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B.o.B – 2009 Underground Artist Of The Year (Video)

blame it on Meka December 31, 2009


*dead* at the overtly-dramatic introduction. It’s like I was about to watch an action packed film, not a music reel.

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  • Ken

    B.o.B/Bobby Ray is underground??? lmao, he is the man though. In my opinion here is my top 3 of XXl’s ’09 freshmen:
    1)Charles Hamilton

    Oh and 2dopeboyz, that list of your top albums is good, but my list is very different. But then again, my XXL list is different than most too…..notice no Wale or Cudi…

  • westie

    that “I am the Champion” song is terrible.

    I like Bobby Ray, but man oh man what he’ll do for a buck.

  • Ken

    Everything said about B.o.B can be said about Charles Hamilton….Im just saying, the all around musician thing..That is why my top 3 are my top 3. Forget the whole music biz thing, just listen to the music…

  • Ken

    Westie, listen to Bishop Lamont – “What people do”

  • an underground artist is an artist with no major radio play!!

  • @ Westie B.o.B didnt do Iam A Champion for a buck he did that song two years ago for fun. I’m the one that pushed it to corporate for some bucks. B.o.B does music for fun, he makes all kinds of stuff, so to each its own, I don’t like every song he makes nor do I like every song my fav artist makes, so I can understand where you are coming from.

  • What was that B.o.B mix yall put together and whats some more mixtapes by dude.

  • dope good lookin out. i’ve jus been cyclin thru youtube shit this’ll make it easier

  • whaha

    B Rich is a real dude for coming on here and explaining that!

  • damn I been sleep. dude go in.

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  • Yeah that intro was a little too much. Somebody mustve just purchased After Effects or something…

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