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J. Cole – Playground (prod. Elite)

blame it on Shake January 5, 2010

Despite already posting this at the top of the week (track 19 on Elite’s Groundwork mixtape), I’m still getting hit up constantly by folks asking why this J. Cole track isn’t on the site. I take that as a sign that many of you slept on the mixtape and overlooked the dopeness that was included. So if you haven’t already… grab this joint that didn’t make the final cut of The Warm Up and be sure to check out The Groundwork for some extra bonuses from Jadakiss, Styles P, DMX and more.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Playground (prod. Elite) | Mediafire

  • j.cole or blu?

  • Jimbo

    This has been on almost constant repeat since I nabbed it from that mixtape…so dope

  • “j.cole or blu?”


  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Jermaine Cole > Blu > Aubrey Graham

  • This was a very solid joint and regarding J. Cole and Blu, both are dope artists. I don’t feel the need to compare, but I will admit the bias is a little towards Blu just because of the classic that is “Below The Heavens” (minus that “Juicen Dranks” joint). We’ll have to see what J. Cole delivers on his debut album, which I don’t underestimate by any means because it should be as dope as expected.

  • Jesus

    “j.cole or blu?”

    Gucci Mane

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Btw the kids on the playground skits in the beginning and end of this track are hilarious…been listenin to this all day

  • You Trippin Kid…
    Blu Is Like The Nas Of Our Generation…
    I Like J.Cole…
    But He Ain’t Fuckin with Blu…Hand Down

  • Jesus

    Mike Dreams sucks

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @Shady..Nas had better mic skills..Blu really just got lyrics..Cole’s flow/delivery & punches > Blu’s flow/delivery & punches…lyrics Blu got the edge

  • JCole is ill but in time we’ll see if he can eat Blu …in my opinion they’re both dope young emcees…not touchin Nas in his prime though… I think JC got the mass appeal & Blu has the hidden talent….feel me ? but Elite’s name fits his beats…niiiiice*

  • Jay Cole

    WTF is a Blu??? J.Cole is the truth son

  • diji

    LOL^ damn. where have i heard the first verse before tho? anyone know? anyway, joint is dope.

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @Jay Cole…if u don’t kno who or what Blu is then don’t even mention his name or compare him to Jermaine Cole..just makes u look ignorant

  • sour.soul.


  • Yeah That’s True…But He Just Reminds Me Of Nas Alot Cause Of How He’s Expressing Himself And How Life Is…Like His Presence And The Way He Comes Off Reminds Me A Lot Of Nas…Is He Better Than Nas In His Prime…Probably Not…But He’s Pretty Dope,But You Wanna Know How J.Cole Is Dope…Cause Everyone Always Compare J.Cole With Someone…First It Was Jay,Then It Was Drake And Now It’s Blu Lol…People Make Me Laugh…

  • raptorfan


    freestyle wit xv i think

  • diji

    ^yeahh thats what i was think too .. good lookin out tho!

  • diji

    thinkin* oops. i know someone bound to correct me, lmao.

  • Can I have a new link for the Warm up??? (Old one doesn’t work)

  • amp

    Blu Is Like The Nas Of Our Generation…???????ha what a joke lupe is…..

  • I have to say, this dude does not impress me. Not sure why he has so much appeal. I mean, I can name like a dozen up and coming rappers better then J Cole. 2010 is the year for the man named Radric Davis. Gucci is working hard on perfecting his craft. I have read that he has been having training sessions with several rap veteran lyricists to sharpen his lyrics. beware….in my book….Gucci > J Cole > Elzhi > Blu > Big Sean

  • a

    jay elec > blu > j cole

    thank god for these 3 emcees, imagine of we only had to put up with asher roth, drake, charles ham, etc as the future.

  • a

    sorry but fuck lupe he is not on nas’ level, no1 is. not even jay elec. theres only one nas.

  • R

    J cole> Blu. i think the internet fuks wit blu so much cuz he’s so underground and thats all y’all hail. J cole’s flow is def betta than blue, lyrics is debatable, and i think he’s more interestin. i been sayin it from time and i’ll say it again, J cole’s album is gonna b the closest thing to Reasonable doubt from this new breed of rappers. NOT becuz of content cuz he obviously aint talkin bout pushin, and NOT cuz he’s on the ROC but moreso the classic sound and lyrical level and the approach to makin the album

  • R

    and b4 y’all say J Cole’s underground too, J cole’s got the intent of makin mainstream, blu doesnt

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    ^^pretty sure Jermaine Cole gonna have more content about females than Hov did on Reasonable Doubt…and somethin tells me J. Cole debut will be a modern day classic too…but Illmatic >> Reasonable Doubt…Jay-Z even did a song inspired by a Nas line from Illmatic..and bit a couple of his lines on that albuma and mentioned Nas’s group

  • R

    ^^ 1) i said NOT b the same content as reasonable doubt
    2) i’ll quote Jay: ”ya i sampled ur voice, u wus usin it wrong, u made it a hot line, i made it a hot song”

  • whaha

    illmatic > reasonable doubt

    dont even go there

  • the ghost of Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @R…cant tell me World Is Yours aint a hot song, thats classic Nas/Pete Rock…and what about Jay’s Crack Game/Rap Game…thats more than once he made a song off of Nas’s lines…Nas is his inspiration lol Jay is a fan

  • fuck that link, it just looks suspect…

  • Stillmatic > Illmatic

    Proven Fact!

  • VO1D

    Boy Meets World >>>>>> The Warm Up


  • Kingdom Come > Reasonable Doubt

    From a lyrical standpoint.

  • i Think a Blu Feature on this song would have been CLASSIC…

  • R

    @the ghost i’m not knockin nas at all, and ya jay’s definitely a fan but u cant deny how flawless the reasonable doubt album wus. whether it wus betta than illmatic is up for debate (but they both classics)

    @VO1D u really comparin albums to mixtapes? wait for cole’s album

    @robbie, if u think kingdome come was more lyrical then reasonable doubt then u werent listenin. reasonable doubt is jay’s most lyrical album til this day no question

  • marlymarrr

    Cosign Coolroy. Blu is my favorite right now but I don’t think J. Cole is too far behind.

  • baby jesus

    slug is NOT better than blu or jcole


    Blu>J Cole…Just


    8-4 in favour of blu…on a j cole song thread..unanimous if you ask me.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    this is dope

  • Boom Boom

    the fanboys are killing my urge to listen to either J-Cole or Blu. Basically arguing over whose dick is bigger or who can rap better than who. Y’all are gonna make them both overrated before they have a chance to be heard. Fucking cheerleaders!


    “the fanboys are killing my urge to listen to either J-Cole or Blu. Basically arguing over whose dick is bigger or who can rap better than who. Y’all are gonna make them both overrated before they have a chance to be heard. Fucking cheerleaders!”

    Such a lack of logic i don’t know where to start.

    It’s this healthy competition between artists that pushes growth and evolution. Fans’ feedback can only be seen as good for the game imo. Arguements regarding ‘whos better’ have been around since time began.

    Deal with it. And dry your eyes you whiny bitch.

  • LG=Lifes Good

    lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this shit funny as fuckkk! ” 2$ for thw swing motherfucker! “

  • sickness

    this is ridiculous quit comparing people. jcole is a really dope artist with potential to be a legend. blu is dope also. quit labeling people! fuck its super aggravatin. nobody really gives a shit who’s better. they’d have to throw verses bak n forth at each other to debate that. i swear its so much fuckery in the c section. meka or shake just label it. raof section in bold letters above. cuz this is where the true retards lurk.

  • beamMeup^

    LUPE > blu…. Lupe is the Nas is this generation, not only does Lupe’s lyric destroy Blu, but so does his production and ability to reach mass audiences and discuss a wider variety of topics. Lupe might be the best artist to come out last decade.

  • beamMeup^

    and as far as J.cole vs. Blu…
    J.cole > Blu…simply b/c Cole’s flow is flawless and his presence on the mic crushes Blu

  • mALiZ


  • Yea this track is dope as hell! J.Cole a beast!
    PS – How come you guys posted it in a separate post Monday but then took it down again till you posted it here?

  • LO$

    It’s funny how most people are just knowing about J.Cole now…#getonthat

  • Rachel

    I swear J Cole is like out of this world GENUIS. Listen to his mixtapes. No, like really listen. Shit is crazy. Thank you, Jay Z for signing this breath of fresh air. kudos to you!

  • Rachel

    Aye but when your album coming JC? So i can cop about 50 copies..nah make that 100. Imma be passin that shit out.

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  • Peteyb03

    Blu > Fashawn > J. cole
    BLU is beyond all these new cats! i Like J cole but no way in hell can yall compare the two in time j. cole is gonna sell out!

  • Knuckles

    “Monogamy Aint 4 Me”-http://usershare.net/olvd4lea71wq

  • randomdude

    like more than half the posts on this song i wont talk about the song and say something irrelevant..


  • danny

    who in the hell is blu, J.Cole!!! is a fuckiin legend in the makin.

  • marsh

    J. Cole kills, Blu kills, just be happy the games getting some real talent

  • s1oop

    shake killlllllls me

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