggie is betta nigga! nawww homia pac will merk biggie when he see ’em!”

    fucking idiots.


    lupe overhyped now. 2 years ago it wudve made sense wen he was on his real hip hop shit, but nowadays, he’s just pompous propaganda for hipsters

    niggas like jay-e, sean price etc..
    they music yell hip hop..

    half of you lupe stans haven’t been lisenin to him that long anyway..

  • Cash

    lupe is better than jay elec, cmon this isnt a issue dude went gold not saying a curse word, theres no comparison but jay elec is a dope mc cant wait to hear that katrina music from his point of view ………. ” finallyfaast.com for you fam “

  • tegz


    much more goes into music than just lyrics..

    you quoting all these lines people don’t care about doesn’t make the music any better

  • I’ll believe it when I see it.
    I’m psyched nonetheless!

  • james

    Word to whoever said Enemy of the State was terrible. Lupe should be embarrassed at feeding his fans crap like that.

    This is just one long track. It’s not a tape. Additionally, he said he would try to get it out by the 25th.

  • marlostanfield85

    JAY ELEC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LUPE


  • This is the long awaited Star Wars vs. Star Trek battle of hip hop…

  • wow

    === 3DopeBoyz – Meka-Shake – Jay electronica—======

  • lol tis site should jus have a jay electronica news feed on the right ..

  • ck47

    Nas is suppose to be on Act II

  • ck47

    Nas is suppose to be on Act II.

  • nukid

    cosign sfd…people gotta argue about something i guess…i know im relatively young…especially when it comes to my exposure to rap…but im hella grateful i live in an age where we got artists like lupe AND jay elec AND elzhi AND blu and others artists of the like…not only great hip hop…but great music…dec 25 is going to be a good day!!

  • Westwestyall

    Bishop Lamont drops the same day too. Great for hiphop. Xmas is gonna be nice day for music. I’m definitely coppin both of these.

  • El B. Sure

    LMAO @ E.Roc the Graphic Designer

    shit seems like it right?

    i’ll believe that nigga jay when it’s on my hard drive. the said the same thing 2 years ago.

    btw can’t jay and lupe coexist? i like them both but they’re in different lanes.

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Jay Electronica really has no versatility when it comes to flowin

  • THE 412

    I’m a Jay Elect fan dont get me wrong he’s dope…

    …but i’ve never seen more dickriders on any post in my life.

  • NoloLin

    No versatility? What about “Eternal Sunshine”? That shit is pretty vesatile.

  • wats out there in the scene rite now im suprised theres not much more jay dick riders… <<

  • nukid

    @ghost of jonnie…k now thats just hate when you bring up “jay has a lack of versatilty when it comes to flowing”
    you may say its just a criticism but this is not a situation where that criticism should be brought up…when criticism comes out when it isn’t warranted…thats hate…

  • nukid

    and i know you said you think he’s dope…but…seriously now…if you think he’s dope..just leave it at that…

  • amp

    shit no lupe

  • refill

    Hottest emcees (yet to see their proper shine) list:

    Jay Electronica
    Lupe Fiasco
    J. Cole

  • dudeman

    gimme that Christian Side Hug

  • ur paw

    “Jay Electronica really has no versatility when it comes to flowin”

    haha, hating for the sake of hating at this point.

  • james

    MC’s not getting proper shine:

    Jay Electronica
    Bishop Lamont
    Saigon (just stop thirsting for the spotlight)

  • Brian

    Hottest emcees (yet to see their proper shine) list:

    Jay Electronica
    Lupe Fiasco
    J. Cole

  • insanemacbeth



    i like ELECTRONICA, a lot!

  • Cash


  • The Fucking Truth

    Hottest emcees (yet to see their proper shine) list:
    Jay Electronica
    Lupe Fiasco
    J. Cole

    Double Co-Sign

  • jacobm23

    shit…my christmas is ruined, I was looking forward to that lupe tape…i’ll for sure check out this jay electronica tape though

  • Man we need that 24 Hour Karate School mixtape to come out.

  • Westwestyall

    Cosign reks… Lupe. Bishop Lamont , glasses, crooked. The oly lyricists puttin it down.

  • dope news…

  • Kid Icarus

    Hottest emcees (yet to see their proper shine) list:
    Jay Electronica
    Nickelus F
    J. Cole
    Now THIS looks about right

  • rashard lewis

    PRAISE THE GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jay electronica > lupe fiasco

  • @refill I agree with the first 3 but c’mon now…J Cole was on 2 of the biggest albums of 09 (Blueprint 3 & Attention: Deficit) & he’s gonna be on the new Reflection Eternal album too with NO ALBUM out! J Cole’s got what alot of these new artists don’t have, the attention of mainstream rap fans (from the BP3 appearance) AND “backpackers”/bloggers (hate the term ‘hipster’)

  • refill

    @InfamousP I think J. Cole will be the pathway for the resurrection of Lyricsm in the mainstream. Paving the way for those others on my list( Blu, Jay Elect…) to be heard.

    @Kid Icarus Just checked out Nickelus F. He’s pretty sick, Thanx for puttin’ him on.

  • Deji

    Well I’m just a rookie to dude, but how a few verses can make people flock to the blogs.

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  • insanemacbeth

    so where is the mixtape? someone point ME in the right direction.

  • tango sucka


  • My_Pops_Son

    Just like I said… I’ll believe it when I hear it. Y’all simple minded fools are acting like this mixtape is going to change your lives, knowing damn well that it was supposed to come out 2 years ago and never did. Why would you expect it to come out now? Wake the hell up and stop acting like children. It’s FREE! It will drop when it drops, point blank.

  • GOD