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You Lucky Bastard: Gucci Mane Edition

blame it on Meka January 11, 2010


My heart gently weeps when I see this….

The State: 6
Radric Davis: 1

  • dunwrry

    I thoguht she was ognna suck his dick soi had this erection and was waiting ot jack off wtf is this bullshit

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    that was a waste of 1:14 of my life…that negro need to stop lickin his lips to them things stay chapped…no homosapien

  • Rio$


  • 3phil4

    I was expecting the worst, like he was going to be all over her or something… That wasn’t that bad… It’s Gucci!

  • Antone

    looks like she was DTF: down to fuck… p in va-gee…

    she basically looked him in the eyes and said “gooch, mommy’s making a pubie salad and i need some gucci’s own dressing.”

    gucci’s a fool for not biting.

  • justcallmejuice

    dude can’t even bounce to the beat! so wack!


    Damn! from the description you’d think they was kissing and fuckin in the club, but instead you get a 1:14 min video of this nigga Gucci Mane standing lookin all awkward and shit. LMFAO!

  • TVA

    Whoo Kid’s interview with her kinda sealed the deal on them being a no go. Unless he’s just cool with her talking sideways about him….. I know I might be as long as it still goes down.

  • neezyb

    i thought he was doing a year in jail!? wtf

  • crazy Russian

    this is the perfect example of why i dont smoke before going to the club, i be acting all stupid just standing there smiling to myself

  • Near

    gtfo wiv this shit

  • Mike

    This is almost a year late…SMH.

  • daveg

    Gucci Mane is a punk that PUNCHES WOMEN and America likes this guy http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=229_1263150653

    He hits women, what a BITCH. Post this shit SHAKE MEKA

  • Jesus

    Gucci has to run a mile or two, his chain don’t even hang, it just rests on his pot belly

  • slamyabitch

    damn never seen tht vid. gucci is a bitchmade nigga for punchin tht chik. and mya tooooo sexxi to even b three feet next to gucci old ug ass

  • he looks stupid… just like his music!

  • eightiesboy

    jeah, stupid wild.

  • The bitch he punched in that video had one coming. How you gonna treat someone on stage at their own album release party, bumpin’ into the DJ booth and being disrespectful when asked to move. WHat was he supposed to do? Let her talk reckless and have security remove her? Fuck that. Females tend to be selfish and show their asses because they think a nigga won’t touch em’. Women act like what’s between their legs gives them immunity. I thought we were equal. If a chick can’t take a punch when she dishes out hate, disrespect or violence then were not equal.

  • Dza

    Pause it at 0:06. She’s lookin straight into the camera and the guy standing behind her has this stupid look on his face.

  • JWB

    yeah this almost if not, a year old..i saw pics the on allhiphop.com and a few of them had them closer together…i see waka floc near the railing too.

  • Mithritades

    that was a waste of 1:14 of my life…that negro need to stop lickin his lips to them things stay chapped…no homosapien
    Jonnie Hayward The IV said this on January 11th, 2010 at 8:14 am
    I wouldn’t normally do this but I co-sign that first statement but on a much lighter note,I know them niggas was hating lol,u can see it in their eyes…The things I want to do to Mya is unheard of


  • stan lee

    @Big Mike co-sign
    I just went through some shit like that. Some bitch slapped me and i decked that hoe in her shit. I cant let that shit slide. I dont give a fuck if she gets her fam involved or nothing.

  • Locke

    What? Is Mya…? WOW

  • theedopeshow

    mya was the shit in 98-99… now realizing every dude who was hot at the moment… jay, 50 and game have gotten their piece and now she is up to her old antics… still a groupie and puss comes with a price tag… can we all say rnb escort… and there is one two reasons that would make me hit a chick… an std or she touched me… ask chris breezy


  • Locke

    Jacking him off in a club? Is this normal for black women to do?

  • Riddlah51

    Not understanding why this was worth a post…

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @Big Mike…ur an idiot…u don’t hit a female,,its understandable if she hits u first…and yes he was supposed to let security kick her out…if his feelings are hurt then say sumthin, don’t punch her…@ stan lee…it could not have been worth it…both of u clowns get no respect, if ur gonna hit some1 do it to some1 ur own size u punk ass cowards

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @ Big Mike…Since when was it ok for dudes to start punchin females whenever they have a negative opinion about them…are u THAT insecure?

  • Yeah Gucci Mane definitely hit that but who hasn’t right?

  • Musikfiend

    “this is the perfect example of why i dont smoke before going to the club, i be acting all stupid just standing there smiling to myself”


  • all yall dudes on some bull shit. that female disrespected the fuck outta gucci and he hit her. she knew wat kinda dude he was and she put herself in that position.

  • ejunco

    Forgot how hot she was

  • How is he lucky? All he did was stand next to her… Meka got sprung cause she spoke to Gucci, LOL

  • justcallmejuice

    speaking of fights that go down – check out what happened to Lloyd Banks this weekend, out here in the K-Dub… dude roughed up a promoter BAD, and got thrown in jail… guess the Lloyd Banks didn’t give a full performance, and still wanted his money. beat the promoter down. http://www.atbblog.com for the pic of the dude. google the story.

  • risen357

    i love you mya

  • tddddot

    gucci hit hotter than that

  • tddddot

    shit i dont mean hit in mike tyson terms neither

  • lasean

    @theedopeshow i agree she aint nonthing but a high yellow hoe anyway fucking with artist thats hot for the moment

  • Robin’s Thick

    What’s wrong with you dipshits. You never raise a hand to a female. Period. Grow up

  • Chastenlouise

    The reason for the “never raise a hand to a female” rule, women are not physically capable of winning a fight with a man, 9 time out of 10.

    WE ARE EQUAL mentally but not physically.