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Lupe Fiasco & MC Nuts (Video)

blame it on Meka December 31, 2009


Fuck what you heard, the nappy Afro is gonna make a comeback in 2010. I throw my money on the flo’ on it. Props to LupE.N.D.

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  • nappyafro?

  • Joseph Chevere

    what an idiot! I’m live in New Mexico….New Mexico is not part of Mexico. It’s a state in the united states. dumbfuck. but i guess it was kinda funny lol

  • RG

    Joseph… it was a joke.

  • Joseph…stop posting. Forever.

  • “I still get busy in my Nappy Afro, My My My Nappy Afro”

  • blazer

    Joseph… are we serious now… seriously.

  • Ken

    Meka, you are hilarious. Joseph called someone a dumbfuck. ahahaha I love hypocrites

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