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Gucci Mane Christmas (Video)

blame it on Shake December 25, 2009


Jingle bell, Gucci in jail
Waka laid an egg
We ain’t never been back to New York
since Juice got boo’ed off stage

Gucci bell, Gucci smell
Like he didn’t bathe
So when ya pass by, and Gucci wave hi
Then juiceman gonna say “Aye!”

  • ************

    haha fuck gucci’s fans and that fag that always says something lame then goes ooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • hahaha. oh shit

  • demetrius

    oh wow lmao

  • only shit that really got me was wayne.

  • wayne


  • Dat DJ Drama Shit Was Fuckin Hilarious


    whats really sad is that the cartoon raps better
    than the real life GUCCI
    WTF IS A WAKA FLOCKA?? <<——–can someone please tell me
    shitty ass rappers just breaks my heart

  • KC_Mafioso

    LMAO @ Waka FLOCKA being a pokemon card.

    Wayne trying to sing, SMFH.

  • Marcus B.

    These cats stay with the stupid funny videos, lol. But that beat is tough, shit made me forget about the lyrics for a sec.

  • Rich

    That Wayne Part got me ROLLIN’
    and Lmao at waka flocka’s pokemone card “999HP”

  • ain’t been no good j’s so i let em know
    santa gona fill they stockins wit lots and lots of coal

    wit BG name on the stocking ahaha.

  • Neezy

    Lmao at Drama…aha

  • Wont let Me Post

    “that beat is tough, shit made me forget about the lyrics for a sec.”

    Thats the whole fuckin problem. Kindly shoot off these names – Zaytoven, Drumma Boy, K.E. & Shawty Redd. And slap the shit out off Bangladesh & Johnny Juliano.

  • ^i seen you say that same shit before.. and each time it makes the same amount of sense.

  • tellmeplease

    retards 101.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX


    This is like that Family Guy episode where Sylvester Stalone & Tony Danza were trying to have a conversation.

  • TAmJr

    lmao @ “Fuck Christmas Fuck Christmas Fuck Christmas! I aint even black nigga Im light skinded nigga! Drake is my little brother!”

  • T

    The Waka Flocka text bubbles in the black screen had me ROLLIN!! hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • stopit5

    DJ Drama part was corny as fuck

  • chasna

    johnny juliano on the beat

  • DocCosmos

    call me wocka flocka iono how ta wap. lolol too funny

  • Lotlan

    ROOOOFL @ the Wayne part & DJ Drama intro


  • TC The Prince


  • George Clooney

    Shit is genius.

  • T

    DJ Drama aint black lol I thought I was the only one who knew that hahahahaaa

  • beeeennn10000

    DJ DRAMA ITS A MOVIE !!!! and wayne rofl … btw wtf is a wacka flocka flame smh

  • these dudes are fools hahahahaha awwdamn.

  • Near

    haha waka flocka flame, pokemon card
    dark thunder hahahhaha
    and weezy’s was hilarious

  • LanceTreble

    Flocka Flocka Flocka!

    that had me rollin lol

  • the cartoon gucci be on point cause them, B.E.P. dudes can actually spit. look up they music sometime

  • XYZ


  • Hahaha! This had me rollin.. Johnny Juliano has nice beats from what I heard. Say Yeah by Wiz Khalifa was pretty dope. BEP funny as hell!

  • T

    Nah…That “Say Yeah” beat was garbage….smh lol