Clash Of The Titans Trailer (Video)


I'm kind of beyond tired of Hollywood studios simply remaking old movies (proof that the writer's strike of 2007 ethered the ever-loving shit out of their economy), but God Of War II was slightly based on the original 1981 movie, and that game = the same liquid crack that got John Forté caught up. So maybe this won't be too bad.

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  • Coked Up Werewolf

    They are remaking Robin Hood too with Russell Crowe and the director of Gladiator....atleats they are making good remakes now more cheesy 70s TV shows.

  • atleats they are making good remakes now LOL…no more cheesy 70s TV shows.
    Cosign. Clash of the Titans is going to be great. Even the old one was.

  • Riddlah51

    This looks serious!

  • HeartAnemic

    Just took Greek Mythology as an elective lol, this looks doppeee.

  • skeme

    im def gonna check this out

  • Kim

    Looks lame as hell.

    And it isn't the writer's strike that causes all these unoriginal and remake films. It's the fact that a piece of crap like Transformers 3 pulls in a gazillion dollars, and a classically-written story like The Hurt Locker gets crickets.

  • Musikfiend

    This looks ill.

  • djbobbybob

    this movie was shoot in my island a few months ago.(tenerife,canary islands,spain)

  • Corsico

    The difference 'tween this remake and the others is that the original DESERVED a remake. It's a classic, no doubt, but it was MEANT to be seen with today's technology. I can't wait!


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