• gavin from SL

    Damn. A Budden, Sha, @ Q-Tip track would be SO DOPE

  • gavin from SL

    ^^^ meant &

  • ck47

    was waiting for this.

  • http://addynightlife.blogspot.com/ addynightlife

    Rosa Acosta is sexy Hell
    and the interview is crazy

  • White

    yo these usershare links dont work for me anymore... why is that ?

  • Tribe Fan

    Rosa Acosta, you's a good shit.

  • chauncy adams

    @White I think you need some type of plugin, cuz when i go to usershare its uses my quicktime plugin to play the file

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  • The Most Hated

    Usershare has been popping up as a Tojan on my Norton for like the past 2 weeks...

  • The Most Hated


  • A Da GOD

    I've been waiting a while for ppl to see Sha is better than Joe in every category. I see Joey making songs with J. Cardim beats too. Let the two collab and watch Sha wreck that nigga(Not saying Joey trash but Sha >>>>>>> SH).

    It'd be nice to hear on Q-Tip beats.

  • A Da GOD

    Both links are the same btw.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake


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  • neezyb

    i wanna replace that shower head on Rosa with my penis....#yeahisaidit

  • Jabari Manwarring


  • Ev

    @A Da God "omg 'rapper x' killed 'rapper y' on their own track!" is so 2009.