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Mos Def – History f. Talib Kweli (Video)

blame it on Meka January 4, 2010

We kept asking for more Black Star music, we keep receiving more Black Star music. This time here are the visuals off The Ecstatic single.

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  • Yeahnnik

    this is nice! kweli, mos and dilla..greatness.

  • Steve

    New album…new Black Star album… PLEASE?


  • OD>

    A great track, poor vid to go with it though

  • That was epic


  • Unxpekted

    One of the freshest, clean, sleek, not overly-done, videos matched to the music I have seen on the blog or in general in a while.


    Shake please stop posting Gucci/Jeezy bullshit on here and continue to post this kind of stuff up

  • Unxpekted

    I take that back you do a good job as of late getting in underground artists so nvrmind

  • Steve

    “A great track, poor vid to go with it though”


  • Q

    i must be the only person who dont like this beat, just something about it.. (n ima big dilla fan btw)

  • YUP!!!

  • amp

    epic ass vid been waiting ten years for this lmao

  • tl

    i don’t know about this video being epic but it’s very dope. just glad to hear mos def is sounding like late 90s mos def.

  • this mufucka is a banger! Talib and MD really brought it on this track and im from the mid west!? we need more shit like this .

  • whaha

    too sick

  • D.strange

    i dont like this joint either, but i dig blackstarr. just thought this song was weak

  • Blackstar x Dilla = Dopeness!

  • Damn. That felt good.

  • Mithritades

    Damn,almost brought a tear to my eyes…them boys good!

    as always,good lookz Meka

  • Cam

    these Negros need to drop another album

  • olugbam

    yo that Video is extra dope and gave amazing visuals to that song. the camera with old pictures of them as they’re running down their histories. cmon. shit’s dopeness.

    Black on Both Sides was my first favorite album. Mathematics was my first fav song. I found my 2nd fav album in Black Star and my 2nd fav song Thieves in the night. Like this shit was the soundtrack to my formative years and 10 years later they stilll doin it.

    I fucking love hip hop.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    dope i love talib and mos

  • Unxpekted

    Remix with Jay Elec and J. Cole and maybe a guest verse from Royce & Elzhi anybody???

    Thaaannk you!

  • Halley’s Comment

    been rocking this song since the ecstatic came out, clearly the best song on there!
    plus, we need another black star album soon

  • Marco G.

    This was dope!

  • Yao

    tHis is 2dope .. classic rap w/ vid. luv ’em.

  • Mo

    “10 years ago we made history, so they missin’ us.” Great line.

  • AdanGenny

    i love it…

    nothing else to say….

  • mazoomy


    nawww ur not alone, i also don’t really like it
    cant put my finger on what it is exactly but it bothers me


    this video is genius

  • grown man music

  • dirt

    take this if ur waitin for jay electronica http://www.mediafire.com/?w0ymygwdjgr

  • ibe3zy

    If The Ecstatic or The Renaissance don’t win album of the year at the grammy’s and they give it to Relapse,flo rida, or common. I will be pissed…..how the fuck did universal mind control get in there? R.O.O.T.S by Flo Rida????smh

  • @ibe3zy

    Nah dude, Renaissance was ’08.

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