• Rob Jay

    Thanks to the 2 Dopeboyz team for the support.

    Rob Jay

  • http://jeditemple.tumblr.com jett i masstyr

    Good look rob! Peace to 2dopeboyz. I'm happy I made the project. Twitter.com/jettimasstyr may the force beat with you rappers.

  • theprestige


  • AhhYeahBitchezz


  • san

    nope dope....its shit.

  • Skater Shawn

    Yo, this joint is an instant classic.

    To the mainstream and underground I give my knowledge/
    How I'm in two laes but I been done wit college/

    He came with on this mixtape

  • Hip Hop Scholar

    I've been up on a Rob Jay since the first Art Life EP and this is definitely one of the dopest projects he's put out. Honestly, I think lyrically he's light years ahead of the whole class of upcoming artists.

  • H-Town

    Rob Jay is one of many new faces that are about to emerge out of Houston. Look out for Hollywood Floss, Mic Skills, John Dew, Hero and Rad

  • Timothy

    Nice music as always

  • http://www.myspace.com/eminentcontrol1 EC

    Big ups to the homie Rob jay

  • http://misterandre.com Mr. Andre

    Mayne! Hol' up!

    You know what sucks?

    I find out about Houston artists through y'all dboyz,
    and not through Houston.

    Cheers Shake & Meka!


  • http://misterandre.com Mr. Andre

    ^^And yes, look out for Floss, Mic Skills, Hero & Rad, Nosaprise, Mycco, AP, Propain...

    Hol' up, Mayne!

  • Bobby Ray

    dude is sick & i cant wait for him to keep pushing, he's going to be in the forefrone witht he new TX movement.. its not all candy cars, sizzurp, and grills out of houston.. also watch for this cat named Jeff Jack and like H-Town said, John Dew is sounding nice too

  • http://hollywoodfloss.bandcamp.com Hollywood Floss

    keep it up homie , glad your posting houston shake!

  • tsowells

    Wow, Berries!!!! I can't believe that's you!!! Great Job.........I'm proud of your success!

  • DJ Hawk


    when i say "HIP!" yall say "HOP!"

  • Drew

    Damn. Town rappers like Rob Make me proud to be from Texas. Good ish. that Joh Dew got a monster beat on here too.

  • slamdunk4webb@aol.com

    who the hell is this guy?