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Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake January 1, 2010

As everyone patiently awaits Act II and Fabolous’ mixtape (as proven by the unnecessary comments that will inevitably follow), Yelawolf drops off his latest. Featuring appearances from Bun B, Raekwon, Juelz Santana and Diamond.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik [via DJBooth]

  • A Haters hater

    uh ok Where the fuck is the fab tape..

  • marlostanfield85

    take this white trash hick down and post the fab tape pronto.

    yelawolf is a faggoty redneck

  • T

    So my first instinct was to hate and start dissin dude…
    For obvious reasons..

    but I gave him a listen…Saw what he was talkin about…Thought about some old friends he reminded me of and decided ima give this guys music a chance…

    I checked out a couple of songs he has “box chevy” and “kickin”…..

    Bein from the south..Cat is aight..he aint the best but…he worth checkin out I guess..

  • bc1391

    So far I’m liking this tape more than his other ones.


    where is jay electronica’s act II and mickey factz ALPHA at, tell them niggas to drop the shit already or im going on a homicidal rage

  • marlostanfield85

    id like it if yelawolf was executed


    @marlostanfield85 why is it that eveyone you dont like you want them dead brah you got mental problems

  • whaha


  • Cannons

    Where Is Alpha?

  • T

    Some people got issues….I mean the are other more important things in life than waiting on some mediocre art…

  • jakefromthebean

    yo i think this tape is dope…i copped it this morning from the smoking section….if you dont like it then just delete it and go on with your life….do u NEED to hate on the first day of the year? SMDH

  • Child …Please

    @marlostanfield85 .. make sure you get the fab mixtape.. u gay fuck. Trunk Muzik is dope..

  • HeartAnemic

    I’ll check it out, props…

  • GP

    Good look.. dude def got flow

  • GCODE2010

    Took a listen… I aint mad at the project. Dude can def rap thats for sure.. wanna hear more

  • MikeC

    Dope.. def worth downloading

  • YoungJuice

    dude’s ok.. but lets be honest: the appereance on santanas single may be a one hit wonder hook

  • AD

    Yeller is nice wit it.

  • watch4thehook

    Imma check it out

  • MicJagger

    I fux wit BoxChevy pt 3.. shit ridin’

  • stan lee

    damn. all i did was listen to the 1st song and this nigga raw as fuck. people might not listen just because he is white which is dumb as fuck.

  • Good to Go feat. Bun B is the obvious standout and is FIRE, the rest of the tape is decent, some bangers – Yelawolf is definitely talented…

  • inkcloudclimber

    give it a listen. productions great. hes a ok rapper. but a lot of the hooks are annoying as fuck!!!!

  • Yelawolf is sick!

  • ok

    tape was over-hyped. some ppl may like it though. not my type of jams.

  • tigerwoods’brother

    Aight aight.. shit is cool. got just enough joints too.. so many artists are putting like 30 joints on a mixtape and 80% of the project is trash.. solid effort Yela

  • stan lee

    @^^^^^. I feel you bra ! Everyone tries to make a million songs but that turns me off from their music. No song is bad on the tape. Definitely worth the download.

  • DaleWillet

    Bumping Act II !!!

  • HeartAnemic

    Mixtape is dope imo, bump this until (if) Act II comes out…

  • Onederin

    a little surprised by some of the hate on here (i really shouldn’t be since it’s the internet). But Yelawolf is dopeHaven’t downloaded yet, but want to hear how his verse sounds on the medicine remix.

  • yelawolf is an Alabama and Atlanta legend. do u research people! he BEEN killin shit and this tape is just the beginning.

  • dude is wack. period. end of story. he dont know who the fuck he is. come on people.

  • Ryu

    ^^^^ Doesn’t know who he is??? Have you even listened to his shit? You gotta be a rapper too..lol — the world has too many rappers, labels, etc.. not enough fans of hip hop.. dude is refreshing (no homo)

  • The Truth

    Diamond sounds great on the lick the cat song fuck nicki minaj

  • Zilla

    @ KEI OPENS DOORS, I’m from Alabama (spent an equal amount of time throughout Georgia) and I’ve never once heard niggas mention this cat. I youtubed a song called “Kickin” from his first album which was garbage, so I’m expecting the same shit (just ’cause Boomhower cut his hair and got his ear pierced doesn’t mean he’s a different dude). Regardless of the sound of this, guaranteed this dude is no legend around here except for maybe with trailer trash & rednecks.

  • Cf

    Honestly….Dude is a bit more than hard. Lets keep it all the way 100.

    @ Young Juice – One hit wonder hook?? Have you heard Slim Thugs single?? Yea, he pretty much made the song.

    I can see if you guys were critics…lol. But some of yall are hating.

    I understand that everyone isnt gonna like everything, but come on….His music as a whole is pretty impressive. And his live show is entertaining aswell (As long as he is sobber, lol.)

  • Ryu

    @zilla you are entitled to your opinion.. “Kickin'” wasn’t a smash I agree.. but that was almost 3 yrs ago. Trunk Muzik shows a lot of growth.. at least agree with that whether you like it or not

  • stan lee

    I swear if I hear that trailer trash/redneck shit again.. SMH

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    ^^^^^ Trailer trash/rednecks

    watcha gonna do?

  • diji

    hahah damn, i gotta admit. i didn’t like him on juelz joint.. but, IMO this tape is dope.

  • DaleWillet, if you really bumpin’ Act II, you need to share that shit!

  • letSOMEBODYlive,shit?

    I wanted to make sure I listened to the tape before commenting, as to not sound like some of these “hate infested” idiots who just say random ignorant sh*t for the sake of saying it not to mention that no one can see them or hold them responsible for their stupidity. But that being said “this sh*t is dope” in the hip hoop since of dope. The beats are bangin, dude can rap, he doesn’t sound like anyone else out, and he give a point of view that I haven’t heard before=dope! If he wasn’t white there would be no issue. Let grow a little people?? Cause if you haven’t noticed hip hop is a littleboring right now.

  • XRae

    I sitting here reading comments about this dude on this and other posts and I see that the its the same people hating every time..hmmm.. I def need to hear dude’s shit lol. If people are waiting to hate this bad, the music should at least interesting.

  • NEWRdaMC

    ITS A MIXTAPE PEOPLE, THE WORST MATERIAL IS SUPPOSE TO BE ON HERE WITH 10% REALLY GOOD SHIT, if it sounds good on a mixtape, the album is suppose to be dope, these might jus be leftovers or actual songs, if it sounds ok on a mixtape, the better stuff is on the album yo

  • Wont let Me Post

    ^^^ Not a single comment from a neutral stance/person. Most of ’em are either Groupies or Haters. Dissing down then you got peeps defending… SMH

    How can one decide if its worth checking out, the mixtapes uploaded by millions of Rappers ??

  • letSOMEBODYlive,shit?

    to “Wont Let Me Post’s comment-“Not a single comment from a neutral stance/person”. It says something that people have strong opinions either way hate it or love it. if people are having real convo, its probably worth checking out. But at the end of the check it and make your own decision about it. But I’ve been listening to this shit all day and it made me post a comment because I f*cks with it so tough! Again “Shits Dope!”

  • Glitch

    sooooo anybody else think the artworks dope? lol

  • ok

    i decided to give the tape another listen for arguement sake, and still dont really feel it. there’s def. worse material out there, but that’s no reason to over talk yela. is he an amazing chorus writer?..hell the fxck yes. but if were talking solo rapping, or this project in general, overall id have to say he’s sub-par. its not even a shot at down south rappers cause alot are talented as shit, yela just doesnt really ever make me go WOW.

  • ok

    i decided to give the tape another listen for arguement sake, and still dont really feel it. there’s def. worse material out there, but that’s no reason to over talk yela. is he an amazing chorus writer?..hell the fxck yes. but if were talking solo rapping, or this project in general, overall id have to say he’s sub-par. its not even a shot at down south rappers cause alot are talented as shit, yela just doesnt really ever make me go WOW.

  • Respekt

    @Ok .. See that what I’m talking about. At least you listened to it and gave an educated opinion.. good shit.

  • zz

    How does this cat get so many

    A-list features on his debut Mix Tape ?

    WTF pay some dues first brother

  • doeskee

    Yelawolf can spit, he has good delivery, a must Download. Everyone else talking about Mistah FAB

  • sylnc

    this aint yela debut mixtape. he got albums out. was featured on that underground atlanta album hosted my killer mike. dude been out for a min @ zz

  • Huh?

    i think its safe to say that the features are there because they “f*ck wit” dude and based on the 3 or 4 mixtapes that he’s done before this one, that have no features. I think that is what the young kids call “paying dues”, right? I mess wit the comment by OK also, he made an informed decision but ZZ sound like the mad rapper “yo son, how come so many a-list dudes mess wit him & not me? I been doin it for 15 years son, 15 yeeaazz, and ni**az still don’t fuck wit me, son??” ZZ, what’s your rap name I’LL check you out if nobody else does..rotfl.
    Thanks @dopeboyz for the forum…HIP HOP LIVES.

  • Onederin

    This mixtape did exactly what it’s suppose to do. It’s suppose to be Trunk Muzik and that’s exactly what it is. I wouldn’t expect the topics or anything to be that unique, but dude is good and is getting better based on the other mixtapes and albums I’ve heard from him. Growth is what it’s all about.

  • fjztj

    shit is hot.

  • My_Pops_Son

    This shit surprised the hell out of me. I’ve found myself listening to it several times in the past few days. Great production, and this dude knows how to MAKE A SONG! He’s not just trying to rhyme words and sound cool. He’s actually got good hooks, and his verses are crafted extremely well.

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  • Yelawolf is the future. Great work, great lyrics, beats are amazing, image is grand.


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  • bhenry

    dont know why all tha hate. whitey spits

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  • I’m diggin da Wolf

  • NickBag

    man fucka all yall hatin on yelawolf thats my boy… his music is soo fuckin dope… and if you think different suck one bitch

  • dopeboyfresh

    I went 2 his concert.. he turned that bitch all the way up… so fucking ALL the haters ! I fuck wit yo. && another thing “don’t make me pop the trunk on YOU” –yelawolf

  • gl0ck

    LOL @ faggots sayin “Yelawolf is lame! Bring on the Fab tape!!”

  • SavageA

    shit sucks

  • This guys dope!



  • thetruth

    tryin this tape out based on the pop the trunk vid with travis barker

  • i like trunk muzik!! lupet!

  • David

    What can I say tha MF is bad ass, He knows his shit so people dont hate on some one because thay can do something ya’ll “can’t” do your selfs…

  • chris

    how do we download

  • Haha WOW so many haters and
    so many people with closed minds.
    This post was about Yelawolf so hop off Fabs dick.

    I fuck with Yelawolf and underground artists over any bullshit on the radio. At least he’s proud of where he comes from and doesnt change his style to be more marketable. Real music/hip hop is more than just chains, money and cars, some of these “artists” are recyclin lines and bullshit. I’m for anyone who has something NEW to say, fuck monotonous club hits Imma bang some TRUNK MUZIK.

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