• outKasted

    I watched that skit with Pryor/Mooney about the 1st black prez in like Sept or Oct 08, it's funny as hell. Couple good cameos too.

  • Wesley Pipes @ BlackPipeLayers.com

    hell yea Tiger got his wake up call. WAKE UP NIGGA!!! lol
    walkin round thinkin these white folks really respected his black ass. Only when you hit a hole in one, but not when u hittin 19 hoe's at once

  • T

    Exactly....Tiger didnt know his ethnicity before but he damn sure know now lol....Mooney on point lol

    Specially about the Bush thing and everybody gettin in trouble when they say something about him...lol

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  • http://thats-word.blogspot.com/ Word

    LOL CHEETAH WOODS! TY for the laughs, any decade, Paul!

  • http://www.likeathermos.wordpress.com Thermos

    Hermmmm, weird views on Obama from Mooney. Why is he beyond criticism?

  • Onederin


  • Musikfiend

    Paul Mooney's one of the funniest comics ever.

    "Hermmmm, weird views on Obama from Mooney. Why is he beyond criticism??"

    He's basically saying that Obama has inherited Bush's mess to clean up & he's only been in office for a limited amount of time. I somewhat agree b/c they weren't challenging Bush on every issue like they're doing w/ Obama.

  • http://kingdomdunn.blogspot.com/ tripaud

    the legend man

  • PeteyChase

    Paul Mooney is a legendary Realist