• http://www.twitter.com/AHowe303 AHowe303

    whoa 2k10: shots at charles hamilton? peep the organ in the beat, similar 2 the track 20hamil10 off of the normalcy album?

  • word

    so because the two beats have similar organs (fuckin organs..) hes dissing charles hamilton? i guarantee you cassidy aint heard the normalcy album.. i know i havent.

  • http://mrjonathanwest.blogspot.com johnnyknox

    hahaha^.... Normalcy is the shit ..

  • AHowe303@gmail.com

    well charles did compare himself 2 cassidy once in normalcy also i believe...both songs have 2010 in the title...idk, just a conclusion i drew. and i bet u he has heard the album.

  • uSpLaCerS

    How someone gon make a song about themselves and then feature a unknown named Jag of all names!

  • navek supreme

    all that aside this shit is hot