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Kendrick Lamar – Kendrick Lamar (FreEP)

blame it on Meka December 31, 2009

The artist formerly known as K-Dot re-introduces himself in the form of his self-titled EP.

This is the Kendrick Lamar Experience : the beginning of the story, of the good kid, that just wants to rap.

Tracklist and link under the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Lamar – Kendrick Lamar EP

  • Rapper’s Sex Video Blog ( Must See) “French Game” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5jG0lPK5ZQ

  • yezzzrr, new west!!!


  • ahhhhh lets goooooo!!!
    rap is like interesting right now with all this new talent.

  • space-ghost-

    Never heard of dude, but I’ll check this out…

  • Looking forward to hearing it. His delivery is something serious.


    hell yeah so far no haters on the comments and dude who said he never heard of kendrick lamar but he gon check it out you made a good choice
    p & P is still the shit

  • hm

    finally …

  • hiphop

    oooooo shit this is dope

  • B



    Tthis is dope APLUS certified

  • ace*

    west coast playas !

  • hm

    trust me u will never go back to any other collection

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  • glad i stayed up this guy brings heat different flow different style no audio effects his voice speaks to ur soul …hes gonna blow

  • jam out wit yo clam out !! – i like his download site layout downloady

  • JihaD

    Yo, This K.Dot? The nigga that raps with Jay Rock?? If so, he’s nice as hell ( I think Ab is nicer, but I digress) definite DL if someone can give me an answer.


  • fro

    ^it is. he changed his name awhile back.

  • Glitch

    wow that 1st song spoke to me, “I stole a bible is that s sin?” this shit is dope, Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorites foreal

  • Glitch


  • Wont let Me Post

    DAMN! way to go Kendrick Lamar! You made a wise decision by choosing Bandcamp.com as to upload AND providing STREAMING options before D/L. Now I’m definitely gonna give this a listen, as the leaks from this project were good, but still I wasn’t gonna check out the whole EP. But damn sure now I WILL!

  • k dot been doin work, yall actin like u just heard of him

  • Taihair

    Out of all the albums and joints I’ve heard this year, this one has to be one of the best!

  • Larry LeJend

    West Coast Cali Representa!
    This dude got some Heat.
    DL on the strength of the DopeBoyz & Meka always got an ear for Talent.
    Kendrick Lamar is here World.

    * P.S: I’m at work bangin this shxt. Blessed Happy New Yearz

  • Ignorant Genius

    I’ll listen..lets see…

  • Ignorant Genius

    =/ I’m feeling the beats and shit but he’s not impressing me at all

  • justjeff45

    Dope. Thank you 2db.

  • Sam Flow

    “I Am” leaves u speechless

  • Vonpeah

    that shirts from old navy
    regardless, dude is FIREEEEE

  • P.


  • whaha

    i love love LOVE the beats but lyrically he has a way to go and the things that he’s talking about have been done to death.

    i’d give it a 7/10 off the strength of the beats alone, 5/10 if it was better on the lyric tip. i’m not gonna give up on him though because i think he has a future. just not now.

  • Glitch

    @fulltimeboss yo ive known about this dude since he did tht song da cypher with game jay rock ya boy dubb and im pretty sure juice lol and ^^^ whut u talkin about kid, he’s on point with his lyrics, he’s soulfull, real and everything he speaks is the truth, but everyone’s entitled to there opinion so don’t give up on em kid

  • gasface213

    this shit goes the hardest. my nigga is goin hard, the music has definitely evolved. classic.

  • manic10

    This Tape is stupid nice! i just played it from track 1 to 15 without skippin. this just might be a classic.

  • imo it is very classic

  • Loki

    definitely feelin every beat…lyrics decent overall good ass tape

  • On track 10 listening to it for the 1st time & it’s classic so far! Should have just made it a full-length album instead of an EP! I’m not complaining either I’m just saying! I remember when EPs used to be short as hell & only like 7-10 tracks most of the time 7 or less!

  • huh

    There’s 14 track on this shit, isnt that like 10 or so too many tracks to be an EP??? Its dope, but im just sayin..

  • far from here is my shit, you killed the whole album!

  • elevated

    this is fuckin great!!!!

  • Alyssa Skai

    yea far from here is my fav track on this

  • xNnoitra

    Had It For 2 Days Now And Its One Of The Only Ep, Mixtapes, or whatever you call it that i have listen to all the way through. The Dude Is Nice Lyrically. To Those Saying Heis not I cant understand why. alot of the songs seem to be heartfelt and have alot of substance that most if not all can relate to in one way or another

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  • this is pretty dope

  • been followin this dude since lmao dropped…this ep is cold

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  • im_me

    def a new look for compton..

  • ant7867

    K.Dot should have kept his name.This m=name is to long to be typing.And he isnt grimey no more.I miss K.Dot.

  • Wheat Thins

    This only gets 54 comments.. and XV and quest get hundreds of comments for random ass thrown together mixtapes… sad

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  • this is real dope. months later it still gets played. matter of fact im listening to it now! NEW WEST-> kendrick lamar, nipsey hussle, jay rock, uni, pac div, YESSSIIRRR!

  • bob


  • misha

    yessssssssssssssss kendrick i love you

  • Patrick Noble

    Crazy to think that I was just scrolling through this site over 5 years ago and gave this tape a chance. Glad to say I’ve seen the potential in K Dot for a while. All hail the KING!!

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