Young Buck - Happy New Year (G-Unit Diss)

Photo by Jason Goldwatch. Although I don't see the need to even mention Curtis on record anymore, I hope 2010 brings nothing but tracks like this from Young Buck. We don't need any more young buck shit. youngbuck DOWNLOAD: Young Buck - Happy New Year | Mediafire

A Moment With J*DaVeY pt.2 (Video)

"In this episode the talented duo touch on labels in the "internet age", their fanbase and the reaction to Cassie's haircut." - eazee PREVIOUS: J*DaVeY – Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes (FreEP)

Lupe Fiasco & MC Nuts (Video)

[youtube=] Fuck what you heard, the nappy Afro is gonna make a comeback in 2010. I throw my money on the flo' on it. Props to LupE.N.D. PREVIOUS: Lupe Fiasco Discusses Summit On The Summit (Video)

Crooked I - Big Money Freestyle

[youtube=] Nothing like some year-end squabbling to start the day. Crooked I has some special words for (Has)Benzino up top, while he attacks Game's single below. crooked DOWNLOAD: Crooked I - Big Money Freestyle | Mediafire BONUS: Crooked I - This Is Long Beach f. Knoc Turn'al & Young Hu$tle PREVIOUS: Crooked I – Streets

Daniel Joseph - Gone In 60 Seconds

DISCLAIMER: Based on Comments made: Yes, I did Acknowledge the fact that The Cool Kids have a mixtape wit the same name AFTER THE FACT. To anyone thinking I'm "biting" - you have a right to feel that way BUT Judge me on the music and not the name. The (POPULAR TERM) "Gone Fishin" is

Bekay - 2009 Year in Review

Like the previous three years, Bekay deals out his own perspective of what went down in 2009. Lyrics after the jump. DOWNLOAD: Bekay - 2009 Year in Review | Mediafire BONUS: Skillz - 2009 Rap Up [Dirty/CDQ]

Styles P - Silver Or Lead

SP over Timbo & Drake's Say Something. Shouts to DJ OP. DOWNLOAD: Styles P - Silver Or Lead | Mediafire

Show Tufli - Thank You Freestyle

Show would like to leave his fans with a small appreciation for the love given over the last year. He also would like to say that ushering in the new year with, respectively, the 1st project of the year, ReversePsychology will be one of the greatest albums of 2010. With production from Charles Hamilton, WoodysProduce,