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Swiff D – Basic Cable (BeatTape)

blame it on Shake December 31, 2009

The man behind some of your favorite Pac Div records just unleashed a (2)dope beat tape for ya’ll to bang out to. Hit the jump…

1. Intro (Sing Children)
2. Indian Pudding
3. Play To Win
4. Undergrad
5. Tony Danza
6. Kind of Action
7. Knowing
8. She Likes This
9. Girl Next Door
10. Euro-League
11. Sunset
12. Text-at-Nite
13. Down!
14. The Lesson
15. Floating

DOWNLOAD: Swiff D – Basic Cable (BeatTape)

  • I always wondered who produced their shit because they have nice beats. Does he do a lot of their shit?…

  • Loki


  • CE
  • Finally the Producer comes out of the box… we was stuck on the outside wondering what was in side

  • Lito

    look him up on youtube…he lost to babu in the LA big tune joint back in ’07

  • thanks for this!

    im sure itll be dope

  • uniqueterror

    @DynamicShots Swiff D does a majority of Pacific Division’s beats. lot of their beats. He’s also done beats for Talib Kweli, Styles P, Method Man & Redman, Juelz Santana and Snoop Dogg. I thought that the song he did for Snoop (“Nobody Better”) shouldn’t have been an iTunes bonus track. It deserved to be on the regular version of ‘Ego Trippin’.’ He flipped Rufus and Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” something lovely for Snoop.

  • Lito

    here’s the link to that battle i was talkin about if ya havnt seen it yet .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqXSVFhRo1E

  • JLH

    im listening to Talib’s “Eardrum” and saw that he produced “The Perfect Beat” feat. Krs-One

  • dope tape. fckd up he doesnt have the exposure he should

  • ziplockp

    i would love to hear pac div rip that intro.

  • purp

    Smooth little beat tape, its cool to jus vibe to just the beats sometimes without the vocals.

  • CALIculator

    nice – thanks!

    …but no artwork?

  • Dad


  • Hands down one of my favorite producers at the moment.
    Dope tape.

  • mC

    this guy is Low-key one of my favorite recent producers, him and DJ Khalil been quietly setting hiphop on fire.

  • tony danza teaches at my school…i’ma have to let him hear that track.

  • InfamousP

    he did that DOPE ASS “Cartel Gathering” (ft. Ghostface & Raekwon) on that Jadakiss “The Last Kiss” album — top 5 joints on that album, EASY.

  • here’s part 1 to our iv with Swiff D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLtYMzWu8d4

  • OB_5

    shits kinda dope..

  • hiphop01

    i expected somuch more from swiff d this is just some dirty south mixed with dance and one good hiphop beat drums sounds very fruity loops filterish i heard 2 dope joint on this but when he plays at boombox you hear 10000 better beats this beattape gets a 2 from me on the scale 1-10

  • Shoutout to Swiff D……. He inspired such a classic mixtape in “Cloud 9” with this shit……….. check it out @ http://usershare.net/qoo6eved9pl2

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