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Mariah Carey – Up Out My Face (rmx) f. Nicki Minaj

blame it on Shake January 7, 2010

First single off Mariah’s Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel remix album, dropping February 23rd. Shouts to the BoBo.

DOWNLOAD: Mariah Carey – Up Out My Face (rmx) f. Nicki Minaj
BONUS: Mariah Carey – Angels Cry (rmx) f. Ne-Yo


    PSST… the name of the song is “UP OUT MY FACE”.

  • OsO

    Up OUT my face boy
    up OuT my face boy!
    btw could someone remind me why is Nicki famous she has like ZERO
    she’s working with big names already Mariah,Usher,RObin Thicke!
    I think it’s weird!

  • madConsumer

    wow shake please tell me you made the artwork! that’s such a dope concept

  • BroowwwN!

    endless possibilities!!

  • George Clooney

    Nicki needs to scrap her entire flow and just start over from scratch because that shit is just all kinds of fuckin annoying.

  • dookie

    wayne and gucci had their streaks when ppl wanted them on their tracks. i see the same with nicki as of late and im not the biggest fan but shes doing her thing

  • Sorry, but this is the best stuff I’ve heard from Mariah in a while and Niki helps out the track a lot in my opinion.

  • bous

    Imagine that threesome….

  • DocCosmos

    damn look how thick mariah is , my goodness.

  • mmkayy

    ^ u mean look how fat she is..

  • I love it & Nicki wasn’t to bad on it either! Co-sign dookie to!

  • stan lee

    Nicki is the hardest mainstream female rapper ever. She’s so cool. Eve was lame, Missy was hard, Foxy was whack (face it), Kim was hard (especially that one album with the lighters up on it), but Nicki had me from day one.