• Dane FAME NUK

    this is for skillz and skillz only.

  • sam sneako


  • nahmean

    lol pretty wack

  • kolbs

    skillz >>>>bekay

  • Wont let Me Post

    He has been doing it for last three years ??
    Damn! can anybody provide links to those ...

  • ayo

    this shit is sad and weak, nobody cares about ur 2009 round up.. so stfu.. skillz > this bs

    *paitently waits for act II*

  • RavRav

    Asher flopped?!?!?! LOOOOOOOL.... this muthafucka is SO narrow-minded... it's not just the record sales or digital downloads, it's also the shows and tours that make money. These days, everybody download shit... Asher's audience WAS the audience that usually downloads shit, he would have went platinum first month if you substitute the downloads with purchases.

    The dude toured so much, sooo many shows sold out... dude is talented and got recognition from many people. Asher flopped? Okay... what has this dude Bekay accomplished then? Pointing out other peoples faults whilst not recognizing your own weaknesses and mis-accomplishments?

    Susanna Boyle and 50 are of different genre... Ms Boyle sold more because most of the sales were from the British people which are suckers for that X-Factor shit... she didn't sell albums, but 1/2 song CD's in supermarkets (I've lived in London for 2 years and still am here, I should know).

    Eminems LP was a lil shady? Bitch that's such a vague-ass statement... that's not even an argument, it's a groundless claim. I admit that his shit did not have the same impact as, say, MM LP or SS LP... but regardless, the dude managed to stay the best lyricist.

    Dude also said Brit Murphy overdosed... wow... keep up motherfucker and go check the released medical records, police deductions and etc... she died of a natural cause... wow this dude is just name-dropping to get attention.

    His fucking theories about government diverting our attention from something larger using Swine Flu and the Credit Crunch? Wow... that just shows how ignorant this dude is. A conspiracy-theorist who has weak arguments that do not hold any grounds. The media's a fucking disgrace? No shit Sherlock, when has it NOT been a fucking disgrace?

    Fuck you AND your momma you talentless ugly bastard. You should be a comedian and team up with George W Bush. Both you and him probably believe that technology is some witchcraft you conservative faggots. Twitter and Facebook are great marketing tools... suppose you're just not wise/intelligent enough to deduct that much and use it to your advantage.

    Basically, he was just bitching on about shit... just bitching and bitching. Anyone else noticed how he didn't mention any great ACHIEVEMENTS that mankind has managed to accomplish in 2009? Like Science-wise? Art-Wise? Sports-Wise? Technology-Wise? Etc? Fucking bitching all the time.. wow... just shut the fuck up~

  • squijee

    shit is dope

  • http://worldofcheezy.blogspot.com/ CheezyDoDo

    I like Beekay's rap ups cuz he a salty ass nigga who has nothign to lose so he can diss anybody and not get reprecussions

    he say what he feels

  • http://worldofcheezy.blogspot.com/ CheezyDoDo

    lmao at RavRav's rant

    U mad ?

  • nahmean

    lol @ "eminem managed to stay the best lyricist."

  • RavRav

    LOL... mad? Yeah, okay. I'm mad. I just posted something as long as that in hopes that he will come across this site and read it. I just hope he reads it and thinks about it... so that NEXT year, he mentions accomplishments as WELL as fuck ups...

    This is no "Round-Up".... it's a collection of all the fuck ups of 2009. Not a single mentioning of how many more people got vaccinated, given water, nets, etc in Africa... no mention of Scientific achievements that have helped establish better technology and whatnot in the medical department as well as others. I'm not mad... I'm realistic. I'm curious of his pessimistic nature...

    And he's an ugly bastard :P

  • Steez Diamante

    dam, some1 give RavRav a hug...or a smack, either one will probably suffice. as always, Bekay's killed his year in review!

  • Derego

    man that shit was dope, yall r trippin, bekay is ill, anyone got a dl link to hunger pains?

  • RavRav

    Not a single rapper out there is better when it comes to polysyllabic wordplay in Hip Hop. He has managed to stay the best lyricist of the year. Yeah that's a statement... to make it an argument, I need reasons to back up my claim:

    Check his lyrics... he stays on point, delivers it with a flawless flow... focuses on the verses (like a true MC) and his polysyllabic rhymes are just brilliant... especially how he manages to mix in wordplay along with that, and he's made a lot of intellectual and humorous metaphors that would entertain both the more intellectual individual and the not so intellectual.

    Ask Jay-Z, arguably the other best lyricist in the world about Eminem... ask him how he feels about Eminem's lyrics... go check Rakim's interviews involving Eminem... etc etc etc... Em is ill with it, and is the greatest lyricist alive right now in my opinion... case closed. (Although I enjoy listening to PacDiv MUCH more than Eminem these days...)

    Meh... y'all can hate... but Hip Hop is not a definite science, so obviously we shall all speculate. Now I better chill on the essay-writing and gtfo... lol... I talk too much... Happy New Year muthafuckaz! peace~

  • M. Pass

    Only Skillz should do this, no one else!

  • RavRav

    ^ I'm talking about Eminem... backing up my argument that Em is the greatest lyricist :P

  • Sean Juan

    Bekay needs to think of an original idea to get some attention for himself (and stop being a self-hating white guy). He's making himself look really corny. Wasn't feeling Hunger Pains either.

  • fuck RAVRAV

    RAVRAV is an idiot, you dont like it dont listen to it...nobodies forcing you, go listen to Susan Boyle.

  • ayo

    ravrav is right, why u sayin fuck him? he stated an opinion and just cos u got mad dont mean he should stfu and go listen to susan boyle.. what he said was right!!!

  • xastey

    my ears have been violated.. how dare u

  • http://. P’cola

    ya'll remember that rumor about asher roth bein gay. i think ravrav just gave a lot of evidence to support it.

  • BABA

    Ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........................ "/ "/ "/ "/

    Some parts were good. Some just plain awful.

    The Kanye West bit? For real?

    Kanye would eat this fool alive.

  • mmkayy

    wtf cant believe u wrote all that shit.. bet u dont write like that in school lol

  • jakefromthebean

    @Wont let me post.....if you search youtube the last 2 years are on there!

  • eyeah

    beat doesn't suit him well

  • jakefromthebean

    hey everyone that reflection eternal re union mixtape is up on the 2dopeboyz usershare so it should be on here soon....if you go on there usershare u can dowload it now!

  • George Clooney

    This dude stay spittin.......garbage.

    Why would you even get in somebody else's lane like this...and then big him up on the intro? It's like all Skillz has left in this world. Bekay just basically went into Skillz' house, fucked his wife and shouted him out. AND dude is wack.

  • whaha


  • Queen B

    awesome track , it is everyear

  • Jay D

    Bekay went IN!!!!! Feelin this a lot, I love Skillz but he brins no emotion, this version is hotter

  • ripjdilla

    WTF is going on here? Bekay has dropped this since 2004!!! Skillz shouted him (Bekay) out on one of them. He got the Skillz co sign. They are cool with each other I seen pics on the net. And I don't know but he just went in on everyone and I loved it! Skillz sounds like hes "working" and Bekay is telling it like it is without giving a fuck cause he is a salty ass motherfucker and we need more of that! ha AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. Bekay if you reading this, KEEP IT UP, THE JOINT WAS FUN AND DOPE!

  • http://. P’cola

    aint' no one say they not friends. it's jus no comparison. bekay shouldn't do it.

  • DJ


  • CaliMax

    No hating but Bekay's version is much doper this year. Props to Skillz but Bekay hungrier sounding and he take funny shots at people without being "cute" about it. Bekay got me lookin for more of his shit so something worked

  • CaliMax

    yo this "rav" guykeeps talking about bekay's looks, HOMO STYLE


    Not crazy about this but... anything is better than Skillz and his simple one syllable rappin' ass! It's painful to listen to

  • Det67

    This is dope! Skillz is to simple like homeboy above me said. Bekay got a much more complex flow , sylablewise and the lines are just funnier. Good track

  • Jerry




  • Bekays Boy

    Anyone have Bekay's 2007 Year in Review track?

  • Jerry



    I'm not mad at this. Bekay been going hard. HUNGER PAINS is my fav LP of 2009. Skills is the originator, but this is just better in every sense. I heard his other ones on youtube and all over the net, AND they are a lot more witty as well. No hate, just honest opinion.

  • CaliDawn


  • Beansie

    yea it's more fun then skillz. Props to Bekay

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