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The E.N.D. – Butterfly Effect

blame it on Meka January 14, 2010

So DJ Clark Kent – aka King of the White Sneakers – passed this track along to me, off this Queens-based duo’s The 100, which is out now. Haven’t heard any new shit coming from that area in a while neither, so this is a welcome surprise.

DOWNLOAD: The E.N.D. – Butterfly Effect | Mediafire

  • demetrius

    remember when we all actually thought act 2 was going to get released? lmfao

  • George Clooney

    Excellent concept. They should have saved it for an album, cos this is on some I Gave You Power or Rewind type shit. I could do without the hook, though.

    They’re not the craziest lyricists or anything, but I’m feeling this. Hopefully it doesn’t just get lost in the shuffle with all the shit getting pumped out to the internets everyday.

  • ronnyRoyce

    cute concept

  • J Shawn

    crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy wow

  • zero 1

    wow. These dudes kinda went it. I’ll topic I fucks with it

  • rukstar

    hook is wack, alot of other rappers they coulda tied in too but the fuck am i sayin, the kids only know pac big and jay

  • Matt

    Wow……. These dude are kind a HOT I’ve heard of them they put out 100 free styles I met them in Belize but I thought there was three of them.any way good luck guys There’re site is hot too the100mixtspe.com

  • Firestarter

    OK I listened to this about 4 times just to actually follow the “effect” and did some research to see how “accurate” this would’ve been and I gotta say I’m pretty impressed. I wasnt feeling the hook till I realized shes saying what the REAL definition of the “butterfly effect” is so I think it was smart on their part. Now the real question is was this a fluke or will they be this creative on other songs? Only time will tell, good luck fellas.