Random Acts of Fuckery: The Notorious R.O.S.S. Edition

blame it on Shake December 31, 2009

On set of Dirty Money and Rick Ross’ Angels (rmx) video shoot, Didd has the nerve to compare Ricky to the late great Biggie Smalls. *inhales…. GTFOH.

  • If you think Rick Ross is anywhere close to Biggies level, you need to reanalyze your priorities in life. In other words, Diddy needs to die!

  • Oh my diddy is a fucking clown. BIG just rolled over in his grave.

  • boss

    Are they talking about weight? That’s the only similarity I see.

  • Rick!!

    yEp! WE ARE LIVING IN HELL. How can such a fraud like Rick Ross, get these props from Diddy? Shit, even if those verses are the best verses ever, he STILL doesn’t deserve any props. Biggie ran from POLICE, Ross is the POLICE. Yes, Diddy must die. Dolphin faced, rape you records executive. GODDAMN!!!!

  • I mean surely biggie still got someone alive that love him enough to ride for his name. You don’t mention Ross and Biggie together. This remind me of when MTV compared Plies and Pac…. shit jus don’t add up


  • tl


  • T

    Yea MTV compared Pac to Plies….that BS..

    Prob in the middle of 09 they did…

    and now this bull?? haha

    Even though I dont like Ross the guy can rap his ass off though..

  • Gbreeze

    Ross is garbage…………..And for Diddy to even compare him to BIG is ridiculous. Ross was a correctional officer rhyming a fantasy life. FUCK ROSS

  • Mr. 2010

    I think Timbaland made the same comparison- its a better one than comparing Ricky to Biggie tho

  • sad to know that biggie was affiliated to this fuckin idiot.
    ross you will never come close to the biggie’s legacy.

  • me

    the one thing ross is alike to biggie is that he ugly as fuck

  • Mark

    Puff Daddy is kind of like 2DB. Payola gets you anything.

  • southsidexD

    So much hate on Ross.
    I don’t know if he’s real or not, but as an artist he’s actually dope. He may not be anywhere near Biggie but when I first heard this track he actually reminded me of B.I.G. I don’t know why though.

  • c/s p’cola basically

  • Dangerous Vortex

    @ southsidexD

    Nobody is hating Ross, you’re just an idiot. He’s the persona of a REAL Rick Ross for crying out loud. He was a former CO rapping about drugs and shit that the REAL Rick Ross does/did.

  • @mark


  • look at me

    Yo ROSS got this nigga high…Puffy was in the sky, you see how he was acting nigga was zooted…hahahaha RAAUuuWWwwsee!

  • James Blacksmith

    I think this is one of those moments where you’d say something good about somebody while they’re in front of you, but surely don’t mean that shit afterwards.

  • Musikfiend

    Ross is heavily influenced by Biggie. He went in on the Angels Rmx. He’s not on Biggie’s level but i can see the comparison. Yall niggaz need to lighten up sheesh, lol.

  • I agree with @Musikfiend.

  • This is the same man that said the Carter was better than Ready To Die. He’s been on my shit list since.

  • truthfully speaking

    What is so wrong about that? Fuckin bandwagon kids hating Ross because its the thing to do, listen to his verses the dude can spit! If you understand rap and lyrics Im sure u understand this. Did you kids even listen to Biggie when he was alive?

    “Walk like a giant, talk like a tyrant”

    “Deeper Than Rap” was one of the best albums this year.

  • doomsamonster

    *revokes diddy’s hip-hop pass*

  • KennyD

    I’d rather have Gorilla Black compared to B.I.G Diddy is a baboon “I love you Shake” no homo

  • hiphoplove

    are you retarded? “deeper than rap” is deeper in shit. the only thing good about it is it’s a funny ass cd to listen to… i’ll give ross credit for the people on his album like nas, kanye and weezy but ross is GARBAGE. aint no way u can compare him to biggie… or even lil’ wayne for that matter.

  • The Fucking Truth

    Rick Ross is probably the biggest waste of good production to walk the planet

  • COKE


  • Ross has an amazing ear for beats and has advanced his flow considerably since the port of miami. Sure dude no where near biggie, but i still bump ross shit. I don’t choose my artists based on how much shit they’ve pushed, he describes the street life perfectly so lived it or not he still gets spins.

  • The Fucking Truth

    P’cola I bet you know exactly what the street life is like

  • mmkayy

    i KNEWW ITTT !! lol i knew 2dope wud make this RAOF!!!!

  • DFEE





  • Huh?

    ” he describes the street life perfectly so lived it or not ”


  • Jeffw

    damn that Ciroc must be some good shit.

  • bleeckerstreet

    If anyone can make that comparison, its Diddy…right?

  • bleeckerstreet

    @truthfully you said it perfectly! I’ve BEEN trying to share those exact sentiments.

  • nofrillz

    unfortunately, ross can actually spit. but that doesn’t change the fact that biggie is better… alot better.

    and since when does spitting about the street life perfectly give you a pass? if i remember rightly we were supposed to hold hip hop in a higher regard than that, or am i missing something? are you now allowed to drop ‘gems’ about a life that wasn’t yours yet act like it is?

  • jermaine

    I would say Ross is on the same level or close to biggie. It does not have to be about spitting just bars all the time and Ross is nice on the mic. Puff didnt say Ross was better than B.I.G. Certain moments can remind you of someone. Also they swag is the same way!!They both into fashion the same way. Biggie used to love Gooci!!

  • southsidexD

    @Dangerous Vortex, shut the fuck up dumbass. How are you gonna go around calling people idiots when you’re clearly the only idiot here. I know Rick Ross is just a persona, and I know he has never done half the the stuff that he raps about. But I don’t give a fuck about that. I judge him on his music, which is good. I recognize talent, not street cred. If I wanted to judge people on their street cred I would stand outside and chill with some bum ass thugs. Homie, I’m sorry to say this but you’re clearly just an internet-banger trying to beef. You know what? I hate dumbfucks like you. And even fake ass Rick Ross is probably more real than you. But whatever forget you, keep on talking shit about people more successful and talented than you. Dumb shit.

    @Musikfiend & @truthfully speaking
    Exactly the way I see it. Too many people are too narrow minded. People swear they know everything but they don’t ever see things from all perspectives, except from their own, that’s just plain stupid. People need to hop off that “I hate Rick Ross because he is fake” bandwagon and give credit where credit is due. Grow up motherfuckers, and speak your own mind. And don’t be blinded and just repeat what someone else tells you.

  • Bezze

    Ross Could Never See BIG So Diddy Need 2 STFU.

  • Bolverk

    yuuuuuup i saw wen mtv compared pac to plies and now this, guys im guess the world will really end in 2012 if things keep up like this….

  • stan lee

    agree with @Musikfiend. Ross is a very good rapper and the view of his music should not be impaired by his street credibility. Actually Ross is one of the better mainstream MCs in the game right now. How else would he go gold every time in an industry of declining music sales?

  • whaha

    ‘I would say Ross is on the same level or close to biggie.’

    your hip hop pass has been revoked

  • yall niggas commenting are stupid

    ross sucks this aint about street cred or if he is real or not rick ross just sucks as a rapper stan lee talking record sales that dont mean shit then you got idiots saying he close to biggie or he on the same level and deeper than rap was one of the best albums this year lol fuck the only good on that cd is the production nonthing more nonthing less
    @southsidexD i dont hate him cuz hes fake i dont hate him at all i dislike him cuz he is wack
    truthfully speaking and jermaine your hip hop pass has been revoked

  • 9

    Definition of Fuckery Right There. B.I.G.’s Rollin in his fuckin grave right now

  • Dez

    HUH? Diidy keeps shittin’ on BIG’s legacy… Niggaz actually think Ross can spit? As a rapper he rhymes yeah, but thats what you’re supposed to do… dude never impressed me lyrically so i’m tired of that arguement…. the CO shit is what it is but but i never bought into Ross’ bullshit anyway so it really didn’t surprise me.. the best thing about Rick Ross is his production, that’s it!

  • Dez


    sorry buddy but i can’t stop laughing at your comments… u say we need to to grow the fuck up and forget about his street cred and respect his music? WTF?! I can’t respect a nigga straight up lying to us, you can’t front and be respected… where the fuck are you from where that shit is acceptable? we need to grow up? have you ever seen an interview with Ross? dude is ignorant as fuck, he needs to grow the fuck up, that nigga’s older than dirt

  • Shakes

    Notorious at age 17 > Rick Ross + Diddy

  • T


    Its funny how people shittin on Rick Ross now..but when that thing was going on with 50 you couldnt find one person who hated Ross…

    Buncha muthafukin hypocrites….


  • yall niggas commenting are stupid

    @T i was actually on 50 side and i dislike 50

  • so who exactly is Diddy to clown ANY body’s flow, all his are written by somebody else, lol.?? Perservatives?? Aint he killin Autotune on his new album…..If that aint a preservative i dont know what is, lol.

  • Belve

    Is Rick Ross on Biggie’s level? Hell NO and he knows that.

    What Puff said and sadly I agree for a VERSE (I couple of fucking verses) he (& D-Rock) saw something similar. But the hate level against Ricky is so high that no one whats to admit dude is one of the most skilled doing it today and is getting better.
    Is Ricky’s persona based on something he isn’t? of course.. Does that mean he can’t spit or that he doesn’t say real things?

    CNN really is the real Capone and Noriega?

  • I’m upset that everyone is so pissed. You can’t take the opinion of a man who frequents bath houses seriously.

  • Impulse

    Diddy is a fuckin retard. The only thing they have in common is that they’re fat. period. Diddy need to be smacked.

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