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The Knux – F*ck You (FreEP)

blame it on Shake January 2, 2010

ArtByShake. Click to enlarge.

And the seemingly out-of-no-where releases continue. The talented Los Angeles (by way of New Orleans) duo just let loose of a 5 track EP via Twitter. If you’ve yet to hear of these two… imagine Outkast, The White Stripes, The Pharycyde, and Juvenile were all thrown in a giant blender and out came two brothers named Kentrell “Krispy Kream” and Alvin “Rah Almilli” Lindsey. The EP didn’t come with any artwork so I put something together for y’all.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Floozy
02 Pop the Cork
03 Fruits f. Malbec
04 Watchu Say
05 Fuck You

DOWNLOAD: The Knux – Fuck You EP

  • bc1391

    Their debut was dope, I’ve been looking forward to some new tracks

  • AMV


  • dez

    Has there been a split version of that Blu yet?

  • Coked Up Werewolf

    I bet alot of motherfukers will be leaving comments like “Where is Act 2?” and “Where is the Fab mixtape?”

  • dez

    ^^^^yeah where i s that fab?

  • P.

    tight, i was wonderin where have the knux been

  • put together a cover incase anyone wanted one.

  • LilGoopy

    dey spit hot fire

  • ^ shake, ur a beast with the covers man
    imma have to step my photoshop game up lol

  • mC

    is that the new hot thing on 2dopeboyz?
    saying something that has nothing to do with the post?
    either way that artwork is on point

  • ManFromMonkey

    can someone up this to usershare or something. I never have trouble with mediafire but for some reason this keeps timing out.


    Cover art is hype. Why don’t you do any actual cover art for people?

  • The Fucking Truth

    Nice artwork, dope music

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  • Roy

    great job on the artwork

  • Justin A

    AYE, happy new years SHake N meka…………drink as fuck right now, wishin’ y’all the best in 2010…… i be following you two like a mthafucka no homo.


  • blazer

    nice artwork on this one… the knux are legit

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  • PeteHeavyCream

    i have split version of the blu lp. oh but i split it myself. shake and meka r the shiznit. do some work people!


  • b!

    i came in here just to comment on the artwork (dope). but lol @ artwork gettin’ someone to check out an EP…

  • boss

    Shake I hope artists start payin you for that artwork. That Enemy of The State artwork you did pretty much became the official one. At least it’s the one people have been using on the internet. Nice work. Are you ever going to do artwork for the YM cd?

  • pretty wack

    including the art work

  • Steven1707

    This really came out of nowhere – awesome!

    @shake, how come you’re so good at visuals?

  • michael

    Nice artwork, but do you have one without the watermark? Thanks.

  • AhhYeahBitchezz AKA Michaelthesaint

    Those dudes were at Rock the Bells this past summer. The only thing I remember is bad music and lots of BOOOOOs…

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  • Jonesy Stark

    Not into these cats music, folk, but you did your thangy thang on this artwork, Shake.

  • U-N-I all dayyyy!! lol

  • tango sucka

    shake could smear poop on a piece of paper and people would say it’s dope. Im not knockin dudes skill (because his work is always quality) but damn… people suckin up too hard for a basic album cover like this. it prolly took him 25 minutes to make.

  • Follow our blogspot!!!

  • Justin A

    Dope Dope Dope artwork.

    I’m about to peep this.

  • “Are you ever going to do artwork for the YM cd?”

    nope haha.

  • These guys slept-on

  • man shake, i honestly don’t love all the art you do… but this right here is dope as fuck.
    this plus that p.casso earthtones art are my personal favorites of yours.

  • fuck yea!!!!

  • neezyb

    these niggas look like fags

  • Melo15

    wow still no fuckin jay electronica what a let down

  • purp

    I’ve never heard there music, but they look like some Village fags. im goin to decline this one

  • beamMeup^

    Knux fuckin suck. Clown ass lookin niggas. Yeah im hatin but not b/c their good, or their making any type of major money, or have any major buzz….they’re just trash.

  • beamMeup^

    and two even put Outkast in the same sentence as the Knux is a slap in Big Boi and Andre’s faces

  • yessah


  • quale

    these boys know their shiiit!

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  • Dan

    Hey shake…you should do Artwork for Trey Songz that shit he had was so gay

  • thatshim01

    Ai-iGHT! READY FOR THAT NEW FiRE FROM N.O.! Floozy is the shit.

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  • these niggas look like fags

  • let’s not get crazy up there jonnie