Kobe x LeBron

blame it on Shake December 25, 2009

You already know… let’s go Lake Show!

  • B


  • HeartAnemic

    WIll be a great game though…

  • jb_09


  • mdz

    Lakers got this!

  • yadida

    they should just bench everyone else and let these two go 1 on 1…

    by the way any news on the jay electronica act 2?

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Kobe’s sweat > LeBron James

  • DAMN


  • cav

    lebron> kobe …get at me

  • LeBron > ALL

  • JD


  • Bron!!!!!

  • heirxavier

    Kobe’s team>>>LeBron’s team

  • moc5


  • TE

    Barkley >>>> Kobe

  • You already know watching the game right now!
    Kobe >>>>>>>>>>>>z

  • cavs taking it to the lakeshow. putting them away early

  • banks30

    without doubt kobe is better but my boy lebron is going to drop a triple double and get that w

  • Steve

    lol lakers

  • Knando

    Lebron > Kobe

  • thekid

    bold statement but…
    kobe > jordan

  • Fruuur


  • Fruuur

    merry christmas as well my friends

  • mithritades

    they should just bench everyone else and let these two go 1 on 1…
    by the way any news on the jay electronica act 2?
    yadida said this on December 25th, 2009 at 2:03 pm
    LMAO niggas is fiendin for that Jay….yall like a penny with a hole in it HAHAHAHAHA

    Lebron=ur fav. ballers fav. baller FTMFW

  • heirxavier

    Donaghy was right.
    Those whistles started blowing when a blowout was on the horizon.

  • 619sav

    kobe >

  • D. $cience

    We’re down at the half now, but my Lakers have that poised look on their faces, knowing we will be coming back the 2nd half. Go Lake Show!

  • SmashBLVD

    @the kid – don’t be ridiculous.

  • Lebron > Kobe, easily

    People sleeping on how dominant Lebron is. Without the refs help, the Lakers would be down at least 15

  • yea

    Rajon Rondo > Kobe & LeBron

  • empty

    Celtics > Lakers
    fuck yall

  • Tracy Gaga

    Lakers gettin embarassed on their own floor HAHA

  • buckets

    LMAO @ foam fingers

  • D. $cience

    Eh, f*** those Tim Donaghys blowin’ the whistles. I ain’t mad, at least LeBron didn’t do too much. Oh, and only our 5th loss, so that doesn’t mean sh** Laker haters. Hahaha!!!

  • max

    talk about the refs not giving kobe a call. shameful night for the refs

  • T

    The refs wasn’t calling anything for both sides….Dont blame the lost on the refs..Blame it on the Poor shooting display the lakers put on tonight..lol

  • Glitch

    lmao game was crazy THATS how u go it, CAVS ALL DAY!!!

  • $$$$

    Fuck the Lakers with a foam finger

  • Which team won?

  • Block

    Van Gundy called the Lake show fans idiots….stay classy Los Angeles, Celts all day

  • max

    cavs outplayed the lakers for sure but the refs did a bad job all around. i felt kobe was getting fouled all over the place and not receieving calls. i believe anyone who watched this game without a bias observed the same.

  • geeez. the lakers big men played like fucking shit today! disappointing.

  • banks30

    ya true the refs didn’t do a great job, but cavs took care of business

  • CoolahDanU

    Lakers disappointed me, but its all good
    Kobe had a better game than Lebron, almost got a triple double

  • b.

    i don’t like lebron or kobe… but i hate kobe and the lakers more (ego out the fuckin yang… they need to get served this year).

  • uhhh

    Wow, Laker fans were such sore losers they were throwing shit on the courts. I’m glad they lost

  • Mychelfromatl

    Atlanta Hawks>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NBA

  • Man screw all the Lakers haters we still getting the title again this year! So soak this in as much as you can! Bring on the Celtics or whoever we repeating this year!

  • “I used to play Kobe, but now I play Lebron” — thank you, Jeezy. And I had a bad headache and fell asleep for most of the game but my man LEBRON PREVAILED!

    && @Mychelfromatl – You right. Hawks all day

  • jeffw

    what’s a laker?

  • kobe lost hahahahaha

  • Carlito Brigante Jr.

    “the Cavaliers beat Los Angeles 102-87 Friday in a game that ended with angry Lakers fans throwing dozens of giveaway foam hands onto the court.” …fuckin hilarious

  • Deeee

    Like, top 10 comments ..
    Who won?


  • Deeee

    Oh, & @thekid,
    Take a shower in gasoline .. & light a match. SMFFFFFFH.

  • Braniak

    It was f$#@! up but it is what it is…Like a true fan I’m gonna shake this off and say NEXT! you know what this means tho’ Lakers will rip shit up over in Cleavland. This was a lesson that I’m sure the team will learned. Lakers for the 1-0!!!

  • P

    The Best Player Won . . . Kobe Is A Disgrace To Humanity.

  • jei

    Don’t worry… you’ll get a chance to redeem yourselves Lakers in the finals… Rematch of last playoffs!

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  • nice 2dopeboyz. the lakers got embarrassed today. their crowd, their team, their star. maybe they should work on their attitude and work-ethic before striving for another championship.

  • Kevin


  • mdpgc

    Kobe vs LeBron, and Lebron wins by a landslide!

  • Guess

    what happened shake??? haha


    Gasol is the biggest pussy in the league. Foam middle finger the Lakers!

  • yoyoyoyo

    Kobe got away with murder in that game and should have been tossed along with Fisher for their manhandling of Mo Gotti….. Lakers and their fans are a bunch of p*ssies and it showed with their temper tantrums and being whiny biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitches!

  • talkofdabx

    fuck kobe n lebron

    nuggets all day!!

    melo >>>> kobe >>>> d wade >>>> chris paul >>>> brandon roy >>>>> kevin durant >>>> them other nba niggas >>>> lebron

  • stevep

    bahahaha the foam finger shit was a classic meltdown!….LBJ all day chumps!…OH10!!!

  • LOL! that was a rough ass game and yes that foam finger shit was CLASSICK!! LEBRON NIGGAS!!!!

  • Rt

    kobe’s such a punk faggot lil bitch asss nigga !!! haahaa

  • A ta da K

    Muggsy Bogues>Kobe Bryant

  • T

    A ta da K = Retarded

  • RICK RO$$

    waaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • so the answer is lebron james