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  • http://www.myspace.com/thethermos1 thermos

    I love this song, people need to stop sleeping on Dessa...and really the whole Doomtree coalition for that matter

  • http://hollywoodfloss.bandcamp.com Hollywood Floss

    not bad thanks

  • Jaymack

    DTR! That's what they yellin'!!!

    Dessa's gonna be on tour with P.O.S. in the coming months, so if you're a fan, check out the tour dates at http://www.rhymesayers.com


  • T

    But for real.... Anyone know a good place for me to get my homo on??....

  • toast

    ^^^ *pause*

  • crimealdi

    That's a good idea Shake... been sleeping on Dessa cuz i had no ides who the fluck she was, but i'll check it out

  • meldawg

    good look... shawty can spit for real

  • http://. P’cola

    Drake said "dropped the mixtape sounded like an album, who'da thought a country wide tour would be the outcome"

    what mixtape is he talking about? i DL'd his mixtapes and i can't vibe to none of em.

  • rowdyrick

    Doomtree is GARBAGE. That is all

  • Javi

    This is good music. The lyrics are on point, and the hook and production compliment them well.

  • http://www.wearenotlosers.com/ We Are Not Losers, We Are Lasers

    Hey Mr.'cola it's twenty10, Jay said that hating shit, "We off that". Maybe he talking about that mixtape they made into an album. Hi Hater.

  • OG Bobby Johnson

    I'm diggin the new series. Startin it off right with these first two. Still waitin to see if you gon' drop somethin I don't know about tho...we'll see.

  • http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/ Money Finder

    OG Bobby Johnson what up

  • http://. P’cola

    Which mixtape did they turn into an album? And you can't jus quote any jigga line, dude fell off hard.

  • someguy

    P'cola, they turned so far gone into an album.

  • marlymarrr

    Cosign P'cola, just cause you don't like something doesn't mean it's hate.

  • shane

    Incredible. Pre-order it. Check it live.

  • justjeff45

    Dope. I gonna get this. Thanks 2DB for the new music.

  • http://lilboosiefan.com Lil Boosie

    @P'Cola - The So Far Gone Mixtape was modified and transformed into an album (EP)

  • houstonz

    Dessa is an amazing artist. I pre-ordered the LP a couple days ago.

  • blazer

    love this new idea... I just got put on... thanks much shake... female rappers are usually wack, but damn this is good.

  • akaconcept

    WOUUUU goodshit, i used to bump this and slowburn (mike mictlan & sims) hard for a good month`` back and forth

  • Nous

    She sounds like a female Ant from Atmosphere. She's nice, though.

  • D

    Thanks Shake i had no idea who this girl was before but im getting into her music and its amazing.

  • KG

    This is a dope idea. Keep it coming.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "She sounds like a female Ant from Atmosphere."

    umm... this makes NO sense.

  • AdanGenny

    lol@Nous...cosign Shake.

    What does ANT sound like? He's the producer bruh, not the emcee. Slug maybe?

    And even if that's what you meant....she doesn't sound like Slug.

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