Snoop Dogg x Juelz Santana x Mike Tyson (Video)


After Snoop meets Juelz for the first time he kicks it with Iron Mike. Yea... Malice N Wonderland in stores now.

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  • T


  • U

    T= faggot

  • Rio$

    horrible album

  • The Biz

    You'd think that Iron Mike,Snoop or someone with sense in the entourage would "pause" that music in the background tho. Just sayin'.

  • justcallmejuice

    ^^ hahahahaha. that's what i was thinkin' as i was watchin' it. hahaha. they all some thugs, but gettin' their r&b slow jam on with Iron Mike in the room. hahaha. should have had 'in the air tonight' blastin', so Mike could sing again.

  • AP*

    what track is that by the way :s
    i know i've heard it just cant put my finger on it

  • Advisor

    Its a Glenn Lewis song - "Don't You Forget It" :)

  • AP*

    ahhh... thanks for that
    and right when i listened to that song i remembered i was thinking of ghostface's version, message from ghostface

  • guest

    this is hilarious and classic footage mike just trying to chill

  • JD

    Dont Dis Nigga Got Kids???

  • fenelli

    gotta luv mike


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