A (2)Dope Year End List…

blame it on Shake December 31, 2009

Alright y’all… we’ve been getting hit up constantly with folks asking us if were gonna be doing any end-of-the-year type lists. We figured why not, 2009 was extremely dope. So hit the jump for mine and Mek’s personal favorite albums, mixtapes and EPs of 2009.

When looking at my list, please note there is no specific order. There’s no way in hell I’d be able to actually rank these. Although, I will say that Sha Stimuli and Fashawn can interchange as my absolute favorite album of the year. And the only reason you don’t see Mayer Hawthorne’s A Strange Arrangement is because I excluded any alternative releases.

Sha Stimuli – My Soul to Keep

Fashawn – Boy Meets World

Brother Ali – US

Clipse – Til the Casket Drops

Raekwon – OB4CLII

Torae & Marco Polo – Double Barrel

Skyzoo – The Salvation

Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3

U-N-I & Ro Blvd Present: A Love Supreme

CunninLynguists – Strange Journey v.1 & 2

(2)Dope Extras
Curren$y – This Ain’t No Mixtape
Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse
Royce Da 5’9″ – Street Hop
Finale – A Pipe Dream And A Promise
P.O.S. – Never Better

Again, no specific order. And the crazy thing is I could have easily added 10 more to this list. 2009 produced a ton of great mixtapes. My personal favorite being TiRon’s Ketchup.

TiRon – Ketchup

Sean Price – Kimbo Price

J. Cole – The Warm Up

B.o.B vs Bobby Ray

Diz Gibran – Soon You’ll Understand

Drake – So Far Gone

Emilio Rojas – The Natural

Outasight – From There to Here

Pac Div – Church League Champions

Lil Wayne – No Ceilings

(2)Dope Extras
Chace Infinite – I Would Have Killed This
Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – How Fly
Joell Ortiz – Covers the Classics

I went ahead and placed Lupe’s Enemy of the State in this category as it was only like 20 minutes long. It also takes the top spot.

Lupe Fiasco – Enemy of the State

Brother Ali – The Truth Is Here EP

Inverse – So True EP

Joe Budden – Escape Route EP

Slum Village – Villa Manifesto EP

(2)Dope Extras
Atmosphere – Leak At Will EP
Small Eyez – From the Sol EP
Outasight & D/Will – From Here To There: The OutaWill Sessions EP

There’s no way in hell that I could possibly list off all my favorite songs. So I just made a list of what came to mind. Thanks for all the great music guys.

Convinced – ’09 Mass Appeal f. Shawn Jackson, El Prez & Tunji
Lee Bannon – The Return 2 f. U-N-I, Talib Kweli, Zion I & Sha Stimuli
Jay Electronica – Exhibit A
Jay Electronica – Exhibit C
TiRon – 3 Drink Minimum f. Ayomari
The Cool Kids – Pennies (rmx) f. Ludacris & Bun B
Reflection Eternal – Just Begun f. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def
Outasight – Radio, Radio (rmx) f. Ced Hughes
Inverse – So True f. Deacon (of CunninLynguists)
Slaughterhouse – Move On
Raekwon – New Wu f. Ghostface Killah & Method Man
Sean Price – Figure Four
Crooked I – If You Ever Hear Me
Pac Div – Whiplash
Big Boi – For Your Sorrows f. Too $hort & George Clinton
Clipse – Doorman
Tanya Morgan – So Damn Down
Focus – Recession f. Phonte
Jay-Z – Already Home
Royce Da 5’9″ – Something 2 Ride 2 f. Phonte
J. Cole – Can I Live
Pac Div – She f. TiRon
Kanye West – Street Lights
Ryan Lewis & Macklemore – Otherside
BK-One – Here I Am f. Phonte, Brother Ali & The Grouch
BK-One – American Nightmare f. Brother Ali & Scarface
FCC Fam (Convinced, El Prez, Dale Danja, DNEZ, C-San & Chris Focus) – Floss Angeles
CunninLynguists – Don’t Leave f. Slug
Brother Ali, Evidence & Toki Wright – The Freshest Kids
Torae & Marco Polo – Hold Up f. Sean Price & Masta Ace
Mayer Hawthorne – A Strange Arrangement
Project Lionheart – Heart of a Lion f. Crooked I

While there were a great selection of music to choose from, I actually dug more singles than actual albums this year. Still, here are my choices.

U-N-I & Ro Blvd – A Love Supreme

Tanya Morgan – Brooklynati

Diamond District – In the Ruff

Clipse – Til the Casket Drops

Fashawn – Boy Meets World

Che Grand – Everything’s Good Ugly

L.A.U.S.D. Presents: Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets

BK Cyph – Rhymes Are Easy, Life Is Hard


TiRon – Ketchup

Pac Div – Church League Champions

Sean Price – Kimbo Slice

Outasight – Further

Language Artz – Raw Rap Shit

Dom Kennedy – FutureStreet/DrugSounds

Outasight – From There to Here: An Album Prequel

Fashawn – The Antidote

Mick Boogie Presents U-N-I – Before There Was Love

D/Will & Stik Figa – hellogoodbye

VIMBY & UPONTHINGZ Present: The New Classics


The Niceguys – The Green Room EP

Lupe Fiasco – Enemy Of The State

Outasight & D/Will – From Here To There: The OutaWill Sessions EP


Pac Div – Whiplash
Pac Div – Young Black Male
Pac Div – She f. TiRon
Sean Price – Figure Four
Jay Electronica – Exhibit A
Jay Electronica – Exhibit C
U-N-I – Vitamin B f. CurT@!n$
U-N-I – Start My Day f. H.O.P.E.
U-N-I – Land Of The Kings (rmx) f. Bun B
Dom Kennedy – It Was Beautiful
L.A.U.S.D. – Miss Donna Karan f. Dom Kennedy
L.A.U.S.D. – I Can’t Wait f. U-N-I
cARTer – Houston Summer f. Bun B
Drake – Congratulations
H.O.P.E. – Love Lotus
Tanya Morgan – She’s Gone (aka Without You) f. Phonte & Brittany Bosco
Tanya Morgan – So Damn Down
Che Grand – Walking Under Ladders f. Spec Boogie & Elucid
Che Grand – Chateau Gold
Self Scientific – Jetski
Outasight – Downtown In My Mind
Outasight – Radio, Radio (rmx) f. Ced Hughes
Skyzoo – My Interpretation
Cam’ron – (I Hate) My Job
Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ – Jus Crusin’ ([2]Dope Rmx) f. XV, BK Cyph & El Prez
FCC Fam (Convinced, El Prez, Dale Danja, DNEZ, C-San & Chris Focus) – Floss Angeles
Reflection Eternal – Just Begun f. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def
Skeme – Commercial Break 1
Daniel Joseph – Pack Lite
Raekwon – Pyrex Vision
Raekwon – New Wu f. Ghostface Killah & Method Man
Jay-Z – Thank You
Jay-Z – Already Home f. KiD CuDi
Royce Da 5’9″ – Something 2 Ride 2 f. Phonte
Diamond District – I Mean Business (rmx)
Diamond District – Streets Won’t Let Me Live
AB The Producer – Go Hard f. Lyriciss, Pro’Verb & XO
Chris Faust – The Real
A.T – Digital Criminal
Camp Lo – Black Connect 3
Convinced – ’09 Mass Appeal f. Shawn Jackson, El Prez & Tunji

BRING ON 2010!

  • twoface

    good work dudes.. definitely my top sight of 2009..and will be for 2010 too

  • Dope lists, joe.

  • t-zayn

    what happened to how fly???


    jayz bp3 wow
    that was a featured album
    pure garbage

  • OG Bobby Johnson

    These lists pretty much sum it up. Good shit.

  • A LOT of good music came out this year. Too bad most of the good stuff that came out, a lot of people didn’t know anything about.

  • igor

    I add Snoop.

  • TheCoolest

    2010 will be legendary!!

  • iNickAllWeek

    I feel like Mos’ “The Ecstatic” at least deserved an honorable mention, that was his best shit since Black on Both Sides


    Nice lists. I like most of those to. Skyzoo is probably my favorite 2009 joint. Rae and Ghost albums to.

  • CalHipHopHead

    Probably the best and most accurate lists I’ve seen in a while

  • xavier

    great job on these lists
    hey shake, it’s new years eve… is the reflection eternal mixtape gonna go up soon? and what about Act II from Jay Elect, don’t mean to bug you just wonderin if they’re on their way

  • Stephon

    i appreciate this…
    i was trying to see what i missed out
    on this year and this helps out

  • Dr. Truth

    Without Strong Arm Steady, your lists suck balls, and shows your taste in music is average at best.

  • You forgot The Ecstatic

  • RichieLitt

    never heard of Tiron

  • no black milk tronic? elhzi preface? other than those 2 good list!

  • westwestya’ll

    pretty dope list right there, and MEKA, when I saw Self Scientific Jet Ski and Pac Div Whiplash on your favorite songs…woaaaah mad props my man.

  • i’ve definitely got to agree; this is by far the best list i’ve seen on the internet for the year’s best hip hop. Shake, you that nigga, bruh. & thank you both for posting and continuing to post great music.

  • clevelandrepasenta

    kid cudi????????

  • clevelandrepasenta

    album of the year!!!!!kid cudi!!!!!!!!

  • uzi

    good to see clipse on both lists

  • the Preface came out in 08′. Dunno why the Ecstatic didn’t even get a sniff, though. Cool list, guess it’s more to do with exposure to slept on projects more than anything.

  • Marcus

    No love for the U know big sean mixtape? :/

  • eyeah

    yeah, solid lists but surprised by no Kid Cudi…I’m normally anti-anything remotely mainstream but that’s one of my favorites of the year. also, “Move On” technically came out last year. Besides that, good lists.

  • eyeah

    To whoever said Tronic, it came out last year. nationofhiphop.net always does a tournament-style album of the year thing. this year we’re at the finals: Fashawn vs. Kid Cudi. Forget who won last year, think it was Reks but not 100% sure

  • Shake you mind posting that Ketchup mixtape again?

  • tronic and the preface both came out in 2008.

  • JD


  • ^^these are our personal favorite lists. everyone has different taste.

  • odd… i don’t recall reading that this was THE definitive list of music in 2009, just our own personal favorites. but i guess the responses clearly overlooking that part shows the demographics (and intelligence) of some of the visitors.

    new breed of c-boys much?

  • Eric

    How the HELL is Man On The Moon not on there? Definitely should be in the top 10 albums of the year. And get No Ceilings outta here…

  • eyeah

    yeah a lot of people are taking that one personally. i don’t really care, I was just surprised since you post so much of him, I thought you guys would’ve liked it a lot. *shrug*, no big deal

  • Steve

    Meh….I feel The Ecstatic is underrated.

    But, solid lists all around.

  • T

    Personal favorites people!!! Can we not read!!???

  • agM09

    No love for The Otherside-Macklemore?

  • “Personal favorites people!!! Can we not read!!???”


  • lakeshore

    I’ve been saying it for the past year.. Good to see that Raw Rap Shit on the list..

  • JihaD

    Nice list– most of it is not to my tastes, but at least you gave me some names to check out; maybe you can change my minds on some artists I would have never gave a chance to before (i.e. Brother Ali, Sha Stimuli, etc).


  • 10

    great lists shake and meka, i gotta say this is my favorite blog site cuz i like your taste. but i definitely understand the complaints about cudi and mos, they were great albums. also, i gotta suggest Luck One & Dekk’s Beautiful Music EP, truly inspiring music, when i forget might be my favorite song of the year.

  • Jovell

    U-N-I and Fashawn on Pulp Fiction pt.1 was a craaaazy song this year. And Big Sean would be on my list, same with Wale.

  • Danny

    How about Gone Fishin’? Cool Kids killed it.

  • Jermele

    Where The Fuck Is WALE?????????????????????????????

  • Bryan

    xv’s mixtape “everybody’s nobody” is a nice mixtape as well

  • @10

    yea. cudi wasnt my cup of tea in the slightest so it didnt get a mention. i did drop the ball on mos though. its hard going back 365 days and remembering everything haha. ill check out that luck one & dekk. its actually on my HD just never gave it a spin.

  • pissedoffinCleveland

    No Kid Cudi? For real… Fuck yall and your opinion

  • Bryan

    also, marco polo & torae’s song “hold up” with ace and sean p was pretty damn nice lol

  • sonej

    Lazy 2doper’s…
    Hotlink the songs and the mixtapes, that would be a great present :)

    Much love 2 2dope crew and the visitors.

  • “also, marco polo & torae’s song “hold up” with ace and sean p was pretty damn nice lol”

    hell yea it was.

  • man on the moon wasn’t that good…im with shake and meka on the choices…

  • People, if you don’t like the lists above, get on your Twitters/Blogs/MySpaces/FBs/whatever and craft your own. It’s not that serious.

    As for me, I’ll be checking out the albums they mentioned I don’t already have. Good looks to you both.

  • No Asher Roth?!?!?! That album was dope

  • good favs.
    pretty similar to mine. 2010 will be dope.

  • nofrillz

    inaccurate. it’s a list of personal favourites. NOT i repeat NOT, a best of

  • cheez3y


  • Dope! Check out my 2009REWIND mix, 48 tracks from this year: http://deejaydmadness.blogspot.com/2009/12/2009rewind.html

  • if Shake & Meka hotlink all those albums/tapes/EPs and the tracks? my hard drive crashes tonight…guaranteed…lol

  • chea

    the cudi album wasnt THAT great and im a big cudi fan. was nowhere near as dope as his mixtape which was 08…

  • i guess you havent listened to Kendrick Lamar EP all the way through cuz that shit is crazy man

  • ill link some stuff in a little bit.

  • playa haze

    no Cool Kids Gone Fishin?!.. trippin everybody got an opinion but fuck that nonsence cuz

  • 91&^UP

    Fashawn.., you’s a good shit.

  • Bart Simpson

    What about ALCHEMIST – CHEMICAL WARFARE?????????
    That was my fav album by far
    Great list overall tho

  • G


  • HJH

    meka sucks

  • c’man

    THE ECSTATIC?!?!?! no mention of it at all? really?

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Watch Shake get more co-signers on his list than Mekas…don’t see how Meka didn’t put J. Cole’s tape on top mixtapes tho..I personally liked Curren$y’s album more than any other album this year

  • Any updates on whether or not we’re gettin’ Act II today?

  • Yo!

    Can we get a .ZIP of all the songs on this post?
    ayyyyy, i’m kidding!

    Happy New Years 2DopeBoyz!
    2009 was a bangin’ year for y’all,
    Hope it continues for many years!

    Lesss Go!

  • ^^i havent heard shit.

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    XV had a top mixtape too

  • seedless

    No wale?!?!??!?! Back to the feature should be at the top of all lists!

  • Hendricks

    Yeah I can’t argue with the list. But I don’t think Emilio Rojas’ The Natural List worthy. He needs some work

  • boombat

    THE ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DannyRodrigueZ

    Damn I know for a fact if Blu came out with an album in ’09 it would’ve topped all these albums!! except for Fashawn’s BMW that shit was ill!

  • Terrell Robinson

    Wale should most def me in that joint along wit mos but most of the list is nothin to complain bout (except for the Blueprint 3, weak shit)

  • Bryan

    at least with all the opinions, i feel like everyone has a unanimous pick that jay electronica’s “exhibit C” is one of, it not, the best songs of 2009

  • Am I the only one that thought that Double Barrel was highly overrated? Same with Til the Casket Drops…

  • tddddot

    two dope lists

  • eddyp

    what bout wiz or curren$y; and what bout xv, or cudi’s man on the mooon!!!

  • Bryan

    ummm double barrel is easily one of the best albums of 09…torae is one of the top emcees in the game right now and that album with polo’s production made him so ill

  • “what bout wiz or curren$y”

    both are included in my list. i didnt like cudi’s album

  • we all got opinions,that cool I respect their list.The only albums I did agree w/ were OB4cl2, BP3,Til the Casket Drops,Slaughterhouse,Enemy of The State,Church League Champions,and that Elzhi mixtape which I can’t remember the name at all right ow(New years Eve Druck right now)

    But some of my picks were……

    Strange Music Volume 2
    The Last Kiss
    Before I self Destruct
    Blackout 2
    Street Hop
    Deeper Than rap (had some heat there)

    Can’t rant too long im too drunk Happy New Years to the Dopeboyz,Meka,Shake luv the site keep up the dopeness im doin it Halifax style right now but im sure Vancouver iz holdin it down right now.Peace

  • boombat

    The ECSTATIC was the #1 Album of the Year (hands down)

  • T

    Agree with shake..I didnt like cudi’s album either..

    All Kid Cudi is, Is a horrible spawn of Kanye’s 808’s Album….

  • Melo15

    take out no cielings and add xv’s mixtape. But Luck one & dekk’s is easily on the ep list the title says it all

  • Mike

    @Shake and Meka, surprised neither of you were feelin’ Attention Deficit.

  • Hollyweerd welcomes you all to 2010…Holly Out!!!

  • The Fucking Truth

    Damn, nobody liked BlaQKout? That was one of my favorite rap albums this year

  • Rio$

    fashawn had a dope year and emilio rojas but bp3 was garbage but to each his own

  • idk

    u guys r INSANE not putting INSANE here

    Eminem Insane lol

    maybe im wrong and i didnt see it idk

  • KingIO


  • R

    pretty dope list, but i co-sign wut a cpl ppl been sayin, where the Wale at? mos def too

  • alex

    No eminem no mos def no Kid Cudi. you are both wack

  • 10

    most of you little girls complaining about the list probably didnt even take the time to listen to most of these projects from front to back so shut hte hell up

  • london

    suprised to not see Kid Cudi in the list :(

    but anyhoo SHAKE AND MEKA…happy new year!
    discovered ur site…and keep coming back every day!
    thank you for the radio sessions aswell!
    much appreciated!
    in 2010 keep ur originality and fire. 1.

  • Jelect

    Jay Electonica just dropped. It’s out there wooow

  • melosz

    where is eminem at

  • 5FingerDiscount

    List aside, WTF is up with this site now? Ever since you linked up with okayplayer, the site has been screwed up. Most times it doesn’t load, so I have to refresh to get anything to pop up in my browser, and lately the list of Recent Comments and The NMC had been popping up in the center instead of the posts. I love this site, I just wish the bugs could be worked out. Imjustsayin’……

  • james

    Top list
    1. Reks More Grey Hairs
    2. Slaughterhouse Self-titled
    3. P.O.S Never Better
    4. Kid Cudi End of the Day: Man on the Moon
    5. Ebony Bones Bone of My Bones
    6. 50 Cent Before I Self Destruct
    7. Joe Budden Escape Route
    8. Charles Hamilton This Perfect Life
    9. Stat Quo The Great Depression

    Honorable Mentions (as in I enjoy these releases but for some reason they don’t get too many spins):

    Marco Polo and Torae Double Barrel
    Skyzoo The Salvation
    Brother Ali US
    Cam’ron Crime Pays
    Outlandish Sound of a Rebel
    Blame One Days Chashing Days
    Exile radio

    Favourite R&B Album
    Maxwell Blacksummer’snight

    I had to add these because I’m big on these cats and respect’em for giving me quality free shit!

    Top free tapes (mixtape/street tapes)
    Stat Quo Checks & Balances
    Lloyd Banks Top 5 or Better: Part 4 (4-30-09) & Part 5 (V5)
    Bobby Creekwater B.C Era Deuce & The Day It All Made $ense
    Rain American Dreaming Part 2
    J. Cole The Warm Up
    Drake So Far Gone
    Taje Hot Box 3 (Hold Ya Breath)

  • no one pay attention to @Jelect. jay elect is NOT out.

  • Eric

    Yeah Attention Deficit & Back To The Feature were so dope, definitely deserves a spot in the top 10.

  • james

    Note: my list reflect what I bump the most, not necessarily what may be argued as technically best (if that’s even plausible to argue).

  • oneluv

    really though that fashawn stuff is where it’s at for 2009, damn straight

  • crimealdi

    #1 Overlook- ECSTATIC
    #1 Mistake- Til the Casket Drops… that shit was whack and an embarrassing follow up to HHNF
    Otherwise dope list…it was an amazing year for hip hop and well highlighted by the best site on the net

  • crimealdi

    #1 Album Left Off: THE ECSTATIC
    #1 Mistake Included: TIL THE CASKET DROPS…that shit was whack and an embarrassing follow up to HHNF
    #1 Overrated ALbum of the YEar (TIE): BP3 and Slaughterhouse

    But what a dope year for hip hop!

  • It’s the return of I don’t give a flying 47 fuck about your copy and paste methods of your two opinions.

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  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Lupe Fiasco Enemy of the State > everyone of these lists

  • HeartAnemic

    Good lists, Tech N9ne K.O.D. is imo one of the best albums this year…

  • marlostanfield85

    stfu johnnie u psychotic little cracker faggot, every time you post something i picture some hyperactive ADD retard shouting and screaming about lupe. die slow faggot.

  • Melo15

    Act 2 leaked?? put it as a link on your name if you can

  • Ben

    we got some lists of our own at Da-What.com. Who had the Best 09? Top 10 Mixtapes of the Year. Top 10 Albums of the Year. much love for Shake’s and Meka’s lists, always posting (2)dope material. tell us what you think about ours!

  • act2 did not leak.
    and i just looked over my list and noticed i saved the wrong draft haha. FAIL. added cunninlynguists.

  • LupeHead (no homo)

    (2)dope of a list…good shit guys i got virtually all my music from yall this year

  • AdanGenny

    I would have thought Macklemore and Ryan Lewis would have made somebody’s list (Otherside alone beasted the whole last quarter of singles)

  • jelect

    Jay Elect Act 2 leaked. Copy Paste…http://jayelectrickrolled/usershare.com

  • and you dont think people know rick rolled? smh. quit trying. youll just keep failing.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    dope 2010 will be legendary year for hip hop

  • whaha

    it is just their opinion, even though leaving off the ecstatic was headscratching

    but i wouldn’t be too upset about their opinion…….

  • Jelect

    Alright it was an honest attempt at some fun while listenin to new Reflection Eternal. I guess nobody got Rick rolled cause it’s usually me who does. I tried. One love and enjoy the night 2db.

  • Mixtapes were better than albums this year

    btw where da fuck is Loso’s Way and Deeper Than Rap ?

  • ^^production on deeper than rap was dope, rapping was not. wasnt feeling loso’s way outside of a few tracks.

  • wheres chingo bling

  • Fritsche

    thumbs down for no wale.

  • Gibbs

    Shake i gotta say i love ur taste of music, but i cant agree with Slaughterhouse and Royce only getting honorable mentions plus i thought that P.CASSO The Earth Tone King’s mixtape needs to be mentioned as well

  • bigzizzo

    i like both lists you guys lists look alot like mine would look.

  • Nice shit, that list was pretty close to mine as well, alotta slept on material in 2009 but you all brought it to the masses, enjoy ya new year.. lets do it again next year!

  • jon

    shake – did you not like the estatic??

  • jeffc

    Guess we can tell who funds this site.

    Clipse LP was good – but there were atleast 4 or 5 wack undeniable bullshilt. The same can be said for brother ALI’s.

    Wheres Royce?

    Cunninlinguists vol 2 with its bullshit live tracks and not even coming CLOSE to their earlier work? cmon niggas. Step it up and stop letting payola run your site.

    Guess you need a 2DB add across the background to get a top 10/honerable mention.

  • Mark

    Till The Casket Dropps only made it because they paid for full on advertising on this web site.

  • from da gogo

    where the FUCK is WALE the hip hop god????????????????????



    A bit suprised that:
    Mos Def – The Ecstatic
    BlackKeys – BlacRoc (Especially when it was 2Dopeboyz that put me on)
    Kid Cudi – MOTM (My Fav along with Blacroc)

  • OD>

    Interesting picks up there!

    My personal album list (no order, but fav two were Rae and P.O.S.).
    1. Raekwon – OB4CL2
    2. P.O.S. – Never Better
    3. Royce Da 5’9″ – Street Hop
    4. Wu-Tang Chamber Music (so slept on)
    5. Doom – Born Like This
    6. Eminem – Relapse
    7. Slaughterhouse
    8. Clipse – Til The Casket Drops
    9. Mos Def – The Ecstatic
    10. Brother Ali – Us

    Some ill tracks this year I can think of off the top…

    Royce Da 5’9″ – Shake This (it leaked in ’08 but was officially released this year, this track is a masterpiece no doubt)
    Royce Da 5’9″ – Count for Nothing
    Royce Da 5’9″ – Hood Love f/ Joell and Bun B
    Raekwon – New Wu f/ Ghost and Meth
    Raekwon – 10 Bricks f/ Ghost and Cappadonna
    Raekwon – Gihad f/ Ghost
    P.O.S. – Optimist
    P.O.S. – Drumroll
    P.O.S. – Let it Rattle
    P.O.S. – The Brave and the Snake
    Clipse – I’m Good
    Clipse – Popular Demand
    Raekwon, Cormega & Sean Price – Radiant Jewels
    Ghostface, AZ & Inspectah Deck – Harbor Masters
    Raekwon, M.O.P. & Kool G Rap – Ill Figures
    Mos Def – Life in Marvelous Times
    Mos Def – Auditorium f/ Slick Rick
    Mos Def – Casa Bey
    Mos Def – History f/ Talib Kweli
    Doom – Angelz f/ Ghostface
    Doom – Absolutely
    Doom – Yessir! f/ Raekwon
    Eminem – Beautiful
    Eminem – Deja Vu
    Eminem – My Darling
    Eminem – Careful What You Wish For
    Slaughterhouse – Pray (It’s a Shame)
    Slaughterhouse – Sound Off
    Reflection Eternal – Just Begun f/ Jay Electonica, J.Cole & Mos Def

    Yeah there were a bunch more but that’s what I can think of.

  • showbow

    i wanna see an overrated list. ;)

  • Hip-Hop

    no wale???

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  • where is


    and Danny!

  • Nice list. I know it was tough having to break it down to 10 cuz I would have included Wale & Cudi. Only mixtape I think should be up there is XV – “Everybody’s Nobody.”

  • Good list. CYNE – Water For Mars is my pick of the year.

  • eL3

    obviously to each his own so i can’t hate on your lists at all, but i am kinda disappointed to not see cudi up there. he may not have been artist of the year or w/e, but he did have a huge year with his album.

  • Man on the Moon was shit. His mixtapes blow his pop album away.


    OB4CL2-album of the year
    Exhibit C-single
    Kimbo Price-mixtape

    some of the albums yall have listed sucked..or were disappointing..like the Fashawn one, I was mad disappointed in dat joint. I think this year had a good number of releases, but not enough people showed and proved as they were spose to..like wale and cudi and them other freshmen, or em and jay..they all disappointed to me..Raekwon did his thang, Jay-E owns my speakers now, and Sean Price will always get love from me..




    who doesn’t put SO FAR GONE nor THE WARM UP on their favorite mixtapes. WOW MEKA

  • easyy

    + everybody’s nobody.

  • stacy

    Emilio rojas best period

  • L KiD LoCo

    Ya’ll fucked up aint even mention Big Fuckin Sean wtf dont forget G.O.O.D Music

  • Fritsche

    WHERE IS WALE. For real, you guys hyped him up so much and he’s not even on your lists. SMH

  • Really shocked that WALE & KiD CuDi weren’t on there – even Jadakiss had a dope ass album… but it’s all PERSONAL OPINION. Kudos to the Shake n Mek dot for sharing!

  • stripes

    No MACKLEMORE otherside??? One of the best tracks I’ve heard on this site.

  • xlakers520x

    ummmmmm, gone fishing? how fly? ever heard of em lol, glad clipse made it though

  • xlakers520x

    ever heard of so far gone? or the artist wale? otherwise then now wale, khalifa, tck, spitta, drake good list……….flight school mixtape of the year!

  • xlakers520x


  • xlakers520x

    nice to see fs/ds on there

  • dez

    “inaccurate. it’s a list of personal favourites. NOT i repeat NOT, a best of”

    its there fuckin opinion dumb ass…smh

  • demetrius

    downloadin the shit i was sleepin on good lookin out



  • TiRon


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  • augs

    weas 50 cent-before i self destruct.slaughter house shoulda been in the top too,also wale,and emeniem relapse/refil!
    and for mixtaoes wat bout banks v5,shit is POPPIN!

  • Glitch

    lists are just about whut i would put except wheres “broken headphones” “everybodies nobody” & the “kendrick lamar EP” well tht did just come out but its still dope lol, “black thoughts”and i never heard od them but im really diggen there music but “midnight movie (directors cut)” by film skool rejekts and the 1st mike posner mixtape, add those in those lists and there u go lol

  • ChrisPoi187

    Yeah 2009 was really good for hip hop but guys, where’s Wale, Em, Meth & Red, Slaughterhouse & 50.These guys should have been on this list!!!

  • Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse
    Eminem – Relapse
    Eminem – Refill
    Redman & Methodman – Blackout 2
    Asher Roth – asleep in the bread aisle
    50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct
    Fashawn – Boy Meets World
    Royce Da 5′9″ – Street Hop

  • ChrisPoi187

    Album of the Year: OB4CL2
    Runners Up: Relapse (Eminem),
    Blueprint 3 (Jay-Z)

    Song of the Year: Beautiful (Eminem)
    Runners Up: Stronger (50 Cent),
    Auditorioum (Mos Def),
    Gihad (Raekwon)

    Best New Artist: B.o.B
    Runners Up: Kid Cudi

    Best Collab : Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem (Forever)
    Runners Up: Lil Wayne & Eminem (Drop the World)
    Mos Def & Slick Rick (Auditorium)

    Can’t wait for 2010: Detox & Relapse 2

  • Juanka

    that’s what I wanted, thanks! Keep up the good work!

  • nahmean

    wtf is a tiron

  • mmkayy

    niceeeee.. 2010 gonna be dope

  • i respect this list…

  • AZ

    Blaq Poet
    Mos Ded

    4 best albums of 2009

    Jay Electronica = Fianlly got the props he deserves.

  • realdpg

    Banks tape dropped a few days ago I guess its gonna be considered a 2010 release. It could be on anyone’s list, easy.

  • mC

    dope lists guys, West Coast put out a lot of fire this year
    Dom Kennedy

    Lupe is a given, he always drops heat especially after he’d been quiet
    JUST recently became a Jay Elec. fan, he drops heat
    great lists guys.
    happy to see that Diamond District on there btw;
    thats a quality piece of work

  • SmashBLVD

    Good post….I can’t believe people still sleepin’ on Freddie Gibbs though.

  • Gow

    Did someone really put Before I self Destruck as one of the top 2009 albums. What a fuckin joke. Actually bought that album and its trash. C’mon son

  • who cares

    y da hell blueprint 3 on this????? that ish was wack as hell

  • Juanka

    after a few views, shake, what’s up with Substantial/Burns?

  • dt

    No Broken Headphones…?
    No Cudi?

  • MIke

    I know that Kendrick Lamar kid just dropped to dayz ago. But he should be on this list..

  • DopeSir


  • Jovell

    Colin Munroe was ill too. Just saying. I don’t care about lists, I just like free music.

  • The Messiah

    Yall lists is both ass

  • Jaywall

    Yall know Meka is the harder dopeboy to please[pause] with this music stuff. lol. He doesnt want any flaws, from their music or personal career.

    And to the peoople asking for relapse, it was wack! and Im an Em fan.
    Wheres Big Sean doe?

  • Wheat Thins

    Are they gonna put up zip files of their favorite songs of the year?

  • ?? DJ Quik & Kurupt ?? nice list tho

  • daytoena!wale-back to the feature,ankh amen ra!sandman..dropped late i guess.you guys know your shit so i won`t even front..there will always be headz objecting.happy new one.100!

  • Language Artz Records! Beautiful Language coming sooon along with Tee shirts.. Artz for the win in 20-10

  • nnekbone

    it’s funny how all the haters here are repeat 2DB commenters…smdh…

  • Static

    What no Normalcy? smh

    doent matter though

    20HAMIL10 just started anyways ……>.>

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  • Pingback: » Blog Archive » Here’s what the think about you (c) vintage Ice Cube…Some feedback on 2009…()

  • Miles

    Shake’s taste>Meka’s

  • I’m feeling it with the exception of the fact that you left out Attention Deficit

  • jeff

    yo your lists show that WEST COAST RAP is dead…no hate on pac div or fashawn or UNI…where are CUBE, SNOOP, GAME, BISHOP, JAY ROCK…dem BANGERS!!!damn that sucks!!! but hip hop is alive! peace

  • Nerd

    I cant believe no one mentioned


    wait i guess one guy did, but damn wheres the love for the ALC?

    Overall it is a 2dope list

  • AnT

    what the fuck, this shit is missing eminems album, HOW FLY, gone fishing is december 2009. So what the fuuuuck. Get jay z’s BP3 and lil waynes no cielings outta here. them commercial whores. Where the fuck is kid cudi. kid cudis album way better than jays blue shit 3.

  • Dilla Dawg

    It is a god dam shame that JAY STAY PAID is left off any of these lists and the fact that i’m the first one to mention this smfh. Jay stay paid was ill as fuck. also born like this was dope and gets slept on and the ecstatic is some hot shit as well

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  • Listener AnnonyMUSE

    I think Self Explanatory should be on there among others

  • Mann Thaa Goat

    I mean, regardless of my tardiness i do have a question:

    Why is Outasight’s ‘Futher LP’ considered a mixtape?

  • whoami

    a new lost for 2010???

  • It’s a nice post!Thanks for your good work,it helps me a lot!I will come back again!


    i got really informed on some projects i missed out on that year thanks to this list.
    Hope they do it again! 2010 had some gems i know i missed.
    Really good lists Shake n Meka!

  • a fan

    Are you doing this list for 2010.

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