Clash Of The Titans Trailer (Video)

blame it on Meka December 21, 2009


I’m kind of beyond tired of Hollywood studios simply remaking old movies (proof that the writer’s strike of 2007 ethered the ever-loving shit out of their economy), but God Of War II was slightly based on the original 1981 movie, and that game = the same liquid crack that got John Forté caught up. So maybe this won’t be too bad.

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  • Coked Up Werewolf

    They are remaking Robin Hood too with Russell Crowe and the director of Gladiator….atleats they are making good remakes now LOL…no more cheesy 70s TV shows.

  • atleats they are making good remakes now LOL…no more cheesy 70s TV shows.
    Cosign. Clash of the Titans is going to be great. Even the old one was.

  • Riddlah51

    This looks serious!

  • HeartAnemic

    Just took Greek Mythology as an elective lol, this looks doppeee.

  • skeme

    im def gonna check this out

  • Kim

    Looks lame as hell.

    And it isn’t the writer’s strike that causes all these unoriginal and remake films. It’s the fact that a piece of crap like Transformers 3 pulls in a gazillion dollars, and a classically-written story like The Hurt Locker gets crickets.

  • Musikfiend

    This looks ill.

  • djbobbybob

    this movie was shoot in my island a few months ago.(tenerife,canary islands,spain)

  • Corsico

    The difference ‘tween this remake and the others is that the original DESERVED a remake. It’s a classic, no doubt, but it was MEANT to be seen with today’s technology. I can’t wait!