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Swizz Beatz Talks Jay-Z’s Next Album (Video)

blame it on Meka January 14, 2010

Be prepared to hear songs that’s more “Ghetto Techno” than “So Ghetto.” My heart gently weeps.

“Crazy,” Swizz told us about Jay’s new work. “It’s crazy. I’m working on the intro right now, matter of fact. It’s stupid.”

Swizz hinted that the beat he gave Hov had an innovative, trailblazing sound.

“We been talking about that international vibe since the last album,” Swizz said. “But the sound changes. You got too many people trying to do too many things. They throw it off. I’m actually going out there doing the legwork, sitting there with the master composers, and we gonna pull this thing together.” – MTV

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  • good to hear hov is keeping it going.

  • ayo

    so what was the beat that kanye said was “the best beat ever” on bp3? does anyone really care about jay anymore? honestly.

  • eye see you

    i also thought he said that it would be more underground

  • ayo

    Yo, on the mic is Big L, that brother who kicks flav God
    Known for sendin garbage MC’s to the graveyard
    I pack a gat and not a slingshot
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    Or get beat to your death like Cochise
    My laws is no peace, fuck the police
    MC’s be braggin about cash they collect
    but them chumps is like Ray Charles
    cause they ain’t seen no money yet
    Trash rappers I tax and spark
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    So I got money Dunn, they wet him and his honey bun

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    I flip fast on foes with fabulous fantastic flows
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    Fuck a Benz, cause I could pull skins on a pedal-bike!

    Props, I got the most, no MC comes close
    Coast-to-coast, shows I host, foes I roast
    Adios, I’m ghost

    NAS > BIG L > JAY-Z

  • Jesus

    Why Jay go to Swizz for an album he said was going to be more experimental? He should work with actual producers and musicians from other nations if he wants an international sound.

  • This shit sounds like it will be wack as hell. Hate to say it. But I bet a lot of you dickriding celeb crazed fucks who have no clue about real music, real art, & real life will disagree.

  • Chrisl

    @ayo… Who cares abouty Jay anymore? Anyone who appreciates real hip-hop. So what if BP3 wasnt his best work, and hes experimenting now? If your as prominent of an MC as Jay-Z, then it is clearly justifiable to fuck around with new shit. He has more than established himself as IMO a top echelon MC (prob the best alive) along with Nas, and there is a 99.999% chance he has significantly influenced your favorite rapper and every other rapper out today. Back on topic, I’m excited to hear Hov’s new regardless if it is my type of shit or if I feel it or not just because hes such a great MC.

  • YouGotRondo’d

    Lol…Swizz Beatz talking about having a different sound? ALL his beats sound the same, a bunch of noise with a tamborine…he’s been out so long now, and I like less than 10 of his beats. He is the epitome of garbage. Jay-Z could have any producer he wants, and he picks Swizz? Really? I used to think Jay had the best ear for beats in hip-hop, I guess not.

  • Why in the world is Jay tryin to do an album wit Swizz. to be honest, Swizz’s latest stuff hasnt been what i would like Jay to be rappin over. Swizz has been more of a pop producer to me ever since he decided that he could rap. SMH cant wait to hear this shit. and jay is my fav rapper and it hurts me to say this but this shit is gonna be wack

  • Nous

    I appreciate that Jay, at this point in his career, is open to seeing what else he can do. Fans can be very judgemental, selfish, and unforgiving when an artist tries something different; especially hip-hop fans, as we unfortunately have that “image” clause. If you dont’ talk about this, then you’re this, etc. That bullshit. I don’t claim that my opinion on a track is THE opinion. If I don’t like it, then that’s me. Doesn’t mean its not for someone else. But I trust Jay to make music that SOMEONE will be jamming. What scares me is Swizz… Keep him away from Swizz… especially for this kind of project…

  • @ayo, I believe Kanye was referring to “Hater” — his BEST beat? Hell nah, but it was a dope tune. I personally loved BP3. As for the new album, I got no problem with Jay’s direction, but I pray to God nothing else comes out even CLOSE to “Ghetto Techno”, that’s all I ask for.

  • adipre

    Hmmm, will be interesting, but I kinda agree wit above post…

  • i agree with meka and the whole “international” thing Swizz was talkin about makes it evn more obvious… i have no problem with artists experimenting and shit but when over half of ur album is ok or wack u need 2 change something up…

  • boston

    swizz is probably the worst producer in the game…..all his shits is the same a 12 year old can make beats better then him…..straight garbage…..pfff…sued by casio…..what a homo….

  • Do yall realize this is the same thing Timbaland said about BP3…I highly doubt Swizz is producing the whole album =/

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @boston…speakin of a 12-year old…there’s a dope 12 year old producer u can find on youtube called VohnBeatz…kid is mad nice, he gonna blow up soon

  • uhhh

    Why the fuck does Jay Z stay either biting or hating on everything?

    First, when the whole autotune craze was out, he was about to try that shit too on the Put On Remix, and then he was like, umm, no i’m not going to do it? And then he came out with DOA later, which was a hot track, but……I can’t help but get the feeling that Jay Z was feeling left out on the autotune usage so he made the DOA track out of spite.

    Now we’ve had the whole electro/european sounding/”ghetto techno” type sounding music for almost a year and a half, really starting with Kanye’s 808s going in a different direction with the sound of the music. Now Jay and Swizz have come out saying their about to experiment with that ‘international vibe’ on his next album…..LMAO, not only will it most likely suck, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see Jay on his album saying he’s the innovator of the ‘ghetto techno’ shit. Watch.

  • pumbaclut

    There was no inkling that his album is gonna sound like ghetto techno.

    I always thought that his next album will be stuff like beach chair

  • AmsterdamMike

    Beach Chair is sooooo underrated! I really dig that song. His lyrics in it are crazy dope.

  • Naijaman

    For fuck sake. Why not get Ski again? Just Blaze? Premo? I know dudes an artist and whatnot but surely he cant fully retire without another premier joint?

  • banks30

    jay is giving what the consumers want. I agree he should do an album with just blaze, premo, and maybe dre. But to get those record sells he will have to target the youth more which is Ghetto techno haha. It might be dope. Bp3 wasn’t as bad as people made out to be. He had some nice joints on there. Mainly “thnak you” that song stays on rotation

  • ayo

    But to get those record sells he will have to target the youth more which is Ghetto techno haha
    its that mentality there that has made the music indsutry into the garbage it is today.

  • “Beach Chair” is a dope song, “Thank You” is a dope song, “Already Home” is a dope song… if he makes songs like that im str8. songs like “Forever Young”,”Hate”,”Reminder”, and “Off That” are str8 wack juice but for sum reason those songs are more popular than the first songs i mentioned and thats what Jay’s gonna care about

  • boston

    @Jonnie Hayward The IV

    -yep…seen him already….. kid is nice…see told u a 12 yr old is better than swizz bush……

  • JD

    Meka, we ALREADY have So Ghetto…And honestly, He flowed over Ghetto Techno. But just like your mediocare writing where you don’t really delve into the subject matter, you probably SCANNED that song, and didn’t hear fake thuggery and/or backpack bullshit, so you dimiss it as shit you don’t like. Listen to music before you type on your little Commodore 64 computer into these posts.

  • tris nigga!



    here comes some more devil shit (N)

  • ha


    ^but hes dropping shit music, which makes it funnier.

  • Jesus

    I won’t lie, Im not the biggest fan of Jay ever since he stole my nickname

  • Jesus

    Just because you type in all caps doesn’t mean Jay will hear you

  • amp

    jay needs to stop fuckin wit this fag

  • 5FingerDiscount

    anybody got a cd quality cut of “Get My Shit Off”
    I love that song, but all I can find is versions that sound like they’re being played over the phone. I just don’t wanna talk about Swizz Beats and how all his beats sound the same.

  • MakaveliTheDon52

    LMAO @ jesus

  • OD>

    Does anyone else remember when Swizz Beatz was doing those rugged street beats beats for DMX on the album “Flesh of my flesh…”? He was incredibly dope back then, but he’s fallen off terribly since. If there’s any chance that Swizz would go back to that sound (which there isn’t), I’d be happy for him to do Jay’s production.

  • I’m still waiting on him to make Unreasonable

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