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Young Buck – Happy New Year (G-Unit Diss)

blame it on Shake December 31, 2009

Photo by Jason Goldwatch.

Although I don’t see the need to even mention Curtis on record anymore, I hope 2010 brings nothing but tracks like this from Young Buck. We don’t need any more young buck shit.


DOWNLOAD: Young Buck – Happy New Year | Mediafire

  • doomsamonster

    buck went in on this…but why do rapper always say “my boy wouldve gotten ya” if the rapper was about it they should do it them self…

  • Knarf_

    lmao young buck shit

  • Mithritades

    I think Buck needs to leave 50 alone and move on,we all want to see Buck do well but enough is enough,if he can move on,he’ll do good

  • buck those niggaz left u dont talk about them no more its time to move forward , but since its 2009 and the end this should be your last mention to 50 & the U N I T , in 2010 u should make your own label such as chasville records or wateva and release your own solo album without gunit.


    buck went in on him….

  • TC The Prince

    smh Buck needs to leave the G-Unit situation b I know Fif got at him on “So Disrespectful” but think about how quite he was when Buck sent his shots but any dispite that song is good Buck still that nigga and him and G-Unit need to let all this go and hopefully one rejoin back together

  • RIP

    doesnt 50 still own this niggas contract?

  • buck > shake

  • shake >>>> fulltimeboss

    your point?

  • james

    I like Buck’s music but he won’t ever make a come back and if he does it’ll be the biggest comeback in the history of rap.

  • R

    Buck is dope
    Love the diss tracks they usually are the top songs around, so you can’t actually want beef to stop.. when Buck makes tracks like this, i hope the beef goes on

  • Jay Cole

    50 owns his publishing..everything. Not a smart move to diss your boss :/

  • remember let me in ft. 50 cent. that was the highlight of buck’s career. he had that gully image, his rhymes was on point and he was rockin wit the crew at the top of hip hop. if buck and game would had just stayed loyal g-unit would had never broke apart

  • flfinest

    “if buck and game would had just stayed loyal g-unit would had never broke apart”

    lol that doesnt make sense

    but what i think you meant was if buck and game stayed loyal, then g-unit wouldnt have fallen off..and i gotta disagree with that, 50s wack music made g-unit as a crew fall off

  • G-Unit – Buck = The Unit

  • 9

    This goofy nigga must not ever want out his contract. He gone be G-Unit To The Death at this rate

  • Young Buck is a disloyal nigga and this record shows it. I can understand the animosity towards 50 but he has to understand one thing. 50 owns him. Until he gets out of his contract he shall forever be in debt to 50 Cent. And dissing a man whom you owe makes no complete sense. Again, I can understand the tension between the two. But, when shit is like his situation it is always wise to sit and be patient.

    He didn’t want to be by the side of the money which was tha reason he wasn’t on “Return of The Body Snatchers” (2008, Mixtape), but one song. He wanted to say in the streets, tha trap instead of making tour/concert money which is why Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo is making gwap and HE isn’t. He diss 50 and with that comes consequences which is WHY he dnt answer that niggaz phn calls, smh. I’ve been done trying to see if he would ever put out great music again, and it always result to bullshit, nothing more nothing less. 50 gettin’ his, where is Buck makin $$$ at???

  • Westwestyall

    Buck is the shit. He can diss g unit especially after 50 did So Disrespectfull. Get em buck fuck the haters.

  • marlostanfield85

    p’cola NEVER leaves

  • ha lol you see what Buck said on his Twitter?!

  • ikd

    no mentioning banks smart move lmao..right shake?

  • Shihaby

    How can G-Unit survive when the only two members with talent leave?

    50 is a media whore, that’s the only reason the group gets the attention it gets.

    And if Banks actually leaves, who are you going to listen to then? 50 feat. Yayo? Lol.

  • james

    G-Unit is and will always started off as 50, Banks and Yayo. Before Game or Young Buck were brought in 50 made them based off his talent. Y’all faggots stay hating on Fif but he is talented and has shown himself to be one of the greatest hip-hop acts of this past decade.

    Game and Buck’s career wouldn’t exist without Fif. To Game’s credit his determination kept his career alive and being the only recent figure on the West Coast definitely helped. Buck doesn’t have either and based on everything he’s been in the wrong. He fucked up. And he’s fucking up again. At least with Game you can argue over the origins of the beef. Buck you can’t. He done apologized and cried because he knew he was wrong.

    now he’s just striking out because he’s sad, mad, and probably relapsed into bad habits due to the death of his friend.

  • TC The Prince

    Co-Sign Ill Son and plz stop wit the 50 hate cause u niggas really got no reason & 50 music still good cut the bullshit

  • ok

    theyre all bad except banks lets be honest.

    fifty has been on a decline since power of the dollar and he hit bottom pretty fast

  • ok

    music wise* obviously the dude is a smart business man so it doesnt need to be said.

  • Jaywall

    Buck > 50 lyrically.
    Game > 50 lyrically.
    But unlike Game, Buck is basically 50s bitch forever now.
    Holding your contract until you respect me >>>

  • TC The Prince

    he decline lyrically yea but that dont mean his music aint good no more

  • Buck straight went in & killed this track! Don’t see how anyone can hate on it!

  • By the way Happy New Year to Shake & everyone if I ain’t on later! Remember to be safe out there!

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  • Shihaby

    Can’t hate on this track, and all of you defending 50, all you can say is “stop hating”.

    Why should ANYONE stop hating on 50?! I can’t remember the last time he dropped a decent track!

    He’s way too over-hyped. Needs to leave the game.

  • chronwell

    I rock with Fif and Buck. Buck is a monster tho, even dudes who think he a disloyal idiot must admit he got that star calidad!

  • 2dope4u

    i love bucks music – song is real says it straight FUCK THE UNIT
    but c’mon son
    your career is down there wit the carol city coppers u got no hope without the unit.
    u were on the phone CRYING with 50. U wer beggin 50.
    i got more money then u in my left pocket

    PLK should end this dude- V5-

  • kingG

    i think 50 own his contract i guess thats why he cant drop any album

  • Digitek

    this is DOPE.

  • DFEE



  • All ma niggas HaPpY nEw YeAr 2010 I’m Dj-ArImAhEeNa SomaliRapper like G-Unit i have profile in Thisis50, I made candyshop remix into somali language…. All G-Unit members Happy New Year..and all ma niggas make more exercise like G-unit…

  • james

    50 > game lyrically

    buck > game

    50 and buck are more or less tied

  • tha truth

    Banks > Game
    Banks > Buck

    Buck is wise not mentioning Banks up in this.

  • thai-stick

    he is a good lyricist if he wants. this is a good beat.

  • fuck buck



  • prk

    buck is nice, but the unit rains supreme. i even give yayo his props, dude has been there through it all.

  • Rk6

    The track is good but all the beef shit is tired now. Make good music, get money & keep it moving

  • Steezy

    50 should quit being a bitch and let him go.
    fity just afraid buck gonna sell more then him.


    young buck bitch …… sick ass track ….. game should sign buckk shitttt ….. iff that shitt did happin damn they’d take over the world …2 of the best rappers … yo buck keep doin wat ur doin homie ur killin it

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  • cobraclutch21

    G-Unit hasn’t been the same since game & buck left…. True story!

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