• http://www.allthatsfresh.com Cannon

    no kanye, no consequence, no listen for me

  • http://www.thelifeandtimesofdelon.blogspot.com D.Diddy Robinson

    GLC makes pretty dope music
    wow DGK!? didnt know they were in the music biz bout to download and check it out!

  • lonestar_playa

    hahahahaha.......yea i beat him..............20 years later! dat fucka had to have been one of da hardest bosses to beat back in da day but besides all dat da tape iz fire

  • http://www.myspace.com/madisonhustla Big Mike

    Good lookin' for postin' that much needed Chi City fiya. Shout out to Tony Baines and Corey(Coldhard). It's good to see these dudes doing good.

  • Johhny Cash

    Good looks my dude

  • G-Code

    No Kanye?

    Track 12- I can't stop pimpin (prod. Kanye West)

    also a dre beat? dope...

  • justanothercrow123

    @G-Code, i think he means kanye spittin verses. anyway. i almost didn't pick this up for the same reason. im only getting it to hear what the kanye track is like.

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  • jerseykeepitthoro

    never paid attention to him, but now that he got a k salaam & beatnick production, i am. he sounds like a less confident pimp c