• Cannons

    Bedford Stuyvesant!

  • Rio$

    i need a rock city album not another mixtape where i keep hearing PTFAO

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Joe Blow

    SIYA! This is one mean performer. What's good with Rock City? They should realise no one is going to P.T.F.A.O lol!

  • Da

    this sucks

  • mithritades

    Let me be clear,these fucktards NOT from the Virgin Islands,I'm from the Virgin Islands and NOBODY knows who these asshats is

  • http://www.michiganhiphop.com Mike D

    This chick is a monster!
    n mithritades stop hating! It doesn't look good!

  • http://outsidemined.blogspot.com brandon b

    @mithritades How aren't they? I've seen videos and shit of them in VI.

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Joe Blow

    Let me be clear,these fucktards NOT from the Virgin Islands,I’m from the Virgin Islands and NOBODY knows who these asshats is
    This guy really hates Rock City.lol

  • shake

    whose the chick?

  • http://governedbyloyalty.com/blog KEI OPENS DOORS

    the chick is Siya...from Brooklyn. Living in NY. Check out her myspace---> http://myspace.com/iamsiya and her blog---> http://governedbyloyalty.com/siya

  • Realtalk

    Yup! For the sake of hiphop cover them teeth!

  • http://www.bf3ars.blogspot.com bfears

    siya killed that

  • jei

    Damn... she murdered...

  • Cli-City

    @mithritades STFU.....I'm from the Virgin Islands and of course they are know...They from St. thomas one of the islands, im from st. croix and there are two more islands...You know nothing...Rock City was born in the V.I. and they rep their everytime they can.....before they were Rock City they were 2equip.......lol....trust me no one believe this fool cuz everyone knows rock city

  • m330

    Why she look like a dead-on Aaliyah wit Tatoos....And she from BK too.

  • m330

    ^^^^^^^a....just check out her blog. I take that aaliyah s*%t back. my fail

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  • kosis

    Thought she looked cute in the pic... then clicked on the myspace link... thought I accidentally hit up Peter Gunz' page.

  • Keep Doing Rock city

    well i am from the Virgin Islands everyone knows rock city

    like dude said so fuck that P.H.D.