I've never really seen the point of New Years Resolutions. Why wait for a specific date to change something in your life? Anyways, Serius joins in on the festivities.

DOWNLOAD: Serius Jones - New Years Resolution? | Medifafire


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  • blazer

    It's tradition, Shake. You don't mess with tradition.

  • http://www.yungdrew.com Yung Drew

    Although it is tradition, I agree w/ Shake on this one...

  • http://www.wordpress.maushole.com maus

    The New Year gives everyone a chance to change, without awkwardness.

    Why hate?

  • just kenny

    Nothing wrong with a little incentive.

  • http://hustle.biz - keka -

    cool joint tho...
    jones starting out the year right!

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "The New Year gives everyone a chance to change, without awkwardness. Why hate?"

    hate? are you serious? its absolutely AMAZING how much that damn word is thrown around. i was simply stating an opinion. i dont see why people need to wait til jan1st to do something. if you want to make a difference in your life, do it now... dont wait for a certain date. thats all.

  • hoopty

    Dear Shake

    i totally, absolutely, comprehensively, entirely, fully, thoroughly, utterly, wholly, 100 per cent agree with you on this one...you faggot.

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