• Dynamics

    Good move, no need to take up space.

  • T

    ^ Co sign ^

    and Max B=Who cares..

  • UncleGorilla

    never understood dudes flossin $20's in videos, wtf is a $20??? if u aint throwin around bricks and bricks of $100s then u shouldnt be shootin music videos

  • London

    lol@trex gettinhugged on by the white dude
    oh and max b is good. steak sauce son.

  • mithritades

    Max B sux!....Hold ya head Charlie!

  • spencer graves

    fuck the haters max b is nice!!

  • henecore


  • Cash

    max b made hip hop funny, cant front i heard he still at with jimmy dude said " chrissy touched in thru the glass " lmao

  • http://purebakingsoda.tumblr.com/ RaZ

    What's the instrumental on the first video? (max b) I already heard it...

  • crazy Russian

    bunch of max b haters in here

  • jei


  • http://www.myspace.com/bowenbeats bowenbeats

    anyone got the name of the max b track?

  • http://www.myspace.com/bowenbeats bowenbeats

    shit i take that back