Lil Wayne - Drop the World (ALIen Remix) f. Eminem (Video)

Even though the idea behind this series is already being done, it's hard to deny talent when I see it. Check as ALIen does his thing on the drums to the tune of Lil Wayne & Eminem's Rebirth collaboration. Spotted at illRoots.

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  • dunwrry

    that was fucking ass wtf is this shit he's no travis barker fuck this shit fuck it to hell

  • eleMENTAL

    favorite song of the year

  • mmkayy

    catchin up to Em's flow looks hard lol..

  • dubsreed


  • ALIen is the shit. See him live. You'll be impressed.

    He is also the drummer for B.o.B.

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  • Nous

    Yeah, I'd have to see him live, because that was terrible.

  • nanaimo, canada

    would love to have a copy of this, any way to download?

  • napalm

    dude went nuts on the eminem part lol!

  • stopit5

    hes pretty good.

  • uhhh

    lol, that was terrible?? that was sick

  • sonjay

    not really feeling this, hope he sticks with it though

  • ben

    next to the trvs remixes, this is subpar

  • Tone E. Sharp

    @dunwrry Hi hater...?

  • smka

    ALIen runs live drummer hands down!

  • gl0ckc0ma

    Travis makes this clown look like a fucking retarded kid that walked into a music store....they all go straight for the drums!! =P

  • hahayo
  • AYO

    a what up man a remix on see and say by charles hamilton its the official remix. here it is that you will see when you click this and hear.


    at the beginning i thought WTF is this shit. the chorus and eminem part were great. pure talent.


    super slow and lame at the start....picked it up in the second verse. If there was some consistency during the Em verse it would have been better.

  • sting

    Can anyone get this song edited? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  • 5FingerDiscount

    He's no Travis Barker, but it doesn't suck. I'd like it more if the audio levels were even.

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  • nanaimo, canada

    @hahayo, thanks!

  • j

    keep your head up dawg i play the drums to and this was dope big ups

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  • Josh

    D-Boy ~ Factory State of Grind

    Empire State of Mind Detroit version


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