• http://thunderkush.blogspot.com/ THUNDERKUSH

    Dangermouse is straight up one of the most consistently original and creative producers of the last 5 years. Such wacky music. Love it

  • pat

    Album is dope, def cop when it drops

  • mdwstsfsd

    shake if you get your hands on "vaporize" could you throw that up too?

  • MewLover34

    Danger Mouse = 1 of the best producers ever...
    The Shins = 1 of the best bands ever...


  • fro


    check illroots.

  • Arthur

    I think the song you posted as "October" is actually "The Mall And Misery"

  • http://www.Alwayshustle.com BMUSE

    No, it's October in itunes..

  • http://www.Alwayshustle.com BMUSE

    “The Mall And Misery” is #12

  • Cliché Gahvara

    Listening to the advance. Whatever is up there now is 'October'

  • NickyKnoxx


    shins go hard.

  • http://www.twitter.com/AlexMartinez512 Alex Martinez

    Heard the album, and it sounds pretty good. The only low point in my opinion is Vaporize, but I really like The High Road, October, Citizen, and The Ghost Inside.

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  • chissy n

    right. march 9th cannot come fast enough i'm so pumped for this release!