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Senor Kaos – Real Hip Hop For Real People

blame it on Shake January 2, 2010

Pretty much a self-explanatory title if you ask me. Off DotGotIt: The Mixtape v.1.

DOWNLOAD: Senor Kaos – Real Hip Hop For Real People (prod. Q-Tip) | Mediafire

  • ayo

    act 2?

  • eeeewwww, murdah

  • Dot

    This is of our mixtape. He says our names right in the beginning. Clubba Lang & Dot from Dotgotit.com. You can get our whole mixtape here http://www.dotgotit.com/. Big up to Senor Kaos and 2Dopeboyz.

  • Dot

    BTW the beat is a loop of a Fat Albert Halloween Special.

  • Kaos is killin’ it!

  • SmokeXIntellect

    Man what is good with act II???? Please give an update. Like i know its obviously late, but is J-man leaving his fans out to dry or did he put out a statement??? please let us know.

  • My_Pops_Son

    Obviously there hasn’t been any news about Act II, or else Shake or Meka would’ve posted said news (so that they didn’t have to hear the constant annoying ass questions about it, as if they can do anything about Just and Jay not putting it out on time).

    Everybody needs to chill the fuck out about that damn mixtape. It’s not like the shit is gonna cure the ills of the world or something.

  • ^^^

    I’m sayin. Jay is my nigga and all and I’m waitin for the shit to drop too, but some of y’all are just bein ridiculous right now…lol

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  • SmokeXIntellect

    Man you niggas are some clowns. Someone says they’re gonna do something, no matter how great the task, you should come through. Now im wrong cause he said definitely new years and its not here, so i decided to ask my hiphop info outlet to let me know something. Then YOU niggas decide to comment for no reason to say something not relevant. think about that and comment when its directed to you or if someone’s asking your opinion, otherwise you niggas sit back and chill and let me be ridiculous if i wan to be. SMH at you niggas

  • whaha

    ^shut yo bitch ass up and wait mufucka

  • ^^^^ exactly

  • Big ups to Senor Kaos. He’s been puttin in work, doing shows, ghost writing (allegedly) for your favorite rappers. Now it’s his time!

  • My_Pops_Son

    I ain’t none of your “niggas” so keep that bullshit to yourself and the fools you run with. Educate yourself and start thinking like a grown man before you try to step out again.

  • Wont let Me Post

    Who’s phony, who’s fake… now that’s the kind of peeps Senor Kaos dates.

    (Hating just bcos he named this track “real” Hip-Hop) GTFOH with that ish!