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Joe Budden, Sha Stimuli, Q-Tip, Rosa Acosta & Sinnamon Love on Lip Service (Audio)

blame it on Shake January 6, 2010

Rosa Acosta’s KING Magazine Spread

The line-up speaks for itself. Audio via DJ Wonder.

DOWNLOAD: Lip Service pt.1 | pt.2

We need some visuals of part 2 pronto. Sinnamon and Rosa showing off their chest and feeling up on each other? Ok! Back to the music though… what do we have to do to get Joey, Tip and Sha on a track!?

  • gavin from SL

    Damn. A Budden, Sha, @ Q-Tip track would be SO DOPE

  • gavin from SL

    ^^^ meant &

  • ck47

    was waiting for this.

  • Rosa Acosta is sexy Hell
    and the interview is crazy

  • White

    yo these usershare links dont work for me anymore… why is that ?

  • Tribe Fan

    Rosa Acosta, you’s a good shit.

  • chauncy adams

    @White I think you need some type of plugin, cuz when i go to usershare its uses my quicktime plugin to play the file

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  • The Most Hated

    Usershare has been popping up as a Tojan on my Norton for like the past 2 weeks…

  • The Most Hated


  • A Da GOD

    I’ve been waiting a while for ppl to see Sha is better than Joe in every category. I see Joey making songs with J. Cardim beats too. Let the two collab and watch Sha wreck that nigga(Not saying Joey trash but Sha >>>>>>> SH).

    It’d be nice to hear on Q-Tip beats.

  • A Da GOD

    Both links are the same btw.

  • ^^fixed.

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  • neezyb

    i wanna replace that shower head on Rosa with my penis….#yeahisaidit

  • Jabari Manwarring


  • Ev

    @A Da God “omg ‘rapper x’ killed ‘rapper y’ on their own track!” is so 2009.